Thanks for installing Shein Image & ID Searcher! 😊

With this little browser extension you will be able to easily search on Shein by image and by ID code.

First of all: pin the extension

To pin the extension in Chrome, click on the puzzle icon (top-right of the browser) and then on the thumbtack next to the extension name:

This way the extension will always be within reach:

Search by image

To search by image you just have to right click on any picture you find online (on AliExpress, on Zara…) and hit “Search on Shein”:

You can also click on the extension icon (the black S inside the magnifying glass) to upload an image you have on your computer:

Whether you search by right-clicking or by uploading an image, you will see that the results will appear instantly:

Search by ID

The extension also allows you to search by product ID, for example 1736224. We added this functionality because currently Shein's search engine does not show results if you search by code.

For example, if someone posts on Instagram that a Zara dress has an identical clone on Shein whose ID is 1435253, just click on the extension icon, hit By ID, and enter the code you're interested in:

We will redirect you to the product page immediately.

Can you do us a favor?

We have created this extension for free and selflessly, can you please give us 30 seconds and rate it with five stars in the Chrome Store? And if you write a nice review you will make us completely happy.

That will help us to make the extension reach more people and keep it free.

Thank you very much!

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