These are all the Xiaomi brands that you must know about

In recent years, Xiaomi has diversified its offer with a wide range of products beyond its phones. From skateboards to kettles, Xiaomi has expanded its catalog thanks to its sub-brands.

These sub-brands are connected to the company and ensure a guaranteed quality in their products. Below, we’ll explore the most prominent sub-brands and those that have left Xiaomi’s universe.

The Xiaomi ecosystem and its sub-brands

The concept of the Xiaomi ecosystem has been a recurring theme for a long time. A few years ago, the company announced its ambitious goal of creating a wide range of connected devices using IoT (Internet of Things) technology to enhance their functionality, bearing the Xiaomi hallmark. The goal was to achieve a fully interconnected home, thus inspiring the creation of a variety of products.

On many occasions, these products aren’t exclusively from Xiaomi, but belong to sub-brands that the company owns or has a significant stake in. It’s also common to find products under both the main Xiaomi brand and its sub-brands.

The origin of these sub-brands is generally related to the crowdfunding platform Youpin. This platform offers the possibility of acquiring Xiaomi and third-party products, where the company acts as an investor. Xiaomi could even establish agreements with these emerging companies for the manufacture of some of its devices.

It’s also true that many times certain brands are linked to Xiaomi, just because they appear on the Youpin platform. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This crowdfunding platform also serves as a launch pad for companies, so it’s not uncommon to find brands that either pass without shame or glory, or others that manage to achieve a significant degree of recognition among consumers.

That’s why we’ve decided to try to clarify once and for all the issue of Xiaomi sub-brands, as well as brands that have had or currently have some kind of business relationship. All this without forgetting other brands of relative importance, despite not having any relationship with Xiaomi, other than being present on the Youpin platform.

What are Xiaomi sub-brands?

These are the most important sub-brands of the company, which accumulate the highest sales among its products.

1. Poco

If you’re looking for a phone that offers great quality for lower costs, Poco's models are a good choice. Aimed at a young audience looking for quality technology at affordable prices, these phones have been on the market since 2018. Although three years later they announced their independence as a brand to differentiate themselves from Redmi, they still share an operating system and are sold on the same platform.

2. Redmi

Initially, Redmi was a category for Xiaomi's lower-mid-range smartphones. Over time, it became a standalone brand, extending its product line to smart bracelets and headsets.

Their phones have simple designs and use inexpensive materials to keep costs down, but they don't skimp on quality components, such as high-resolution cameras, AMOLED displays, fast charging and fingerprint readers. Their headphones are very popular thanks to their great sound quality at a competitive price.

3. Mijia

Mijia is a Xiaomi brand specialized in home products, but it only has that name in China. In the global market, it’s always marketed under Xiaomi or Mi.

It offers a wide variety of devices, such as handheld vacuum cleaners, electric razors, irons and hair dryers.

Its robot vacuum cleaners are especially popular, renowned for their quality at a very affordable price. These devices are equipped with laser navigation system, powerful suction and scrubbing function, all at a considerably lower cost than other leading brands in the market. Its cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are also in great demand.

4. KingMi

Under this name, the first Xiaomi power strips were released, at least outside China. These products were always presented with the Xiaomi or Mijia logo, so we can assume that KingMi isn’t and was not a brand, but a name for this type of product. Xiaomi currently has in its catalog more than a dozen power strips and plugs, thought for the Chinese market.

Xiaomi's partner brands

In this section, we’re going to talk about the brands that did have some kind of commercial relationship with Xiaomi. Some have evolved towards independence and don’t remain within the company's ecosystem.

1. Zepp Health (Huami)

Formerly known as Huami, Zepp Health maintained a close relationship with Xiaomi. However, it’s now an independent entity, specializing in the design and creation of smartwatches, but it manufactures some models for both Xiaomi and Amazfit due to its expertise in the sector.

Additionally, its current app for smart wristbands, Zepp Life, replaced the previous Xiaomi Mi Fit, confirming its separation from Xiaomi.

2. Amazfit

Amazfit smartwatches are known for offering affordable alternatives to models from brands like Apple or Samsung at a more accessible price. Despite being under the Xiaomi umbrella at one point, they’re now an independent brand with their own distribution channels, even though they share the same manufacturer, Huami (now Zepp Health).

3. Roborock

Roborock manufactures robot vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in 2014 with a large investment by Xiaomi, but today it’s an independent brand, recognized for the excellent value for money of its products.

In recent years, Roborock has become one of the leading brands of robot vacuum cleaners in the world. The company's devices are a serious alternative to Roomba's iRobot, which has traditionally dominated the market.

4. Black Shark

Black Shark is a gaming phone brand that was founded in 2017. The relationship between Xiaomi and Black Shark was initially very close. The Chinese company provided Black Shark with financial and technological resources for the development of its products. However, Black Shark decided to become independent years later.

Black Shark's independence was a strategic decision by the company, since it wanted to have more control over its own future and not depend on Xiaomi.

5. Haylou

Haylou is a headphone and smartwatch brand that was founded in 2015. The company received major funding from Xiaomi, allowing it to become an early member of the Chinese company's ecosystem.

Haylou positioned itself as a major supplier to Xiaomi, manufacturing some of the company's most popular products, such as the Redmi Airdots. However, Haylou today operates its own independent distribution channels and applications, which is evidence that it’s not a direct sub-brand of Xiaomi.

6. 1More

This award-winning company has gained worldwide recognition for the quality and value of its headphones. Founded in 2014, it received initial financial backing from Xiaomi. While 1More produced models for Xiaomi, it has now established a clear and separate brand distinction.

7. Roidmi

Roidmi is a Chinese technology company that was founded in 2015 with investment from Xiaomi. Initially, it manufactured some products for Xiaomi, such as the Mi Robot Vacuum, but today, it has transformed into an independent brand with its own mobile app, autonomous distribution channels and a group of investors.

8. Yeelight

Yeelight is an independent brand specializing in smart lighting, but it has a close relationship with Xiaomi. The company was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers working for Xiaomi, which invested in Yeelight in its early days. The two brands collaborated on the development of some products.

Even though Yeelight is an independent brand, it still uses Xiaomi's Mi Home platform to control its products. This means that Yeelight products are compatible with other Xiaomi smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart speakers.

9. Kaco and KacoGreen

Both the Kaco brand, which specializes in office supplies, and KacoGreen, which focuses on the creation of fine stationery, aren’t part of Xiaomi's sub-brands. Both brands are owned by the Chinese company Kaco Global and don’t maintain any formal association with Xiaomi.

While some Kaco and KacoGreen products have been sold in Xiaomi stores, this doesn’t imply that both brands are owned by Xiaomi. Xiaomi's decision to sell Kaco and KacoGreen products in its stores is based on their recognized quality and alignment with the strategy of offering high quality products at affordable prices.

10. YI Technology (Xiaoyi)

YI Technology, also known as Xiaoyi, specializes in the field of home security, offering indoor and outdoor security cameras, action cameras, smart doorbells and other surveillance devices. It was founded in 2013 and was originally backed by Xiaomi. However, in 2016, YI separated from Xiaomi and currently has its own App and even its own cloud.

11. Oclean

Specializing in smart electric toothbrushes, Oclean was founded in 2017 by a group of engineers working for Xiaomi, and the two companies collaborated on the development of some products.

Oclean became independent of Xiaomi in 2020. The company still uses Xiaomi technology in its products, but is now an independent company that handles its own development, marketing and sales.

12. 70mai

The 70mai brand emerged in 2016 with a specialized focus on creating devices for automotive safety and monitoring, such as dash cams for different types of users, from more basic models for beginners to 4k cameras with the most up-to-date functions. Its products cover aspects ranging from tire maintenance to enhancing the driving experience.

Although in 2018 it established a close strategic partnership with Xiaomi, being its authorized technology partner, 70mai is an independent brand.

13. Viomi

Viomi is an independent company that offers a wide range of home products, including robot vacuums, air purifiers, smart coffee makers and other smart devices. The company has collaborated in the development of some products with Xiaomi, but isn’t a sub-brand of the company.

14. Aqara

This brand, established even before Xiaomi, specifically in 2009, is dedicated to offering a wide range of smart home devices. From smoke detectors to wall switches, presence sensors and security cameras, it offers a complete solution for the security and control of your home.

Aqara is not affiliated with Xiaomi, but the two companies collaborate on some projects.

15. Dreame

Dreame is an independent company with its own official website and direct sales channel. Founded in 2015, it’s one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaner brands in the world. The company offers a wide range of products, including robot vacuums with laser navigation, robot vacuums with smart mapping, and robot vacuums with Wi-Fi connectivity.

16. iHealth

This is an independent brand specializing in health and wellness products, including heart rate and blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, fitness trackers and other smart devices. It offers a wide range of products that help people stay healthy and fit.

17. Soocas

Soocas, an independent Xiaomi company, specializes in beauty and personal care products, including electric toothbrushes with sonic technology, electric shavers with replaceable heads, oral irrigators and other devices with smart functions. Its products are characterized by high quality and affordable price.

18. SmartMi

SmartMi focuses on specialized products to improve the air comfort homes. It’s distinguished by its commitment to create appliances that guarantee a comfortable environment, prioritizing quality at a fair price. Its most popular devices are its air purifier and standing fan, but it also has convector heaters and humidifiers. The business relationship with Xiaomi began with the manufacture of the first air purification models, achieving such success that, today, it’s an independent brand with its own website and sales channels.

19. Segway-Ninebot

Ninebot, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, acquired the famous Segway company some time ago. Now, they work together, specializing in sustainable personal mobility vehicles, such as scooters, unicycles and e-balance boards.

20. ZMI

ZMI is one of Xiaomi's recent acquisitions, standing out as a manufacturer of chargers, wireless headphones and powerbanks. Recognized for its expertise in developing quality powerbanks, it offers a wide range of options to charge devices efficiently and quickly.

21. RunMi

This brand emerged in 2015 in collaboration with Xiaomi for products ranging from suitcases to sports shoes. Xiaomi's heated jacket has become very popular and this sub-brand is responsible for its manufacture. The brand has managed to consolidate in such a way that it has continued its course independently, being now recognized by the name NinetyGo.

22. Yunmai

Own brand since 2014. It collaborates with Xiaomi in the manufacture of their first scales, or massage guns. It’s in 2020 when it becomes part of the ecological chain Xiaomi, with its own brand.

23. Doctor B

Doctor B or Doctor Bei specializes in the manufacture of products for dental care and oral hygiene. Its catalog ranges from irrigators and electric toothbrushes to dental floss, providing indispensable tools for maintaining optimal oral health.

24. Miaomiaoce

Miaomiaoce has gained relevance thanks to the quality and functionality of its products for the home, prioritizing precision and comfort in its measurement and monitoring solutions. It specializes in thermometers and hygrometers for the home, highlighting its children's thermometer with continuous monitoring and alerts.


Company founded in 1996. It offers appliances for hair care, such as wireless irons, steam irons and massage brushes. It’s a partner brand in products like Xiaomi hairdryers.

26. Airpop

Specializing in the field of filtering face masks. It collaborates in the production and design of the masks launched by Xiaomi in 2017, Mijia AirWear 2.5PM. AirPop has great international recognition in the field of individual mask protection. It’s currently present in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA.


This company begins its collaboration with Xiaomi in 2014 with the brand's first folding electric bike. In 2019, Xiaomi and QiCYCLE commercialize the well-known portable air compressor. The specialty of this sub-brand is folding electric bikes. They’ve become very popular thanks to their good value for money.

28. TS (Turok Steinhardt)

Xiaomi also includes in its catalog sunglasses, manufactured and designed by this brand.

29. Weima (Wima)

Smart locks are booming and this brand is responsible for manufacturing both smart cylinders and complete locks.

30. XUNKids

Specializing in children's technology, this brand collaborates with Xiaomi in the manufacture of the famous smartwatch for children with GPS tracking system.

Other brands that aren't under Xiaomi

Now let's take a look at the brands that have no real relationship with Xiaomi, beyond having sold some of their products through Youpin.

1. Deerma

Handheld vacuum cleaners are Deerma's most popular products, but it also offers interesting small appliances for the home, such as mattress vacuums, shoe dryers and even portable kettles.

2. InFace

Beauty devices have gained popularity in recent years and this brand offers a wide range at attractive prices. In its catalog you’ll find facial brushes, laser hair removers, blackhead removers and pore cleansers.

3. QCY

If you're looking for quality wireless headphones, check out this brand. Its goal is to provide the best sound quality at affordable prices, and it achieves this with similar models to AirPods and headband models.

4. 700Kids

This sub-brand specializes in transformable bicycles for children. Thanks to their adaptable design, these bikes can be adjusted to different stages of growth, going from a tricycle to a conventional bicycle.

5. 21KE

This brand is focused on mobiles designed specifically for the elderly, offering basic functions for calling and receiving messages.

6. QIN

Another brand specializing in the manufacture of cell phones for the elderly, with Android system and a more careful design.

7. Move It

Specializing in sports products such as sensor dumbbells, smart dumbbells and other training equipment.


Dedicated to cleaning products for the home, offering floor mopping robots, mattress vacuums, mops and more.

9. MiniJ

This brand offers appliances ranging from washing machines, dryers and refrigerators to dishwashers.


Here you can find smart cups that turn your toilet into a Japanese-style toilet with heating and flushing function.

11. VH

Specialized in office desk fans. In recent years they’ve added mini humidifiers to its catalog.

12. XPrint

Dedicated to portable printers that allow you to print your favorite photos anywhere.

13. Leravan

This brand stands out for offering high quality massage accessories. It’s recognized in the market for the excellence and effectiveness of its products aimed at wellness and relaxation, making the massage experience accessible and comfortable for users.


This brand manufactures small beauty appliances such as shavers, hairdryers, combs, and more.

15. Senthmetic

Specializes in smart foot care products, such as cushioning insoles.

16. Yuwell

This brand specializes in health products, such as oxygen generators, pressure monitors, pulse oximeters or glucose meters, among others.

17. WeLoop

Manufacturer of smartwatches in the style of Amazfit.


Produces automotive accessories such as chargers, Bluetooth headsets and phone holders.

19. MADV

Its most popular product is the 360 camera, but it also manufactures sports cameras and video door phones.

20. XGimi

Known for its smart portable projector, it offers great image quality, earning a place in the market.


This brand offers high-quality smart projectors, some of which have won international design awards for their minimalist aesthetics.

22. Appotronics

Another company dedicated to the manufacture of projectors, but in this case, its specialty is professional projectors for companies.

23. Qimian

Manufactures shoes, belts, gloves and other leather accessories.

24. Popuband

In this brand, you’ll find musical instruments, such as a smart guitar with Bluetooth.

25. Fiu

This brand specializes in creating innovative mugs that fuse electronic elements with unique functionalities. Its most outstanding product is an anti-spill thermal mug that combines comfort of use with advanced technology.

26. Kiss Kiss Fish

Brand that offers smart thermoses with OLED screen.

27. HuoHou

Manufactures practical kitchen utensils. Its catalog includes everything from electric grinders to multifunction mandolins.

28. Purely

Anti-pollution masks in Asia are in high demand, and this brand offers some very interesting models that include a fan for a better experience.

29. WURO

This brand manufactures handkerchiefs, toilet paper and other cleaning products.

30. U-REVO

Known for its compact, high-quality treadmill, it also offers a variety of sports products.

31. Deerting

Specializes in products for babies, such as high quality wipes and diapers.

32. XiaoYang

Specializes in high quality ergonomic baby carriers and backpacks at an affordable price.

33. Kola Mama

This brand offers bottle sterilizers and warmers, silicone baby toothbrushes, silicone spoons and other products designed for babies.

34. Snuggle World

Manufactures high quality baby clothing. Among its most popular products is the temperature-controlled baby sleeping bag.

35. Amazpet

Offers GPS collars for pets and other smart pet products.

36. Zen's Bamboo

A brand dedicated to home products made of bamboo, such as organizer boxes and shelves.

37. Yi Wu Yi Shi

Manufacturer of kitchen utensils including cutting boards, chopsticks, ceramic and stainless steel pots and pans.

38. Bedding +

Specializing in bedding, this brand, known for its duvet covers, offers high quality products for rest.

39. ZSH

This brand specializes in the manufacture of 100% cotton garments, such as highly absorbent towels. At first, its products were sold directly in Xiaomi stores, but always with its own logo and without any other linkage.

40. Momoda

In Asia, massage chairs are very popular. This brand specializes in their manufacture, offering models with control via a mobile application.


Its distinguished by the production of high quality portable hard disks with a careful design.


Renowned for its award-winning gaming mice, this brand also manufactures other gaming products.

43. XiaoJi (GameSir)

Also known as GameSir, this brand manufactures gaming accessories such as controllers compatible with phones and consoles, speakers, mouses, keyboards…

44. Huahuacaocao

This small brand is dedicated to manufacture intelligent devices to control the humidity and the state of your plants efficiently.

45. XiaoXian

Specializing in cleaning products such as detergents and enzymatic cleaners, this brand stands out for offering effective and quality solutions.

46. Zhiwei Xuan

This brand's specialty is making dried fruit sweets using high-quality ingredients.

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