How to quickly and easily cancel an order on AliExpress

If you want to quickly cancel an order after it has been confirmed, you can do it from here.

Also remember that when the money has been refunded, the order will appear in “Deleted orders”. You can check this section by clicking on the link.

Sometimes, after making a purchase, we have doubts and we want to cancel the order. First, keep in mind that you can only cancel when the order has not yet been shipped, if the order is already on its way we will not be talking about cancellation but dispute or refund.

In this article we are going to discuss AliExpress cancellations: how they work, how long they take and what to do if it appears that the order has been cancelled during shipping.

How to cancel an AliExpress order

There are several reasons why you can cancel your order on AliExpress: if you have made a mistake (size, color, address…), if the seller is taking too long to ship your order or if you simply regret your purchase. Below we explain how to cancel your AliExpress order in different situations.

Cancel while the order is being checked for payment

The order can be cancelled automatically (without the need to be validated by the seller) while the payment is being checked, that is, in the first minutes after paying the order. In that period of time, you just have to enter this section and in your order list, click on “Cancel order” in the corresponding order and choose one of the options that the platform shows you.

Even if you cancel it after a minute, AliExpress will process the payment and then start a refund process that may take a few days.

Cancel if the payment of the order has already been confirmed

If you want to cancel the order after the payment has been confirmed, you can still do it from here, but in this case the seller will have to accept the cancellation. Therefore, it is possible that you have already sent the order and do not accept the cancellation. If you refuse the request and send the order, you are within your rights as the cancellation must be validated by the seller.

Our recommendation in this case is that you send a message to the seller by clicking on the “Contact seller” button. Here you explain the reasons for the cancellation of the order and ask them to accept it. You can contact them from their store or through the order. In addition, it is also important to select “other reasons” as the reason for the cancellation request, since the rest of the reasons penalize the seller and may reject the request.

If I cancel, do I get my money back?

If they have accepted your cancellation, they will refund your money. Even if you cancel automatically after placing the order, AliExpress will process the payment first, so you will have to wait a couple of days for AliExpress to refund you.

You can check the status of your refund here, by accessing the order, clicking on “View details” and opening the “Payment” (or “Finance”) tab, there you will see the status of the refund and if there is much left to get your money back.

When the three dots you see in the image are orange, AliExpress will have finished the refund process, but it may take a few more days depending on your bank. Sometimes the refund may arrive before the three orange dots appear. If it has been a long time since the refund process started, we recommend you to read our article what to do if I don't receive my refund money from AliExpress.

I cancelled an order paid with a coupon, can I get it back?

Well, it depends on the type of coupon. For example, if it was an AliExpress coupon and it has been applied on several products, you could recover it if all the products that have been paid with the coupon have been canceled. Although if the coupon had an expiration date and that date has passed, you may not get it back. Likewise, you may not be able to recover coupons from the seller or discounts applied through a promotional code.

The seller has not accepted my cancellation. Is there anything I can do?

The only thing left for you to do is to negotiate with the seller, we recommend you to contact the seller as soon as possible. But if he has already shipped, there is little you can do… Opening a dispute in these cases does not help as the seller may refuse an order cancellation request and send it back. So if you want to cancel an order, do it as soon as possible and inform the seller to avoid sending it. Keep in mind that in order for you to receive your product in the shortest possible time, sellers are shipping orders faster and faster.

How do I know if the seller has accepted the cancellation?

When the money has been successfully refunded, the order will appear in the “Deleted Orders” section that you can consult by clicking here. Remember that it usually takes a few days.

How to change an order on AliExpress

It is possible that you only need to change some characteristics of the order such as address, color, size… But unfortunately, there is no way to change an order. You can try to send a message to the seller explaining the changes, but some of them will ask you to cancel the order and buy it again. You have to cancel the order and place it again. Go to your order detail and click “Cancel order” or go back to the top to read the detailed explanation on how to cancel orders.

Order cancelled by the seller or by AliExpress (“shipment cancelled”)

Sometimes, we find that when we enter our order list, an order has been cancelled without us having requested it. It can also happen that the message “cancelled” suddenly appears in the shipment. That is why we have an article in which we talk about the reasons why an order can be canceled by the seller or AliExpress, usually this happens because the order has not been shipped within the preparation period or for security reasons.

One of your most repeated questions is when the tracking shows a “shipment cancelled” message. This happens when there is a problem with the shipment and the reasons can be several: the courier (the one from China) has not picked up the order at the seller's warehouse, the seller realizes late that they have no stock or the order has been stopped and returned to the warehouse from China customs.

This is an error on the part of the seller and you are not at fault, so you will get your money back, you don't have to worry about that. First of all, we recommend you to contact the seller and ask them what happened: usually they apologize, accept their mistake and offers to resend the order. If they say they will resend the order, make sure they give you a tracking number for the package. Another option is to ask for your money back, for which you will have to open a dispute on AliExpress.

Other questions and how to buy safely

If in this article we have not solved your question, I recommend that you enter this section of AliExpress, where you will find much more information, you will also find a contact form and a live chat to contact AliExpress. But if you want to know the best tips and tricks to buy safely on this platform, in our blog you will find a section with tutorials.

In this section you can find tips to pay securely, how to track your orders, what types of shipments exist or even find out how you can get coupons and discounts for your purchases. If you don't know where to start, our Ultimate Guide to AliExpress has a summary of everything you need to know to shop, it's a must read whether you are new or have been shopping on this website for a long time.

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