When does Shein have free shipping?

Many people don't know this, but if you shop at Shein on certain days of the week you can get free shipping. Below we're going to tell you everything you need to know.

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One of the ways to get free shipping at Shein is by using the codes they give out on Live Wednesdays, the virtual meetings where Shein and its collaborators talk about trends and lifestyle.

To apply the coupon you will have to make a purchase of a minimum amount that varies by country.

How does it work?

Generally this Shein Live takes place in the afternoon or evening (depending on the country you are in) every Wednesday. You will have to be attentive to this transmission and you will see how at some point they will give out a discount code that you can use to get free shipping.

You can access the event by going to the main page in the app. It is also advisable to have the notifications activated, so the app will notify you when the live broadcast has already started.

Please note that there is no way to access the live event from your computer, so you will have to install the Shein app. You can find the app for Android and Apple here.

Another complication is that the free shipping code you will be offered expires very quickly (in two or three hours), so our recommendation is that you try to have your shopping cart ready so you don't waste time and use the code as soon as possible.

Also in these Shein live streams you can also get other types of coupons and Shein points. You can read more in the article Shein points: what are they for?

On Sundays

At random times on Sundays, Shein enables free shipping. There is no way to predict at what time this will happen, but you will know that it is active because on the home page of the website and the app, a banner will pop up.

In this case, the free shipping is applied automatically, no code needed. This means that if you have other discount codes, you can use them as well and lower the price even more.

Other ways to get free shipping

There are other ways to get free shipping at Shein:

  • Being a new customer: usually new users don't pay for shipping.
  • Use the games to earn points and free shipping coupons.
  • Buying more than a certain amount: at Shein the amount that makes shipping free is very reasonable.
  • Third-party coupons: with patience, you can find some free shipping coupons on Google.
  • Coupons for signing up for the newsletter or using the app: sporadically, Shein will send you coupons for free shipping.
Warning: with this trick you can get unlimited Shein coupons. Click here to find out more.

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