How to open a dispute in AliExpress for an order you have not received

Even though this is not normal, you may be desperate because you placed an order with AliExpress and it has already been too long without knowing what's up with it.

But don't worry, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know.

When can I claim for an order not received?

Let's see when you can open a dispute for an order you have not received:

Buyer protection is running out but you haven't received anything

Instead of opening a dispute, if your protection is running out and the package has not arrived yet, you can ask the seller to extend your protection time.

The seller will most likely accept, but if not, don't hesitate and open a dispute.

What evidence can I provide?

In the dispute (below we explain how), attach a screenshot of the conversation where you ask the seller to extend the protection time and argue that although you have already asked, they have ignored you.

Also attach a screenshot of your order tracking to prove that it has not arrived.

I don't have tracking information for my package

If the tracking number of your package is not correct and you do not receive any information about it: contact the seller to solve it as soon as possible.

However, if you have already tried and they have ignored you, it is time to open a dispute.

What evidence can I provide?

Go to an international package tracking website (Postal Ninja, Parceslapp, Track17,…) and attach a screenshot of the tracking that does not work.

The package has been returned to the seller

Main article: AliExpress package returned to sender

Whenever the package has been returned for any reason that is not your fault (or if you have no proof of it), you can open a dispute by attaching screenshots of the tracking of the package.

What evidence can I provide?

You can go to an international package tracking website (like Postal Ninja, Parcelapp, Track17,…) that will give you a more detailed tracking of your order to attach it to the dispute.

Still, we must warn you that you will have to wait to see how the seller responds: most of the time packages are returned because of our mistake: order abandoned at customs, we did not pick up the package at the post office, incorrect address…

The package has been held at customs

Main article: How will AliExpress customs work from now on?

Although AliExpress will let us open a dispute for this reason, the reality is that whatever problem you have with customs is your responsibility and not the seller's.

What evidence can I provide?

However, if the seller guaranteed you that they would take care of the possible customs charges (it is not normal, but some sellers do it to attract more customers), you will have to attach a screenshot of the conversation with the seller or the description of the item (in case they specify it there) in your dispute.

But remember that now, if you buy from Europe, you pay VAT at AliExpres for all orders under 150€, so you should not have problems with customs.

Beware of counterfeits

Although it is not usual, if the package has been retained for being a counterfeit, you can open a dispute claiming that you had no knowledge of it (if you bought knowing what was there, whether you open a dispute or not is up to you).

Taking into account that AliExpress is very restrictive with replicas, it usually always accepts this reason for dispute.

The order is listed as delivered, but I have not received anything

Main article: What to do if an order says “delivered” but has not arrived to you

What evidence can I provide

If the seller has given you a false tracking number and the package appears as “delivered” in the AliExpress tracking status, go to an international tracking page (Postal Ninja, Parcelsapp, Track17,…) and take a screenshot showing the city or country where it has been delivered.

To make clearer the distance between your city and the city where it has been delivered, go to Google Maps, mark both locations and also take a screenshot to attach it to the dispute.

In the reason for the dispute select “The package was sent to an incorrect address”.

How can I open a dispute for order not received?

Let's see how you can open a dispute for an order not received, both from the web and in the AliExpress application:

From the web

First go to all your orders (here) and on the item you want to open a dispute, click on “View details”.

In the next window, click on “Open dispute” to load the form to be filled in to request the refund.

In your case, since you have not received the order, click on “Refund only”, mark that you have not received the product and the amount you want to be refunded (the total amount of your order).

In the details of the request it is important that you describe everything you have tried to do before opening a dispute (that's why we always recommend you to talk to the seller before opening a dispute), and that you state that it was not possible to reach an agreement with the seller.

We assume that you speak in English, but don't worry! If you are not fluent in the language, you can write in another language if you prefer.

Upload the evidence by clicking on “Browse” for images (in this case it is the most logical thing to provide as evidence) or “Add video” to upload a video.

Finally check that everything is correct and click on “Send”.

Now you just have to wait for AliExpress to resolve the dispute.

From the app

The process from the app varies very little: go to “My account” and click on “Orders: see all”.

Select the item and click on “Open dispute”.

From here, the method is the same as the one explained above: select “refund only”, package not received, the reason for the dispute and indicate the money to be refunded.

The only difference between the web and the AliExpress app is that, in the app, you can choose the refund method:

  • Normal refund (from 3 to 20 days you get your money back to your original payment method).
  • Instant refund with Alipay (direct refund in a few minutes to your Alipay balance).

Don't forget to explain the reason why you are requesting the refund, in as much detail as possible.

Finally upload the evidence supporting your dispute and confirm the dispute with “Submit”.

Our advice before opening a dispute

Finally, we want to insist again that it is very important to always talk to the seller before opening a dispute (even if you are sure that you are going to open a dispute anyway).

AliExpress takes into account that you have tried to solve the conflict before and this is essential for them to resolve the dispute in your favor.

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