The best Xiaomi air conditioners, coolers and fans

Xiaomi has become a referential brand when it comes to household products. Although the brand started by manufacturing cell phones, it has since carved out a niche in this highly competitive sector thanks to its high-quality household appliances at low costs.

If your goal is to lower the temperature in your home, Xiaomi has some air conditioners and coolers with unique features and an excellent price.

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose the best temperature-related devices from this famous brand.

How to choose a good air conditioner/cooler

As you can see, these are very diverse options when it comes to these kinds of household appliances, so when choosing the best model, you must consider the way you’re going to or want to use it. So, here's everything you need to keep in mind when choosing and buying your new Xiaomi cooling device to get it right.

Room size

Xiaomi manufactures all kinds of cooling devices. From portable devices for a particular room to larger models capable of cooling a larger space. This is why it’s very important to look at the recommended square footage of each model.

If you choose a model that cools 30 square meters, and you use it in a room of 10 square meters, it’ll probably be too cold to put up with. However, if you can adjust the fan’s speed, it may not be such a problem.

On the other hand, if you choose a portable device and use it in the dining room, you will probably not notice its effect because the air will be dispersed in the rest of the room. Therefore, we recommend to look carefully at the description before you buy it.

Power supply and water tank

Some of these devices use water to cool their environment. Some even use ice to improve the thermal effect. It’s important to check which requirement the model has; if the water tank is small, you’ll have to recharge it from time to time, which can be quite inconvenient.

In the product description, you can find the capacity of the water tank and how long the tank lasts. Check this feature if the device you have picked has this specification.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if water is involved, there may be leaks, so try to place your appliance in an area free of obstacles, and empty the tanks when you aren’t actively using them to avoid disasters.

Power consumption

As we mentioned previously, some devices are portable and battery-operated, while others work while plugged in. In any case, it’s important to pay attention to this specification so that you can use your device accordingly in the room you’re thinking of.

As electricity prices are rising, it’s also important to pay attention to the device’s power consumption. Additionally, check whether the plug provided with the device is compatible with the socket in your country.

Air filters

Some coolers and air conditioners have air filters that allow you to purify your environment. This is very useful for people with allergy issues, as the filters remove the particles that cause allergies. The air passes through these filters and reaches the environment free of pollutants.

But it’s also important to keep in mind that the filters will have to be changed from time to time to keep the appliance working as it did on the first day. So check the price of spare parts before making your choice.

Remote control

Progressively, we’ve been able to control more things with our smartphones, and appliance brands have joined this trend. Many of Xiaomi's appliances can be controlled through a mobile application where we can see other data.

But in the simpler models, it can be controlled through a remote control or just manually. Keep this in mind, especially if you choose a model for your bedroom or living room. It’s very convenient to be able to turn off the air from the bed or sofa.

Speed and modes

It's also worth taking a look at what operating modes the device includes and see if they suit your needs. Many include a night mode where the screen turns off or dims to avoid disturbing you, and this is something you should look out for if you’re bothered by lights during bedtime.

Another feature we recommend you check is if the cooler can rotate to reach all corners or is a fixed model.


Undoubtedly, this particularity is one of the most forgotten, but it’s very important. Especially in night mode or at lower temperatures, because if the device is very noisy, it can disturb you while you sleep.

Most Xiaomi models are silent and take this point into account. Nonetheless, if you’re very fussy, we recommend you check the model you’re interested in before buying it.

Where to buy them

When you have decided which model to buy, it’s best to compare prices in different online stores. But if the price is similar, we’ll explain what we consider to be the best options to buy Xiaomi coolers and air coolers safely.


This is one of the most popular stores to buy products from Chinese brands, although nowadays, it also sells international brands. AliExpress is one of the largest selling platforms and is secure.

The biggest advantage of AliExpress is that you can find offers and coupons regularly. Also, since several stores are selling the same products, you can filter the results to choose the lowest price. And in the reviews of other buyers, you can check if the product works.

In addition, you can buy Xiaomi products from its official store which you can access from here.


Everyone knows this online store. It’s very popular because customers with Amazon Prime subscriptions can benefit from fast shipping with 1-day delivery (only for selected products). Returns are free and shopping is very easy.

If you have a problem with your purchase or with the product, Amazon always responds positively through their customer service. And although there are usually no discount coupons, there are offers and promotions. Besides, prices are usually low to compete with other websites.

So if you’re thinking of buying your Xiaomi device on this site, it’s always a very good option.

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