Are you looking for an online outlet for cheap feather coats like Moncler? Scam warning + AliExpress shopping guide

Unfortunately for a lot of us (never mind the characters from Game of Thrones), winter is coming. So why not be prepared and with a nice Moncler coat? The only problem is. Moncler coats can be very expensive, especially if you look looking for an online outlet in google or a shop claiming to have incredible discounts.

Today, just like we did with UGG boots, we are going to investigate to try and find the best place to buy cheap Moncler coats.

What’s the best Moncler online outlet?

None. At the end of the article we’ll be talking about a plan B, but I assure you there are no legitimate Moncler outlets. But let’s look at these famous “Moncler outlets” you get results for in Google anyway…You are going to see two kinds of websites.

1 – Online shops called (these are some Spanish ones):

  • Moncleroutletespañ (dont go in)
  • (nor here)

2 – Websites that don’t have anything to do with fashion and redirect you to online domain name like the previous ones.

Are these shops trustworthy?

I personally don’t recommend them at all. Truth is, these websites use the fact that Moncler products are super expensive to sell replicas as if their were originals on sale:

Fake online outlets moncler

Discounts for up to 73% might sound great, so let’s be honest, this is not real: I’ve never bought anything from one of these shops but all you have to do is take a look, they don’t offer any of the warranties an online shop should have.

Let’s put it this way: not only are you risking inadvertently purchasing a replica, you are risking not even getting the product. Who is going to force them to sent it to you if they name or the companies name doesn’t show up anywhere on the website?

“Moncler replicas and hackers”, almost sounds like a Millenium book, doesn’t it?

As I was telling you before, there are two kind of websites, the first ones are the ones we mentioned above, while the second ones are a “bridge” to the first ones. People selling Moncler replicas hack these websites to redirect Google hits to their own pages. In my case, the search tab realized I visited the page five or six times and warned me:

Safe browsing mac

That’s why webs that don’t have anything to do with fashion ( lawyer websites, etc…) have a link to Moncler jackets. 🙂 🙂

So where can I get cheap Moncler coats? Do they have them in AliExpress?

No, AliExpress does not have any Moncler coats. In fact it’s one of the “banned” brands, so no matter how many times you try looking, you are always going to come up with this result. We already talked about how this might be a mistake in our Nike Air Jordan and Ray Ban articles, but truth is, when it comes to Moncler there really aren’t any originals.

An alternative: cheap feather coats in AliExpress

They may not be Moncler, but in AliExpress you can find tons of cheap feather cotas (check out the men’s catalogue here, and the women’s one here) with hundreds of sales.

Feather coats of men

If you take a look at the men’s category for feather coats in AliExpress you will find the results sorted by number of sales. It sorts results like this automatically which is a good thing as it’s the best way to find deals.

Plumiferos hombre

If you clicked on the link you might have noticed that the best selling ones are also the cheapest and better rated ones. Especially in this category, you can find feather coats for 20€, forget the 700€ Moncler coats 🙂 🙂

Chinese brand feather / down coats

Lately I’ve become quite an expert at looking for “recognizable” Chinese brands that don’t hide their name or their logo. In this category the most popular brand for men’s feather coats is Pioneer Camp. They aren’t as cheap as 20€ white label brands, but you can find some very well rated ones with good sales for 35-70€.

There are some other like New View which also sell a lot and are cheaper, but they are part of the ones “ashamed to be Chinese brands”, so sellers will avoid using the name of the product in the description. To find them, click here and take a look by scrolling down (they are sorted by sales).

Feather / down coats for women

In the women’s feather coat category there is even more variety than in the men’s one. If you get a chance take a look at Miegofce, a shop specialized in feather coats (especially for women). This shop is catered to Russian customers (both this shop and AliExpress are very popular there) so there are some parts in Russian, but to be honest AliExpress has never been known for its translations anyway.

Best shops for women’s feather coats

It took me a while, but here is a I chart of the best selling feather coat shops in AliExpress:

Miegofce5 diamondsVisit store
Suzhou hydiber Clothing Co2 crownsVisit store
YRF-women clothing store3 diamondsVisit store
Doves Show Mom Fashion4 diamondsVisit store
Bestore Women Co4 diamondsVisit store
Michley Women5 diamondsVisit store
Soperwillton4 diamondsVisit store
Yiwu Commodity Paradises3 diamondsVisit store
qgege5 diamondsVisit store
JKJK Store3 diamondsVisit store

If you had a good experience purchasing from any of other seller, leave us a comment and we’ll include it with the others.

Final advice: how to know if they are made out of feathers?

To find out the material of the jacket all you have to do is look at the details under the product, where it says “Product details”:

Cheap down feather coats in aliexpress

However, if you choose any of the sellers listed above you shouldn't have any problems, they all have a really good reputation and some antiquity on the platform.

Having any more doubts? We can help!

If you have any more doubts about your purchase, leave us a comment, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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