Cheap Vans Sneakers, Backpacks and Hats in AliExpress

Update: It’s been a while since we first published this article, so it was high time we updated it. When we first wrote it, Vans was one of the hardest brands to find in AliExpress, but nowadays things have changed: you can find some original Vans products and at a very good price. You can find t

Today we are going to tell you exactly what Vans products you can find, which ones you can’t and where you can get them instead. Let’s jump right in!

Are there any cheap Vans sneakers?

Well, unlike a few months ago when we were talking about white label brands, now there are very cheap and original Vans in AliExpress, you can check it yourself by clicking here.

And how do we know that they are not imitation vans? First, because the salesman has been in AliExpress for quite some time, he also puts the name of the brand without hiding it and has a lot of positive sales, so many that he already has two diamonds. But if you want to be more relaxed, we recommend that you ask him directly.

Surely another of your doubts is whether it's worth buying Vans in AliExpress. As a lover of Vans shoes I can assure you that their price is very good to be an original product, you will hardly find prices like this in other stores such as amazon, ebay … not even in outlets can you find these prices, especially when it comes to the most exclusive models. You also have the advantage of having free shipping, whether you are from USA, England or almost anywhere in the world.

What cheap van models can you find in AliExpress?

You can find a great variety of models of Vans shoes, for women and men. If you are looking for a specific model, the best thing is enter the search and check, we will show you the most sought-after and popular models.

Old Skool Vans

It is currently the most fashionable Vans model, and although they have been around a while, the real sales boom began when famous models started wearing them. You can find them here in different colors and materials.

Vans Authentic (the classics)

These are the original Vans, which combine with any look and style. You can find them here.

Vns Sk8-Hi

The SK8-Hi are a classic. Inspired by the Old Skool model we've already talked about, the Sk8-hi are known for being high top and having a much more urban and informal look. In AliExpress you can find a wide variety of models like these, in different materials (leather, stamped …), with different prints and a very good price.

Half Cab Vans

Half Cab Vans are an evolution of Sk8-Hi. Over the years, Vans realized that many skaters cut the top of their shoes to improve their mobility, and thus, created this emblematic shoe model. Like we mentioned, in AliExpress there is a great variety of Vans shoes, and we also found very cheap Half Cab, go check it out in this search.

Vans Slip On

Are you too lazy to tie your shoelaces? Well, Vans Slip On are perfect for you. They have the urban touch of the most classic Vans, but without shoelaces. Click here to find them.

Toy Story Vans

From time to time Vans launches an exclusive collection in collaboration with other brands, this is the case with the Vans x Toy Story, one of the most popular Disney movies, but being an exclusive collection the price of sneakers can rise quite a bit. In AliExpress you can find very cheap Toy Story Vans, click here to check it out.

Vans x Stan Smith

As we've said before, Vans usually does quite a few collaborations with other brands. Another of his most famous collaborations was with  Adidas, recreating the famous Stan Smith model. You can find them here.

Chinese sneaker brands: copies of the Authentic, Old Skool…

Now that replicas are disappearing from AliExpress, we are keeping a close eye on Chinese brands: they are what we usually call “white label brands”, as they have no intention of making themselves known as a brand, but are very similar to Vans and have an excellent price-quality ratio. Take a look:

Vans shoes cheap in aliexpress old skool authentic etc

The problem with not being a well known brand is that they are hard to find, so you have to use expressions like “Canvas Sneakers”, “Vanly Shoes” or Zosdon, one of the brands you can see featured above in the pictures which has lots of sneakers, some of them inspired by Vans. Fair warning, even with these keywords, they can be hard to find.

Who are the best sellers – are they trustworthy?

To find a seller with a good reputation all you have to do is this: after going to this search, sort them by Sales. This is may not be an infallible method since nowadays there are many sellers closing their store and opening new ones, but the products with more ratings are usually much more reliable, in addition, we can see the ratings of other buyers regarding the product.

The second step is to check the ratings of the seller. As you know, the more positive sales you have, the higher your score as a seller, so if we buy from sellers with a high score, we'll buy with a lot more confidence. To see the seller's rating just look at the icons next to the store name. In this case, the seller has 3 diamonds, so the store is trustworthy.

Vans seller opinions aliexpress

Check the shipping time

Once you find a seller with good reputation selling the Vans we want, check the shipping time. The first thing to check is how long does the product take to ship, depending on when you want to get them, you might want to give it more importance or less.

As you can see in the red frame, this seller offers them in 7 working days.

Van stle shoes very cheap in aliexpress free shipping

Most of the sellers say that shipping time is in between 10 and 60 days, but you will usually get it in 15 days.

Sizes in AliExpress – How to find my shoe size

Because they are original Vans sneakers you won't have any problem determining your size. If you usually use Vans just look at the shoe tab for the number you are wearing in the USA. This is the size you will need to order from AliExpress.

If you don't know your size we advise you to use the conversion chart that sellers have on the product page. You may also want to check reviews of consumers because if there is a problem with the sizes they will put it in the comments and advise you to choose a size more or less.

shoes conversion table aliexpress

If you still have doubts, in our article “Guide and Tips to Determine our Size in AliExpress” we explain all this in detail.


If it is the case that you got the wrong shoe number or have a problem, you can always return (or change) them without problem. In our article on “Claims, Disputes and Returns in AliExpress” we show you the steps to follow.

Sneakers, hats, backpacks…What Vans products does AliExpress have?

Hats and caps, original and cheap

One of AliExpress’ star products are Vans hats. They have thousands and they use the word Vans in the description and images which means they are originals. Otherwise they would be punished by AliExpress.

Skate caps

To find cheap Vans caps try going to this search. You will find thousands of cap models at incredible prices, like 2.50€:

Cheap vans hats

You can find all the caps HERE

Vans wool hats

To find hats, do the same: go to this search to find thousands of Vans hats like these:

Cheap vans woolen hats

If you go to the link you will see all the results sorted by sales, this is the best opting considering in AliExpress the best seller tends to be the best product as well.

You can find all the hats HERE.


Vans backpacks sold in AliExpress have thousands of sales and incredible ratings. Like the hats and caps, given how open they are about the brand and logos, they are probably original, but if you want to make sure, just contact the seller via chat.

Cheap vans backpacks in aliexpress

You can find them all HERE.

Need more help?

If you need any advice, check the How To section of our blog to find more tutorials on how to shop in AliExpress.

Go to AliExpress.

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