🔥 2021’s 11.11 is coming to AliExpress! These are the best offers

Finally, the long-awaited AliExpress 11th of November is coming!

As you know, November 11th is the big shopping day in China, the perfect date to do your Christmas shopping or to treat yourself and buy that product that has been on your wishlist for a long time.

During 11.11 the lowest prices of the whole year are available, and there are also a lot of coupons that allow us to reduce that price even more.

Here's everything you need to know about this promo: when it starts, featured offers, how to get and apply the best coupons…

Let's get to it!

When does the 11.11 promotion start?

This super event starts on November 11 at 9:00 AM and ends on November 13 at 8:59 AM.

But, although you have 48h to make your purchases, we advise you to hurry and make them as soon as possible, because both the stock and the coupons usually run out pretty soon.

Below we leave you a few discount codes that you can take advantage of.

Start preparing your shopping cart

Although 11.11 is still a few days away, we recommend that you start adding products to your shopping cart now.

This year there will be hundreds of thousands of items with discounts of up to 70%, so it is normal that you do not know where to start, but we are going to give you three starting points:

Promotional codes

Here are some codes that you can apply at the end of your purchase. Remember that they are limited and start working from 9:00 AM peninsular time on 11.11.

These discount codes bring a very good discount to the purchase, so to avoid running out of them it is best that you use them early in the morning, as they tend to end quickly, especially those of smaller amounts.

  • ESD114 – $4,62 discount for a minimum purchase of $34,66.
  • ESD1115 – discount of $17,33 for a minimum purchase of $115,54.
  • ESD1129 – discount of $33,51 for a minimum purchase of $219,53.

Update, more codes:

For all countries except Spain, France, Brazil, Poland, Korea and Saudi Arabia:

Code Discount Min spent
965DOUBLE11 9$ 65$
12100DOUBLE 12$ 100$
18150DOUBLE 18$ 150$
23190DOUBLE 23$ 190$
30250DOUBLE 30$ 250$

For new users (same countries excluded):

Code Discount Min spent
NB3 3$ 4$
NB5 5$ 10$

Exclusive discount coupons for 11.11

Remember that in AliExpress there are two types of coupons: promotional codes that you enter manually at checkout; and coupons that you request, are saved in your account and are automatically applied at checkout.

From November 1st you can already claim this coupon valid for all AliExpress items:

  • $5 off coupon for a minimum purchase of $10 (get it here).

This coupon is limited and will be available in three-day batches starting November 1st at 20:00h.

You know that many people are waiting to get their hands on one of these, so if you want to hunt it down, you'll have to be very quick and ready to spend it as soon as you can.

And don't worry if you don't manage to grab it: AliExpress is going to give out many more like this, just go to the website or the app and keep an eye out because you're sure to find another one.

Keep in mind that AliExpress coupons and codes are not compatible with each other, so you will have to choose the option that suits you best.

Once you have an AliExpress coupon, you can use it from the beginning of the campaign until it ends. In this case, you don't need to be in such a hurry to use them like the discount codes, but don't get distracted either because they expire.

Seller Coupons

You will see that in many stores there are also “Seller Coupons”.

These discounts depend directly on the seller and the good news is that they are compatible with AliExpress coupons or discount codes. To use them, you only have to meet the minimum conditions requested by each seller.

Take advantage of the “Spend and Save” promotion

Items marked with the “Spend and Save” promotion include a direct discount of $3 for every $30 you spend and there is no maximum purchase amount. The rule is simple: the more you spend, the more you save.

The best thing is that this promotion is cumulative with coupons or discount codes, so all this set can turn your purchase into a SPECTACULAR bargain.

Remember that the shipping costs do not count in the minimum amount of expenditure, but instead the VAT of the article does count (if it applies).

This discount is applied directly to your order at the end of your purchase if you meet the minimum conditions, so you don't have to do anything else.

Remember that this discount is only available from the AliExpress app.

Your payment method is also rewarded on 11.11

At the end of your purchase, you can also choose one of these three payment options with an interesting discount:

3€ discount when paying with PayPal

Availability: Spain, France, UK, US, Germany (2€ instead of 3€)… Check your country.

PayPal offers you a direct discount of $3,47 when paying for a purchase of more than $23,11.

This discount is added directly at the end of your purchase and you can only use it once.

Earn a 20% discount bonus with Alipay

Availability: Spain and France.

When paying with Alipay, you will accumulate a 20% discount bonus in your Alipay Wallet, with a maximum of $5,78.

Earn a bonus discount of 6€ when paying with Paylater

Availability: only in Spain.

If you prefer to finance your purchase, with PayLater you can pay in three times without interest and you will also get a bonus discount of $6,93.

This option is very interesting if you want to take advantage of your Christmas shopping, but do not want to spend all the money at once.

Other tips for maximum savings

We reiterate: it is important that you plan your purchase and be clear about what you are going to buy on 11.11 in order to save as much as possible with discount codes and coupons.

As AliExpress discount codes and coupons are not compatible with each other, analyze and divide your purchase into groups in order to use the maximum number of coupons and discount codes.

It is also important that you go into the stores for each item and pick up the seller coupons they have available. These do support AliExpress coupons and discount codes, so you'll get an even bigger discount.

Is it really worth shopping on 11.11?

Many of you are wondering if it is really worth doing your shopping on 11.11, as some sellers use trickery to raise the price of their items a few days before and then lower them again on the day of the promotion.

It is true that some sellers do this to make the discounts seem bigger, but, even so, most end up leaving the prices lower than before the promo.

In addition, during these dates there are many more coupons and codes than usual, so the final price will be better in most cases.

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