Does AliExpress have a customer service phone number?

In short: if you don't want to read the whole explanation, you can see how to contact AliExpress by clicking here.

Many of you, after encountering problems with your AliExpress order, ask if there's a customer service phone number for AliExpress in your country.

Does AliExpress have a customer service phone number?

You might have seen in Google some telephone numbers that supposedly belong to AliExpress. These can be either fake or from a physical AliExpress store.

Sadly, you can't contact a physical AliExpress store and ask for help with your online order.

The web and app versions of AliExpress are managed from China, and there is no contact phone number you can call to ask for help about your order.

If anything, depending on your country, there might be some particular phone numbers for physical AliExpress stores but you would have to investigate properly to see if that's the case.

This is normal for companies as huge as AliExpress: they automate customer service to reduce costs and to be able to offer better prices.

The same goes for Wish and Shein, for example. Or with Facebook and Twitter: if you can't log in to your account you don't call a phone to ask for help, there are already automatic processes that help you to solve that incidence.

What do I do then?

First of all you have to understand that AliExpress managers are one thing and the seller you've bought from is another.

In most cases it is enough to contact the seller, which we explained in the article on how to contact sellers on AliExpress.

The seller is the main person interested in the success of the transaction: they want you to receive the product, to confirm the order in order to get paid, and to give them a good rating.

In short, if you have a question or complaint about a specific order, we recommend that you contact the seller. You will be surprised how attentive they can be.

The seller is not being serious

If you have received an order that is in bad condition, is a different size or any other problem, then it's the seller's fault. If the seller does not take responsibility, then it is time to open a dispute.

You can do it from here (from this URL you can also report a seller that you think is breaking the rules).

Other ways to contact AliExpress

If the above options weren't helpful to your case, here are three other options:

Contact AliExpress via chat

AliExpress has a very well developed support chat that you can find by clicking here.

If you ask questions that the EVA (the automated agent) does not know how to answer, they will eventually transfer you to a human operator.

Consult their customer service

You're probably not the first person to have certain questions, so they're most likely already answered in the customer service center. Find it here.

Use their social media

You can contact AliExpress through its official accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Go to AliExpress' support page.

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