Cheap Musical Instruments and Accessories

Here goes an article for all you music lovers. Recently we’ve been looking into cheap musical instruments in AliExpress and here is what we’ve found:

Class of instrumentType of instrumentType of instrumentType of instrumentType of instrumentType of instrument
String instrumentscheap guitarscheap bassesviolinscellopianos
Wind instrumentsflutestrumpetssaxophonestrombones
Cheap percussion instrumentsbongosdrumscymbals
All sorts of musical accessoriesjackstunerspedalsdrum stickspicks

Attention! Make sure the seller you choose ships to your country.

My personal experience with AliExpress instruments

In my experience, and judging what some AlixBlog readers have told us, you can find some surprisingly good instruments in AliExpress, considering how cheap they sell for. I bought a Rickenbacker style bass (the Chinese version better known as chickenbacker in internet forums) and was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, it needed a few adjustments, but for 260€, what more could you ask for? In fact, they are so well priced, now I’m thinking about getting myself a nice trumpet to get back at my noisy neighbours. 😉

Should I buy an instrument in AliExpress?

You can find brand style instruments, but don’t expect them to sound like the originals. You can never compare the quality of these instruments with great music brands such as Warwick, Yamaha, Music Man, Pearl, Tama, Fender, Gibson, ESP… But there are some things that instruments found on AliExpress might be good for:

  • Beginners just learning how to play an instrument that don’t want to spend that much money yet. In fact, they are the perfect investment for parents who have just signed up their kids to music lessons.
  • Musicians that love experimenting with all kinds of instruments, but don’t like spending (I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there… you know, the more instruments you have, the better!). 🙂
  • Musicians looking to restore or modify an instrument.

We hope this short article helped you get a better idea of what kind of musical instruments AliExpress has to offer! 😉

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