Special Post on Cheap Flashlights on AliExpress: types available and recommended sellers

When David Misell invented the first flashlight at the end of the 19th century, he could not have imagined that this device – and its heavy, rudimentary battery – would be transformed into a device that anyone could carry in a pocket or use as a key ring.

Today, the LED flashlight revolution has not only made everything possible, it has taken portable lighting to completely unexpected places. At AlixBlog we may not be able to tell you what David Misell would have looked like if he knew that one day we would be able to buy a very good quality dive light at a great price and from the comfort of our own home, but we can tell you which are the best Chinese flashlights and where to find them at AliExpress at the best price. It is very easy to find them, but if you want to save time, just click here.

linternas de alta potencia en AliExpress

Do you need to spend a lot of money to buy a professional quality flashlight? Are there Chinese models that can be bought online at a better price?

Some companies like Fenix or Shadowhawk make very good flashlights, but the price of their products is often excessive. Fortunately, in AliExpress we can find a lot of flashlights – and even some replicas – very cheap and good quality. Whether you are looking for camping flashlights, hunting flashlight or keychain ones, when comparing the best known brands and their Chinese alternatives, this last one often wins the upper hand.

How do I know what type of flashlight I need? What is the best type of LED flashlight?

There are many types of LED flashlights on the market. However, this question can only be answered with another question: what do you want it for? Tell me what you like to do and I'll tell you which flashlight is best for you. Do you like to ride your bike at night? Then the best one is a headlamp. Do you plan to go to go camping? Then a high-powered flashlight will be more practical. Do you like scuba diving? Perfect! There's a whole line of diving lights made for you.

Here at AlixBlog we'll tell you a little bit about our favorite Chinese LED flashlights – Useful, cheap and of the best quality

AliExpress offers a wide variety of all types of flashlights. If you don't believe us, try to type the word “flashlights” in the search engine of the site and be surprised by all the possibilities. Nevertheless, here we will tell you about some of them.

1.  Alonefire XML-T6 – A small powerful tactical flashlight of very good quality

linternas baratas y de calidad

Powered by a single AAA battery, this hunting and camping flashlight is an excellent choice for all those who enjoy spending their time outdoors. With its 2000 lumens of power, this model has a range of up to 500 meters and is ideal for those dark nights of camping. Alonefire's XML-T6 LED flashlight has five different lighting modes – high, medium, low, help and strobe – making it the most versatile flashlight in its category. In addition, its price is incredibly low and its quality is unsurpassed.

2. Q5 LED flashlight – A cheaper camping flashlight with excellent performance

linternas camping buenas y baratas

This hunting flashlight is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Alonefire model mentioned above. Its power is also about 2000 lumens, although some features of its construction make its range a little less than 100 meters.

Although this model only has three lighting modes – high, medium and low – and uses AA batteries, its excellent quality/price ratio makes it one of the most celebrated Chinese flashlights according to reviews of AliExpress users. Also, if black makes you sad and you prefer colored flashlights, you'll be glad to know that you can also buy this model in green, red, blue, black, white and gray.

3. Boruit RJ-3001 – A high-powered, rechargeable headlight

linternas de alta potencia y buena calidad

This headlight has a power of 8000 lumens, which makes it one of the most powerful flashlight we will recommend in this article. Although it is usually advertised as a camping flashlight, the truth is that it is extremely useful in any situation that requires the use of both hands. Without a doubt, it is one of the best bicycle flashlights you can buy from AliExpress. In addition, this professional flashlight is waterproof – though not submersible – and includes two rechargeable batteries, a plug-in charger and a car charger… And all this at a very low price!

Although this LED flashlight has many good features, it also has some disadvantages: it weighs 480 grams which makes it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

4. AloneFire Elfos MK1 – A very good quality flashlight on your key ring

This is another of the flashlight models manufactured by AloneFire, one of the most popular companies in the Chinese market. This small keychain flashlight has a power of just 200 lumens, but its small size and low power consumption make it an excellent flashlight to take with you everywhere. Given the fact that Alonefire just launched their MK2 model, the price of MK1 LED flashlights is much lower and their performance is very similar, so we do not believe that the value for money of the MK2 model is really worth it.

Although these LED flashlights are excellent quality, we can’t help thinking that they could be a little cheaper than they are today. If we compare them with the other flashlights of this same company, we will discover that we could buy an excellent tactical flashlight at more or less the same price.

5. 14000 Lumens Dive Light – For those looking for professional high power flashlights at the best price

linternas de alta potencia online

If you like diving and you are looking for professional submersible flashlights, you will hardly find a cheaper and better quality model than this one. These LED dive lights can be submerged up to 100 meters and have three lighting modes: high, medium and low. Of course, the price of these high-powered flashlights is a bit higher than the others we recommend, but if we consider their quality and compare it with other professional LED diving lights, we will quickly come to the conclusion that this model is very cheap.

6. WF-501B Ultraviolet Flashlight – Because LED flashlights can be used for much more than just lighting

Linternas de colores chinas online

Ultraviolet flashlights can be used for many things: from checking the authenticity of a banknote to finding stains on carpets. And they can also be used for a lot of experiments! All reviews seem to agree: this is one of the best Chinese-made ultraviolet flashlights on the market. So let's put it bluntly: if you're looking for a good and cheap UV flashlight, this is the best model you can buy online. In addition, this product includes rechargeable batteries and a charger… You wont be able to find a better price!

7. Flashlights that are recharged with dynamo and sunlight without batteries

These flashlights are perfect for hiking, and by not carrying batteries you can be sure that you will not be left in the dark in the middle of the night. They can be charged with sunlight or also with a crank.

8. Waterproof flashlights, a good option for adventure sports

These flashlights come in all sizes and colors, and being waterproof you can use them in any climate and terrain.

I've decided what I want to buy! Who are the best sellers of AliExpress flashlights?

AliExpress is full of good sellers who offer very good quality products at very low prices. While we prepared a selection of some of the best, we recommend that you visit our seller's guide to make you feel more confident when shopping online. These are the ones we have chosen here at AlixBlog for you:

  • Global Outdoor Products Co. – This company sells a lot of good quality camping gear, but specializes in lighting products. If you are getting ready to go camping, here you can buy both flashlights and knives at a very good price. Highly recommended!
  • Travellife – If you like to spend time outdoors, this is the ideal seller for you. Their selection of Chinese flashlights is truly incredible. Here you will find most of the flashlights we recommend and also many others.
  • Pocketman Technology – This company specializes in selling lighting items of all kinds (including LED bulbs!). Here you can buy both high-powered flashlights and lamps for your home. All their items are of excellent quality and their products are usually very cheap.
  • Shenzhen Convoy Electronics – This salesman specializes in electronic items of all kinds, always very good quality and at excellent prices. In addition to flashlights, here you can buy chargers, adapters, lamps, reflectors, etc. It's definitely worth taking a look!

Which flashlights did you like? Tell us what you think!

We hope that now you know a little more about the great world of LED flashlights and that our recommendations will help you choose the ideal flashlight for you. If you have found another model that you would like to recommend or if you have tried one the flashlights we mentioned, we would like to hear from you. Leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences with LED flashlights!

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