How to get cashback on Booking and save on your trips

Booking is one of the most popular sites for booking accommodation. This website offers the most competitive prices in its segment, a detailed explanation of the stay, and reliable reviews from other guests.

While it’s difficult to find promotional coupons for Booking, thanks to the cashback system you can recover part of your investment.

It's easier and faster than you think, and today we explain how it works.

What is cashback? How does it work?

Cashback is a way to recover part of the money you have spent in online stores. You can do this thanks to certain platforms, and for this, you will have to buy through the links they provide.

This happens because online stores pay a commission to cashback platforms and then the cashback platforms share that money with us.

It’s a very simple process that allows us to save money almost automatically.

Is it reliable?

On the internet, you always have to check where you buy and what applications you use. That is why we recommend you use the cashback sites we’re going to mention below since they’re reliable and safe.

Although below we are going to talk about the best cashback for Booking, you may be interested in seeing a comparison of the best cashback sites where you’ll find more information.

Cashback sites compatible with Booking

There are different cashback sites on the internet, but not all of them are compatible with Booking. Among the most popular ones we can find the following:

  • Letyshops (recommended): returns from 4% cashback from here
  • Beruby: only offers €3 cashback on this link
  • Shoppiday: you will recover the 3.5% cashback by clicking here
  • Widilo: offers 4% cashback as you see in this link
  • Megabonus: only 2.68% cashback, check it here
  • Myworld: 1% cashback (sometimes increases to 3%, better look this link)

As you can see you’ll be able to recover between 1 and 4% cashback, although the amount may vary in special promotions.

Letyshops, the best cashback for Booking

Main article: Letyshops review

As you can see, the maximum cashback amount is 4%. In that case, our recommendation is to use Letyshops, one of the most reliable cashback platforms at the moment. It grants its users great advantages and offers. Not only will you be able to use it to get cashback from Booking, but it also works on more than 3,000 online stores.

The Letyshops cashback program for Booking allows us to save 4% of what we spend on our booking. Sometimes they offer an extended commission of up to 9%. The only problem is that, as with all sites, the amount is confirmed after the stay.

In the case of Letyshops, they will confirm the cashback between 70 and 120 days from the time of checkout. But it will appear as pending cashback from the day after making the purchase.

Cashback conditions

It’s important to note that in order to get the cashback you must meet certain conditions:

  • The refund does not apply to hotel taxes and fees paid.
  • Doesn't apply to booking basic rooms.
  • We cannot combine cashback with other bonuses or discounts.

How to get cashback

As we’ve already mentioned, the first step to getting your cashback is to register with Letyshops. It's totally free, and it's worth using their platform when shopping online because they have more than 3,000 cashback-compatible stores in their catalog.

Once registered, you will only have to access the Booking page directly from Letyshops using the search engine of the site or by clicking here. Search for your accommodation as usual and pay calmly. Within a day the balance should appear as pending.

To avoid losing the cashback we recommend you book your accommodation right after clicking on the Letyshops link. If you start searching through Google or checking other blogs you might lose the cashback.

Install the Letyshops extension

That's why it's best to use the Letyshops extension to make sure your cashback is always active (you can install it here). This extension works for Chrome and Opera.

If you want more details on how Letyshops works, how to withdraw your balance, and tips on how to use it correctly, we recommend you to continue reading our Letyshops cashback guide where we explain everything in detail.

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