These are the best Xiaomi scales as of today


Xiaomi Body Composition Scale S400

Dual frequency bioelectric impedance measurement scale, analyzes 25 body composition indicators, monitors heart rate. Wide measurement range, from 0.1 kg to 150 kg. It has a mod to weigh babies (even pets). Fuller screen, shows more information. BLE 5.0 connectivity. 3 AAA batteries offer a range of up to 180 days.


Xiaomi Eight-electrode Body Composition Scale

Bioimpedance scale with 8 electrodes, weight range from 100 g to 150 Kg, margin of error of 50 g, works with 4 AA batteries.


Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Bioimpedance scale, weight range from 100 g to 150 Kg, margin of error of 50 g, works with 4 AAA batteries.


Mi Body Composition Scale

Bioimpedance scale, weight range from 5 Kg to 150 Kg, margin of error of 50 g, works with 4 AAA batteries.


Mi Smart Scale 2

Weight range between 100 g and 150 kg, margin of error of 50 g, works with 3 AAA batteries.


Mi Smart Scale

Weight range from 5 Kg to 150 Kg, margin of error of 100 g, made of tempered glass and ABS, works with 4 AA batteries.

A scale is that appliance that many can't see, but as contradictory as it may be, is present in almost every home.

With technology, everything has changed. Never before could you receive so much information from your own home, just with a simple gesture, weighing yourself.

From muscle mass, amount of water, bone mass, recommended weight… A perfect check-up for optimal control.

Obviously, this doesn’t replace a medical assessment, but it can complement it.

Xiaomi decided to make this technology available to everyone, launching in 2015, its first scale. To be honest, it was simply a scale that implemented the ability to link it with the App and thus be able to keep track of weights. It was actually in 2017 when we could really see the real innovation in scales, at least in those intended for home use, and it was a different product than the first Xiaomi bioimpedance scale (we’ll explain what this means later in the article).

We know that it can be a bit confusing to know what type of scale you need. Because it seems that these types of devices are becoming widespread, we have created this ranking, so you have all the information you need organized in the same place.

Setting the record straight

With the arrival of these new scales, and added to the fact that the news came from China, the translations weren’t too helpful. Also, with the eagerness to publish, we could see that Western media referred to the models that Xiaomi released with different names, so it wasn’t uncommon to see articles where they announced the Mi Scale 3, or Body Fat, or any other name, which created a lot of confusion.

Let's summarize it clearly and concisely:

Mi Scale: these are the scales that give us weight and BMI. There are two generations, 1 and 2.

My Body Composition Scale: These are the bioimpedance scales. They offer much more information and there are two generations, 1 and 2.

What is bioimpedance?

Bioimpedance or BIA is a body composition study that allows us to know the percentage of fat, muscle, bone and water in a person's body.

It’s based on our body's ability to conduct electric current, and it analyzes the opposition offered by tissues, cells and fluids to the passage of said electric current.

Muscles, bones and blood vessels are tissues with a high percentage of water, therefore, the conduction of electricity is easier, while in fatty tissue the opposite happens, so electrical conductivity is scarce.

Although their accuracy is high, it doesn’t reach 100%. Basically, these results can’t be taken into consideration for medical purposes (as it tends to happen with these domestic tools), so their use is merely informative.

The BIA values of Xiaomi scales

Xiaomi bioimpedance scales give us the possibility to know up to 13 body composition metrics: weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat, basal metabolism, bone mass, physical age, ideal weight, body type, health score. They also add a balance test that will help improve these metrics.

Where to buy a Xiaomi scale


Many of the models offered by Xiaomi can be found on this large and widely recognized platform. 

However, it’s important to remember that models that aren’t adapted to the global market can only be linked to the Mi Home App by connecting to the Chinese server. This doesn’t imply that the data will be displayed in Chinese, but they will be displayed in the language of the App.


This site, known for its advantages and fast deliveries, also offers Xiaomi scales at competitive prices. On Amazon, it’s possible to find deals and take advantage of the guarantees and return policies offered by the platform.

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