🔥 2022’s 11.11 is coming to AliExpress! These are the best offers

⚠️ Although we're adding new 11.11 coupons daily, they sell out fast. If the promo codes below don't work take a look directly at the AliExpress coupon section.

The date is finally here! 11.11 is just around the corner, but this year AliExpress is bringing lots of new items, so you can treat yourself or start preparing for holiday shopping.

The highlight of this event is that the discounts start earlier and will last for several days, so you can buy with plenty of time. Still, the best discounts and coupons sell out fast so read on for more details.

You can also check out all the AliExpress 11.11 info from this link.

When does the AliExpress 11.11 sale start?

Most AliExpress promotions and discounts last for a few days and until now 11.11 was the exception. This will change as the AliExpress 11.11 discounts will start on November 1 and run until November 12.

At the moment we know that there will be two waves of big discounts: From November 1 at 12 AM (Pacific Time) until November 4 at 11:59 AM (Pacific Time) the first wave of discounts will happen.

The second wave will take place from November 10 at 12 AM until November 13 at 11:59 AM. In these two waves, you'll be able to find promotions, coupons, discounts, and much more. In short, you'll have 12 days to make your purchases.

Of course, we recommend that you don't wait until the last moment to make your purchases, as there are many items on promotion with limited stock. During the days before the promotional waves, a good trick to minimize the risk of running out of stock is to add the products you want to buy directly to your cart.

Exclusive 11.11 promo codes

In addition to finding great discounts, the best thing about 11.11 is that we can get a lot of discount coupons to save even more money. Add them before you check out to save money on your purchases:

⚠️ Coupons run out fast, if the ones below don't work take a look directly at the AliExpress coupon section.

  • €4 off €35 minimum purchase with the code: AEES4 New Code
  • €6 off €50 minimum purchase with code: D11ES6 New Code
  • €8 off €65 minimum purchase with the code: AEES8 New Code
  • €13 off €100 minimum purchase with code: AEES13 New Code
  • €15 off €129 minimum purchase with code: D11ES15 New Code
  • €25 off €249 minimum purchase with code: D11ES25
  • €30 off €200 minimum purchase with code: AEES30 Code New

These coupons will only be valid during the promotion on the 11.11 discounted products and have limited units, so we recommend you add your favorite products to your cart as soon as possible and buy them soon to avoid a stock shortage.

On selected products you'll also have direct discounts: for purchases of €25, you'll get a discount of €3, if the purchase reaches €50 you'll get a discount of €6 and for €75 you'll get a discount of €9.

The maximum discount will be obtained by combining a product that is already discounted by applying a discount coupon that can also be combined with a seller's coupon. You can find all the info in the AliExpress coupon center for 11.11, access it here.

11.11 discounts and cashback

In addition to finding products with great discounts, there are four sections that you may want to know about.

Up to 90% off

This promotion is one of the biggest of the year, so you can find more discounted products than usual. This year you can find discounts of up to 90% on thousands of products.

10% cashback on everything

All products participating in the 11.11 promotion will have a 10% cashback. This means you'll get cashback on what you spend. This promotion only applies to purchases made between November 1st at 12 AM (Pacific Time) and November 4th at 11:59 AM (Pacific Time) (the first wave of discounts).

The coupon is for a maximum of €10 (to get the maximum you'll have to spend €100). In order to get it you'll have to register and activate your bonus account before shopping. The amount of your bonus can be found by accessing your Account > Payments > Coupons.

This bonus can be used as a discount on other AliExpress purchases during the next 30 days. In case you return a product that has given you a coupon, that amount will be deducted from the total amount.

Interest-free payment in installments

The platform is aware that this promotion is the perfect time to buy, but many buyers can't make a large initial payment. That's why they'll offer to pay in 3 interest-free installments through PayPal, Oney, or Klarna (the last two are only available in certain European countries).

To be able to pay in installments you'll only have to select one of these payment methods when making your purchase. You can only pay in installments for purchases over €30.

Games and sweepstakes

It's a tradition that AliExpress adds some interactive games in its 11.11 promotion. It's a way to get more discounts or coupons. This year you'll have two ways to do it:

With the Gogo Match game, you'll be able to get points that can then be redeemed for coupons. It's a very simple game in the style of “Candy Crush”. You'll be able to get points from October 29th to October 31st and redeem them for coupons from November 1 to 12.

You'll also have a lottery called Lucky Win Game. Not only that, but you'll be able to win coupons for up to €100. The draw will take place at certain times between November 1 and November 12 and the money will be credited to your cashback account.

Seller coupons

You'll see that in many stores there are also “Seller Coupons”. These discounts depend directly on the seller and the good news is that they are compatible with AliExpress coupons or discount codes.

To use them you just have to meet the minimum conditions requested by each seller.

Promo “Buy and Save”

Items marked with the “Buy and Save” promotion include a direct discount of €2 for every €25 you spend and there is no maximum purchase amount.

The rule is simple: the more you spend, the more you save. The best thing is that this promotion is cumulative with coupons or discount codes, so this set can turn your purchase into a SPECTACULAR bargain.

Remember that the shipping costs don't count in the minimum amount of expenditure (€25), but instead, the VAT of the article does count.

AliExpress 11.11's star products

We bring you a selection of the best products that you can buy during the 11.11, add them to your cart to buy them before they run out.

You will be able to find a wide variety of discounted phones. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be reduced to €594 (original price €659, a discount of €65 with the code SDXES30). And the Xiaomi 12 will only cost €445 (original price €499, additional discount -€54 with code SDXES28).

Upgrade your TV with the Xiaomi Mi Box S for only €44 (original price €51, additional discount -€5 with the code SDXES26). Or if you prefer, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick will be reduced to €24.90 (original price €29.90, additional discount -€5 with the code SDXES26). And get this WIMIUS 4K Projector for only €151 (original price €180, additional discount €20 with code SDXES13).

There are other interesting products like the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 for €31.95 (original price €36.95, additional discount -€6 with code SDXES26). The Redmi Buds 4 headphones will be €35.30 (original price €39.30, additional discount -€4 with the code SDXES21).

If you don't have it yet, the MIUI 4.5L air fryer will be reduced to €59.22 (original price €84.46, a discount of €8 with the code SDXES31). The Roborock Q7 Max robot vacuum cleaner will be reduced to €277.95 (original price €318.95, a discount of €32 with code SDXES19).

Renew your computer with this Teclast F7 Plus 2 for only €181 (original price €209, additional discount -€25 with code SDXES15). The Redmi Pad tablet will only cost €219 (original price €249, additional discount -€30 with code SDXES18). And the HiPad Max will be €177 (original price €199, additional discount -€22 with code DEALES1).

Other tips for saving even more money

We'll repeat the same advice as before: it's important that you plan your purchase and know exactly what you're going to buy on 11.11 in order to save as much as possible with discount codes and coupons.

As AliExpress discount codes and coupons aren't compatible with each other, analyze and divide your purchase into groups to be able to use the maximum number of coupons and discount codes.

It's also important that you go into the stores for each item and pick up the seller coupons they have available. These do support AliExpress coupons and discount codes, so you'll get an even bigger discount.

Is it really worth it shopping on 11.11?

Many of you are wondering if it's really worth it doing your shopping on 11.11, as some sellers use trickery to raise the price of their items a few days before and then lower them again on the day of the promotion. It's true that some sellers do this to make the discounts seem bigger, but, even so, most end up leaving the prices lower than before the promo.

Besides, during these dates there are many more coupons and codes than usual, so the final price will be better in the vast majority of cases.

Check out 11.11's offers on AliExpress

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