AliExpress Wheel of Fortune review & tricks: is this game worth it?

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular games on AliExpress because of its simple mechanics: by spinning the wheel from your device you can get different gifts without any effort.

The prizes include discount coupons, coins, AliExpress items…

But is it really easy to get a good prize? Is it worth trying every day? How to play?

We'll show you.

How to play the AliExpress Wheel of Fortune game

You should know that this game is only available from the AliExpress app (on the cover) and as you will see, you don't need to have a special skill or anything like that, everything is based on touching the screen to spin the wheel and trust that you'll get a good result.

Every day you have a free spin. Considering that it will probably not be enough for you, you can get up to ten more every day, inviting your friends in the “Get more chances” section. Encourage them to do it, because it is a moment and you will both have the chance to win one of the prizes.

Be careful because it's not enough to just send the invitation by WhatsApp or text message: your friend must enter the link and log in to confirm the extra pull. If they're not registered on AliExpress yet, and they end up registering because of your invitation, you will get two more pulls.

Finally, you can get an extra game when you play on the Wheel of Fortune for 5 days, but don't worry if you don't open the app constantly, they don't have to be in a row.

Is it easy to get a prize or a discount coupon?

Although trying your luck every day doesn't cost anything, you are probably wondering if the daily prizes of this wheel are relatively easy to win or at least if you can get a discount coupon that will be great for your next purchase.

We must tell you that the daily prizes (the ones with the highest value) are not so easy to win. Although many of you have confirmed that they do.

Keep in mind that even though AliExpress gives out more than one daily prize, there are many of us who play every day.

Get a discount coupon easily

On the other hand, it is very easy to get an AliExpress discount coupon, but don't expect it to happen every day.

Generally, if it's the first time you play or it's been a long time since you've tried your luck, you will get a discount coupon easily.

The same goes for the friends you invite: if it's a  friend to whom you have not yet sent the invitation, it's very likely that they will also get a discount coupon on their first spin.

Playing many games in a row does not give good results

Once you have already won one of these coupons, in the following spins you will only receive coins.

But, hey, it's also good to accumulate coins: some sellers accept them as a discount on their items (they are automatically discounted at checkout). And although they are not always redeemable for discount coupons, AliExpress occasionally activates this option and you have to be proactive and try to keep your coffers full.

What happens if I win one of the daily prizes?

If you win one of these physical prizes, you will receive a coupon with 99% of the price of the item, so you only have to pay 1 cent to receive it.

Remember that as with the discount coupons, you have some time to claim your prize before it expires.

Great prizes in special campaigns

In special AliExpress campaigns such as 11.11, the Wheel of Fortune offers every day very top prizes such as cars, vacuum cleaners, scooters, videogames… and greater discount coupons that can't be missed.

We insist, trying your luck is free and who knows, maybe you'll get a big surprise!

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