The AliExpress seller is asking me to cancel my order: what should I do?

A question we have received on a regular basis is what to do when an AliExpress seller asks you to cancel the order. Normally, you would find the answer in their customer service center that you can access here; however, on this occasion, there is no information.

What happens if I don't agree? Will they still send me the order? We solve all these doubts below.

Why is the seller asking me to cancel my order?

When the seller wants you to cancel the order, they ask you to do so through a message, in which they should give you the reasons.

The most common reason is the lack of stock. We have also seen other excuses such as that the shipment doesn’t cover the route to our country or has logistical problems. Sometimes you’re also asked to cancel when the seller has made a mistake in the price and made the product cheaper than it actually was.

If you don't mind canceling, the solution is easy. Send the cancellation request and look for the order at another seller. But if you don't want to cancel because you bought with a discount or a coupon, we’ll explain your options and if you can refuse to cancel.

Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

Many times the seller offers to continue with the order if you pay more for shipping because the shipping cost went up. In this case, we recommend you look at other sellers, see what the difference is, and evaluate if it’s better to pay the extra cost or cancel and buy in another store.

What to do when the seller asks me to cancel the order?

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The first and easiest option is undoubtedly to accept their request and cancel the order. You only have to make the cancellation request, the seller will have to accept and in a few days, you will have the money in your account.

If you don’t want to cancel, the first thing you must do is talk to the seller and tell them that you’re very interested in this particular order. If you’ve applied coupons or discounts you won’t get them back.

You can explain all this to the seller and ask for alternatives (or offer them). For example, if it’s a stock issue and you don't mind waiting longer, you can extend the preparation time until the seller receives the goods.

But we warn you that most often the seller will tell you that it isn’t possible and insist that we cancel the order.

What happens if I don’t agree to cancel the order?

When you buy on AliExpress, after you pay, the order preparation time starts. If you don’t agree to cancel the order during this period, two things can happen:

The most common one is that the order preparation time runs out, and the order is automatically canceled. The money will be refunded and you will receive it in a few days in your account.

There are also cases where the seller marks the order as shipped. It’s possible that the seller has finally sent you the purchase and you receive everything as if nothing had happened.

But sometimes, the seller marks the order as shipped with a false tracking number. In this case, just open a dispute when you have proof: if it has been delivered but hasn’t reached you, when it appears as delivered in another country, etc.

Conclusion: Is it possible not to cancel the order even if the seller asks me to do so?

In short, in most cases, the easiest thing to do is to cancel the order. It’s our final recommendation, especially if you haven’t applied coupons or discounts, or if buying it from another seller doesn’t make that much of a difference.

If you want to try to keep the order, follow the tips we’ve explained above. However, the seller may not agree and AliExpress cannot force them to send the order.

Remember that AliExpress has a customer service with agents who can answer your questions through their chat or message. Access it through this link.

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