Cheap hiking and trekking clothes in AliExpress: there is life beyond Helly Hansen, Napapijri and Trangoworld

Originally this was a guide on how to find hiking and trekking brands such as Helly Hansen, Napapijri or Trangoworld in AliExpress. However, the recent anti-replica crusade taken on by the platform has translated into the disappearance of most of the shops offering these kind of products.

This being said, every day more and more occidental brands are using AliExpress to sell their products, such as Nike or Converse, but when it comes to Helly Hasen or Napapijri, there is no such luck.  You can try looking for them yourself by typing Helly Hansen or Napapijri on the search tab, but we can assure you there aren’t any products with the famous authenticity logo.

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Not to worry, we have a plan B that might just make your day.

Cheap Chinese alternatives to brands like Napapijri, Helly Hansen and Trangoworld

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Although you won’t find any Napapijri, Trangoworld or Helly Hansen in AliExpress (or at least not yet), you should definitely take a look at what we call “Chinese white label brands”.

No, we aren’t talking about cheap replicas

Although lately there may have been a sudden increase of interest in AliExpress replicas, we should mention two things: the first one is that, sadly, the moment more people starting asking for these replicas was the moment AliExpress started getting serious about copyright infringement; the second is that replicas aren’t always as nice as they might seem. Let’s see why.

When an AliExpress seller starts offering replicas he is taking various risks:

  1. The risk (nowadays almost imminent) of being punished by AliExpress and their shop being shut down… And opening a new store is not as easy as it might seem.
  2. The risk of selling a replica to an unknowing buyer (or one claiming not to know) who decides to make a claim. If this is the case, the buyer will probably win the dispute.
  3. The risk of being caught in customs selling replicas.

Then there is the fact that making a replica is much harder than making a white label product, as you have to copy the logo and any other distinctive signs.

So how does this affect you?

Manly in the price. To compensate the risks mentioned above, the seller may up the prices of their products in AliExpress. And, let’s be honest, nobody wants to pay an inflated price for a replica, do they? That’s why so many people are turning to “white label” brands instead.

But, what kind of white label products can you find in AliExpress?

Outdoors clothes in AliExpress for hiking and trekking

Before we go on, here’s another side note for those of you new to this activity:

What’s the difference between hiking and trekking?

For those of you new to this kind of activity, hiking is more relaxed, as it is usually done through marked paths or rural walks. Furthermore, hiking paths will usually have stops and rest houses.

Trekking is the “wilder” version of this: it’s usually done through unmarked paths or even areas with no paths whatsoever. In other words, it’s a harder version of hiking that requires more knowledge and training.

After this side note, let’s get back to our theme for today…

How do I find trekking and hiking products in AliExpress?

At the moment, AliExpress doesn’t really make a distinction between trekking and hiking, and features products for both sports under the same category. You can find the category for hiking and trekking clothes by CLICKING HERE.

As you can see if you went to the link, the search is already filter by categories and sorted by number of sales, as this is the best way to find deals in AliExpress.

Ropa de senderismo barata

And if you want an even more filtered search, here are a few to get you started.

Hiking jackets

Chaquetas de senderismo

You can find the hiking jacket category CLICKING HERE . As you can see, they have waterproof jackets, wind jackets, polar jackets, military ones… and the best part? You can get them for ridiculous prices, from 8€ for the simplest polar to 45 or 50€ for the more sophisticated ones.

Trekking and hiking pants

Pantalones Trekking AliExpress

Hiking and trekking pants (you can find them CLICKING HERE) tend to be catalogued according to season, winter or summer, so sellers on AliExpress will usually specify the thickness of the materials in the description of the product.

Hiking trousers in AliExpress are usually “quick dry”, and the summer ones usually feature the famous knee zipper so you can turn them into short trousers when the temperatures go up or if you need to go through areas with water.

There is also a category for hiking shorts, you can see them HERE.

Trekking t-shirts

Camisetas de senderismo y hiking

In the hiking t-shirt category you can find tons of t-shirts, shirts and jumpers for trekking (durable materials, permeable and quick dry), you can also find compression clothes (try taking a look at our article on cheap compression clothes), military t-shirts and other kinds of products that don’t really fit into this category but are there anyway :).

Hiking and trekking shirts

Camisas de trekking

You can find the hiking shirt category HERE. Again, this category also features tons of different kinds: weather resistant, permeable, hooded windbreakers…


Chalecos de excursionismo

In this category you will be able to find fleece vests, reflective and fishing ones as well as other extravagant items such as SWAT bulletproof vests (needless to say, do not trust you life to them…). In fact the one shown in the picture has a negative rating, probably given by somebody that put too much faith on a non professional item.

Best shops to get this type of clothes in AliExpress

To close the article, we’ve compiled a list of the best shops for these kinds of products in AliExpress.

Free Soldier

  • Reputation: 5 diamonds
  • Description: probably the most popular trekking, hiking and military shop in the area. It even features clothes by their own brand, also called Free Soldier. It has an incredible catalogue, featuring most of the products mentioned above, as well as backpacks, boots, tents, hats and anything else you might need for you adventure.
  • Link: you can see it HERE.

Outdoor Kingdom

  • Reputation: 5 diamonds
  • Description: this shop is focused on outdoor sports in general, but its known for having the best selling hiking trousers by the Chinese brand Facecozy.
  • Link: you can find it HERE.

LandCrown Adventure Club

  • Reputation: three diamonds
  • Description: this shop is tailored to adventure sports and military activities, but their best selling products are also trekking pants.
  • Link: find it HERE.

Happy Gui’s Store

  • Reputation: one diamond
  • Description: it has less reputation that the other shops but it has more antiquity and their thermic jackets have really good sales.
  • Link: find it HERE.

Need more information? We can help!

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