AliExpress Cashback: How does it work? Is it worth it?

Cashback systems are a good way to save money when shopping online. It allows us to recover part of the money we have spent, not only on AliExpress but also on many other websites.

There are many cashback sites, and we have already explained which one is the best cashback site for AliExpress. Now you don't need to go to them to save money since AliExpress itself has a cashback system.

How does it work and is it worth using?

We explain it all below.

AliExpress cashback system

Most cashback sites offer you, on average, between 3 and 6% of your purchases. This amount may vary depending on the platform you use and the product category. However, AliExpress offers you a cashback of 10% of your purchase, with a limit of €10 per purchase.

Unlike other systems, the cashback money is transformed into a bonus that you can use to pay for your next purchases on AliExpress.

The money cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts or users.

What products have cashback on AliExpress?

At the moment, the cashback system isn't available for the entire platform, but it will be available in temporary promotions that can be found advertised on the main page of AliExpress, here you can check if there are products with cashback.

The cashback is the same for all products participating in the promotion. Still, as we said, the maximum is €10 per purchase. So, if you buy several products that exceed €100 we recommend you split your purchases to get the maximum cashback.

How to register for cashback

To get cashback on your AliExpress purchases you'll have to buy (with a registered account) but you'll also have to sign up for the bonus system.

Just go to the “My Account” section. Go to the “Payment” section and click on “Activate”. Then you will have to add your phone number, where you will receive a verification message.

Although the next step is to add a credit card if you don't want it to be registered in the system you can skip this step. And that's it, now you can buy products with cashback and receive your bonus on AliExpress.

How to see the accumulated bonus

In the “Payment” section you can see the amount of your accumulated bonus. If you click on the arrow at the top right you can see the available and pending bonuses, as well as the history of used and received bonuses. Remember that the bonus money may take a few days to be paid out.

To use this bonus you only have to make your purchase as usual and the option to pay with the bonus will appear on the payment screen. Check it properly before paying for your purchase.

Is it compatible with other cashback systems?

We all like to save money, so why not take advantage and combine AliExpress' cashback with Letyshops‘ cashback? We already mentioned that this is the best cashback, and nothing prevents you from applying for Letyshops cashback and then AliExpress cashback itself.

And not only that, but the AliExpress cashback is compatible with other discounts such as AliExpress coupons, seller coupons, and discount codes. Simply put, you will get 10% of the price you pay after applying all discounts.

Pros and cons of AliExpress cashback

Undoubtedly, this new way to save on your purchases has many advantages. Although AliExpress cashback can only be used for future payments within the platform, you will save a lot of money: up to 10% compared to the 3-6% offered by other cashback websites.

Additionally, as we have already mentioned, many cashback systems aren't compatible with all AliExpress sellers or products since everything is very variable. And though for the moment AliExpress cashback is limited to a number of products, we find it much simpler and more reliable.

Finally, if you like to buy in a simple way, the direct cashback on AliExpress doesn't force you to go through the cashback system website, or use applications or extensions. You'll only have to buy regularly looking for products that offer this 10% bonus. But we can only use it in promotions that offer cashback and on selected products.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

As we've already explained, this AliExpress cashback system isn't incompatible with other sites. So we definitely recommend you to check other cashback sites we've already talked about on this page and use them to buy on AliExpress and other online stores.

We recommend you to look at Letyshops cashback, which is one of the ones that offer the best conditions and return percentages. Not only that but it works in more than 3,000 stores. If you install their extension from this link, you'll surely get your cashback on all supported sites.

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