AliExpress 10 day delivery: receive your packages from China in just 10 days!

In recent years, AliExpress has been quitely improving a lot. Now it offers a totally different shopping experience from the one we had some years ago, when buying on this platform was synonymous with waiting up to 2 months.

Slowly, we have seen how delivery times have been reduced worldwide, for example thanks to the platform's agreements with different courier companies and shipping companies.

One of the latest developments is going to completely transform your shopping experience. It is a new AliExpress agreement with the courier Cainiao that will allow you to receive your order in just 10 days!

We will explain now how it works and how to find sellers with 10-day delivery.

What is 10-day delivery shipping and how does it work?

This shipping takes 10 business days, that is, in just over a week (without taking into account the preparation time of the order) we will receive our order.

With this new shipping we will receive our order up to 30% faster compared to a traditional shipping, which takes on average about 3 weeks as we explained in our AliExpress Shipping Times Guide.

Filter for 10 day delivery

It is important to note that not all sellers offer this service, although in almost all product categories we will find a seller that do offer it.

Until now there used to be a filter that allowed you to search for products with this shipment, but it seems that it has disappeared from both the web and the app.

Attention! Not all sellers choose 10 day shipping by default

We have noticed one thing. Not all sellers offer this express shipping by default, this means that if you don't select the 10 days express shipping when adding the product to the cart, it will take you longer to receive the  order.

It does not happen in all sellers, it is unusual, but it is better to check this before buying.

Finally, we will be able to check that the shipment is fast because we will see the symbol “delivery in 10 days” and the delivery date.

Remember that this delivery time does not include the preparation time.

Does this shipping method have a tracking number?

One frequent doubt is if this shipping method can be tracked: for the time being, it looks like all 10 day shippings have a trackable tracking number.

Learn in our Guide to track your orders on AliExpress to see where your packages are going.

What is the difference between 10 Days Shipping and AliExpress Standard Shipping?

When you select the 10-day shipping option, “AliExpress Standard Shipping” will appear, but it is important to note that it is not the same.

There are still “AliExpress Standard Shipping” shipments that take more than 10 days.

Everything you need to shop safely on AliExpress

As we have already said, this new feature is part of an effort by AliExpress to encourage and facilitate the purchase of different users.

Recently the number of sellers offering the possibility of free returns 15 days after receiving your order was expanded, in addition to other protections such as refunds in case you do not receive your order in the established time or if it does not match the description.

If you want to learn more we recommend reading our guide to Claims, Disputes and Returns on AliExpress.

But at AlixBlog we love shopping on AliExpress, so in addition to showing you the latest promotions, the best brands and other interesting news, we also have a section with tutorials where we explain all the tips and tricks that we have collected over the years to buy more safely and save money on your purchases.

If you want to learn more about how this platform works, we encourage you to continue reading our Ultimate Guide to AliExpress, a summary of everything you need to know to shop.

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  1. It seems that 10 day delivery it’s not available anymore at this point, at least to Portugal.
    Can anyone confirm that in other European countries?
    Do you think that it has to do with new customs laws starting in the first of July 2021 in Europe?

    Daniel Silva

    • Hi Daniel,

      It’s available again. Sometimes it disappears for some days but it’s still active.



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