What are the best sellers of cheap necklaces on AliExpress?

As you know, in our beloved Chinese shop we can find countless models of necklaces, from plastic models for less than 1 dollar to pearl necklaces of several thousand dollars. Therefore it is crucial to understand several concepts before making an electronic purchase. Among them, knowing the best stores can help you a lot. Also the comments of the buyers, certainly a good way to know in advance the quality of the necklace that you will add to your collection.

How to buy cheap necklaces on AliExpress

Each one has its own style, so it is absurd to speak of the best AliExpress necklaces in absolute terms. However, I advise you to take a look at this section, the category of necklaces and pendants, where the necklaces and the best selling earrings are collected throughout AliExpress.

You will find that there are more than two million different necklaces and pendants, so the best thing is not to be overwhelmed looking (you'll see later the best vendors that can be of great help). Or even write in the search engine the type of jewel we want, so we can prevent the results from appearing unwanted products;) If your pendants want to add a ring, do not miss the opportunity to read the tutorial on how to find good and cheap rings on aliexpress.

Necklaces and pendants inspired by famous brands

Unlike other jewellery products, in the aliexpress itself there is a category of brand jewels with thousands of necklaces of Chinese white brands, which judging by the number of sales are very good looking. Necklaces You can be looking for pendants and necklaces from Zara, Tous, Swarovski… and other brands, but what you're going to find on AliExpress is another jewel type, cheaper, manufactured with lower-ranking materials but at a more affordable price. There are some Chinese manufacturers who do take into account models of famous brands and are inspired by them when it comes to producing pendants, but they launch their own much cheaper product without having to enter to compete in the dark market of imitations. If you like something similar to tous we recommend our article about Tous-style jewellery in AliExpress.

Best Sellers of AliExpress necklaces

Once again, from AlixBlog we have been in charge of doing the difficult work and we have selected the best (according to your reputation) sellers of necklaces and jewellery of all aliexpress:

Shenzhen Tomtop Ir a la tienda
Gamesalor International Ltd Ir a la tienda
HitTime Ir a la tienda
Shenzhen YKS Ir a la tienda
YKS-Ezsources Ir a la tienda
Bamoer Jewelry Ir a la tienda
DealPark Ir a la tienda
Henny Liu Ir a la tienda
T-Best Ir a la tienda
Crystal shop Ir a la tienda
GaGa-Mart Ir a la tienda
Shenzhen Moonar Ir a la tienda
George Smith Jewelry Ir a la tienda
FASHION-TradeMall Ir a la tienda
UMODE Jewelry Ir a la tienda
BlueSky Ir a la tienda
777 Trading Ir a la tienda
Dorabeads Ir a la tienda
As you have seen, these are very high ratings: the vendors of Accessories and jewellery almost always have high reputations, far superior to the average of aliexpress, which is a proof of how satisfied the users are. Clearly there are two very clear things:

  1. Buy necklaces on aliexpress sale much cheaper than anywhere else
  2. Save catastrophe, in 10-30 days you receive your order at home

To make sure, ideally I think it is to choose one of the vendors of the table, since all have more than acceptable scores. But I also have to recognize that sometimes I have trusted vendors with hardly a reputation to buy a few cases to my Huawei and the end result has been the same as with a store with excellent valuation. It's a matter of choosing the store that inspires you most. You know that we always remember that for any clarification about the order, payment, delivery time, customs or sizes, the ideal is to write directly to the seller. If you answer in a short period of time, it is another point in favor to know that you are a good seller.

Do you have any doubts?

If you want more tips, in the section “Tutorials” of our blog you will find articles focused on making better purchases on aliexpress. Go to AliExpress.

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