How to sell Shein at page prices

There is no doubt that Shein is one of the most popular online fashion stores right now. The absence of middlemen makes their prices incredibly cheap, so it’s very tempting to start a business with the clothes of this brand. In fact, many people sell clothes from Shein at page prices.

What is the secret to making money if you offer the same price as on the website? Here is the trick to making money without increasing the price of the product.

What do these sellers offer?

Most ads can be found through social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. These are people offering to make Shein purchases at page prices through their services.

This means that you’ll send them a list of the products you want to buy, and you’ll have to pay them directly. Some include a minimum number of pieces and also offer wholesale. The advantages for buyers are:

  • Be able to pay in your local currency without having a credit card
  • Receive purchases in those countries where Shein doesn’t ship 
  • Consulting and order management

How do you make money selling Shein at page price?

If you want to know what the secrets are or simply if it’s worth trying to make money selling Shein clothes at page price, we’re going to explain what the secrets are and what you earn more or less by following each of them.

Coupons and discounts

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This is usually the most common way to earn money for this type of business. Shein always has coupons or discounts available, especially for repeat buyers. There are several ways to get and accumulate them. With these methods alone you can get between 20-30% discount (and therefore profit).

Additionally, you can buy a Shein gift card to pay for the purchase, and you’ll also get an additional discount as gift cards that go over a certain price end up costing less. The prices and discounts will vary depending on your country.

Finally, using Shein's cashback systems such as Letyshops you can recover part of the money you have paid after applying for discounts. You just need to be registered for a cashback and pay through the link provided by the platform.

Purchase commission

The great claim of most sellers is that they sell at the cost of the page, but we have been able to verify that some of them apply a commission, especially if you buy many garments.

The commission can be applied as a proportional part of the cost of the Shein basket or by product type. For example, a commission is charged for clothing and a higher one for shoes.

In fact, although many people advertise that they sell at Shein's price with no commissions when speaking with them, they confirm that they charge a small commission per product or else per pound of product.

Shipping cost

Normally, shipping on Shein has a cost and from a certain amount, it’s usually free of charge. However, to earn some extra money, some sellers also apply shipping costs to their orders.

In some cases, it’s justified by the use of a courier to deliver the package to your country or the use of special couriers to reach remote locations where only certain couriers work. If this service is actually contracted, it’ll most likely include a small service fee.

However, in many cases, the seller simply uses Shein's courier system and uses this “shipping cost” to get more money, but without increasing the cost of Shein's products, so they can continue to advertise that they sell “at page price”.

Is it safe to buy from these sellers?

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If you’re thinking of buying Shein items through these services, we recommend being very careful. Most of them ask for some money in advance, and you never know who is behind these profiles or if the opinions of other users are reliable.

Even if you pay through PayPal, as you’ll be shipping privately, the platform won’t be able to protect you. If the seller disappears and your package arrives, you’ll be left without your purchase and without the money. But there are also honest people who just want to make a living. The key to this is to try to look for referrals and place small orders to start with.

In case you are thinking of starting to sell at page price on your own, calculate the benefits and risks. Plan your strategy well before you start ordering from Shein for others. Take into account how you’ll handle returns and garments that come with defects or quality problems.

If you’re a buyer, remember that in our blog you can find tutorials to learn how to buy in Shein directly and for free. This online store is very safe and anyone can buy without the help of intermediaries.

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