Cheap Under Armour style compression shirts and trousers in AliExpress

Hello! Today we are updating this article on how to find products inspired by the brand Under Armour in AliExpress. We’ve tons of requests asking us if there are original Under Armour products in AliExpress and, sadly, the answer is no. Worry not, AliExpress has plenty cheap alternatives for compression shirts and trousers for training.

What about Under Armour sneakers? You won’t be able to find any original sneakers either, but there seems to be more and more original brands popping up in the platform every day, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. Just wait a little and then try looking for the brand again. However, remember to pay close attention to see if the product is original or not. If it is sellers include the Guaranteed Authenticity icon in the description of the product, you can be sure they are original.

Autenticidad garantizada

What’s Under Armour and why are their compression clothes so popular?

Under Armour has been making casual sports clothes and accessories since 2006, the same year they released their first footwear collection. However, the origins of the brand date back 10 years before, when Kevin Plank, an American football player, started making compression shirts to absorb his sweat and to wear underneath his football protections. Ever since, this American brand has become super popular and the sheer amount of requests we’ve received asking about it, only proves this.

Tons of athletes, such as Jamie Foxx, Michael Phelps and Tom Brady among others can be seen wearing the brand. Regrettably, there aren’t any Under Armour clothes in AliExpress, but there are some Chinese equivalents that are both cheap and great looking.

Ropa de compresión en AliExpress

If you aren’t looking for Under Armour specifically and don’t particularly care about brands, this is the option for you. Believe me, your pocket will thank you.

Advice on purchasing Under Armour style compression clothes in AliExpress

Its has been literally impossible for us to find Under Armour originals so, unless you are 100% sure the product is original, don’t buy it.

Two Chinese brands making cheap compression clothes

Among the sea of sellers offering compression trousers and shirts in AliExpress, there are two that shine above the others, with tons of sales and good reviews. The first is called 2XU (you can find it here), while the second one is Lucky Sailing (you can find it here). We already mentioned this last brand in our article about cheap soccer jerseys.

Both are super cheap, and according to our readers, pretty good quality.

As you can see they also offer compression shirts inspired by superheroes:

Camisetas de compresión de superhéroes baratas

They have t-shirts for almost all superheroes (both Marvel and DC ones). Keep in mind that different sellers may offer the same design, but not the same quality. So always make sure you choose the one with best ratings.

You can see a catalogue of superhero compression shirts by clicking here.

Careful with deceitful product names

The biggest problem when purchasing original items in AliExpress is that there are lot of shops offering products similar to UA using words such as “body armour under t-shirt” or similar… That’s why, when you look up the brand, these products will show up in the results, regardless of them not being originals. However, telling the difference is super easy, all you have to do is check the price (or look for the Guaranteed Authenticity icon) and compare it to other platforms offering UA products, such as Amazon…products by this brand are great (hats, t-shirts, sneakers…) but they are SUPER expensive!

IMPORTANT: There has been a lot of complaints from customers thinking they got originals when they were actually getting Chinese brands, so be super careful when choosing a seller.

Our advice is that you read comments by previous customers, check the seller’s reputation and contact them with any doubts you might still have.

Conclusion: our bet on white label brand compression and technical t-shirts.

Although you won’t be able to find any Under Armour products, there are many other shops and brands offering compression and technical t-shirts with a very good reputation and excellent ratings.

If you find any other shop or would like to ask us anything else, just leave us a comment, we’re happy to help.

Go to AliExpress.

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  1. The provided links for 2XU & Lucky Sailing are not working…

    Also… What about thermal baselayer like under armour coldgear? Is there any equivalent brand on Aliexpress..


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