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The first Samsung Galaxy phone was released in 2009. Since then, Galaxy phones haven’t stopped getting better and achieving incredible success. In fact, thanks to their bet on the Android system and their improved Galaxy model, the Korean brand is becoming one of the best phone brands out there.

Thins being said, “Galaxy” didn’t become a well known brand until a year after its release, in 2010, with the release of the Galaxy S, the first of the most successful range of Samsung phones ever. After the Galaxy S, came the Samsung Galaxy S II (2011), the Samsung Galaxy S III (2012), the Samsung Galaxy S4 (2013), the Samsung Galaxy S5 (2014) and last but not least the Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015). Among other famous models like the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime or the Grand Neo Plus.

Ever since the release of the first Samsung Galaxy in 2010, the brand has made significant improvements to its design, size, materials and features. However, the most significant change came with the Samsung Galaxy S5, which included a waterproof and dirt proof case and a fingerprint and heartbeat sensor. The latest model, the Samsung Galaxy S6 also has incredible features: its made out of glass and metal instead of plastic, has an improved camera (16 megapixels), a wireless super quick charge and a high resolution QHD HD Super AMOLED 51” screen.

Buying Samsung Galaxy phones in AliExpress

If you are thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy through Internet, we recommend trying AliExpress. In fact, the famous platform is known for its great electronic shops, where you can find the best phone brands at incredible prices.

After some investigation, we’ve made a selection of the best shops to get cheap Samsung Galaxy phones and other Samsung phones in AliExpress (all of them featuring the “Guaranteed Authenticity” AliExpress stamp). If you know any other good shop, leave us a comment so we can widen the list 😉

The best shops to buy Samsung Galaxy phones in AliExpress

NONSTOP – Original Brand Mobile Phone Store (1 crown): don’t miss out on the offers this shop has. It has a wide catalogue of unlocked original Samsungs such as: the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Best Seller (HK)- 1 Year Quality Warranty Original phone (5 diamonds): This seller has a 98% positive ratings and a wide range of original Samsung Galaxy: among them, the latest model, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

HiGo188. (1 crown): this top rated technology shop has the latest Samsung models for incredible prices: from the Samsung Galaxy s3 to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

WD-Best One-Brand Original Phone Store (5 diamonds): in their great and renewed section dedicated to Samsung you can find all the Samsung Galaxy models: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung S5 and the latest model, the Samsung Galaxy S6!

Advice on getting a Samsung Galaxy phone in AliExpress

Before anything, you should know that AliExpress also offers Chinese Samsung replicas. They are really good replicas, so to tell them apart from originals, make sure you check these things:

  • The shop’s reputation: our advice is that you always look for shops with at least 1 diamond. With a rating like this one, you can be sure the shop is 100% trustworthy.
  • The product’s description: when the product is original, the seller well usually include the word “original” or “100% original” in the product description.
  • The price: if you find a Samsung Galaxy for less than 120€ it’s probably not original. Although you can find a lot of cheap phones in AliExpress, do make sure you compare it to regular shops to check that the price difference isn’t too big.
  • Rating and comments left by previous customers: AliExpress offers its customers the chance to give their opinion on the product they received, so you can get an idea of what kind of product and experience you can expect from each seller.
  • The AliExpress “Guaranteed Authenticity” stamp: this stamp guarantees the product is original, and if by any chance you receive a fake product, the seller will give you back the full price you paid.

Autenticidade Garantida

And if you have any doubts, don't forget you can always contact the seller directly: they’ll give you all the information you need about the product. 😉

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