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If you have bought a product and there is no way for the seller to answer you I recommend you go directly to AliExpress customer service by clicking here.

One of the most important points when buying from AliExpress is communication with the seller. As we explained in the definitive guide to AliExpress (which we recommend you read if you are starting to buy from this Chinese online sales platform) a good part of the purchasing process depends on the seller. Today we are going to explain to you how to contact the sellers and all the tricks to get better communication with them.

How can the seller help you?

The seller is responsible for receiving your order, sending the package, and offering you a resolution if something is wrong when you receive it (although on this last point, AliExpress can intervene if you do not agree). Therefore, there are many occasions when communicating with the seller can be crucial. Some ideas:

  • When you don't know what size to choose or what features the product you are buying has, for example, if you want to ask for a real picture of the product.
  • If you have made a mistake with the shipping address, or if you want to cancel the order.
  • If the order does not arrive within a reasonable time, you can ask the seller themself.
  • If when the order arrives, there is an error in the product received. You can also open a dispute, but it is advisable to talk to the seller first, to see if they offer a solution in advance.

Which language should I use when writing to the seller?

AliExpress is a Chinese online shopping site, so obviously, we cannot speak to you in our usual language. We will have to write to you in English. Nowadays there are many translation tools such as Google Translate, which will be very helpful in communicating with the seller.

How do I contact the seller?

There are several ways to contact the seller. We will differentiate two systems: through the mobile app or through our computer.

Through the computer

If we are browsing AliExpress on our computer, we can contact the seller by message or through chat, although due to the time difference between our country and China, it is most likely that they will not answer the chat, so it is better to send a message and wait for their response.

The easiest way to contact the seller is to go to the side of the ad you are looking at and look for the “Contact Now” button. As you can see in the image, this seller also offers the possibility of contacting the seller by chat, using 2 agents (the orange one is supposed to be online and the gray one offline).

You can also contact the seller from anywhere in the seller's store (for example, from the home page). Just go to the top of the AliExpress page, look for the name of the store, and a menu will be displayed giving you the option to contact the seller by chat or message.

Finally, if you have already bought something, you can contact the seller by accessing the detail of our purchase, the trick is always to search for the word “Contact”. And how will you see the seller's response? It's very easy, you just have to go to your AliExpress account and look for the so-called “Message Center” where you will see all the messages.

Through the app

If you are browsing AliExpress through your mobile app, you will not be able to contact the seller via chat but we will be able to send messages. As before, we have several ways to contact the seller.

The first way to contact them is through the ad itself. All you have to do is go to the end of the ad and look for the “Contact Seller” button. You will write a message that will go directly to the seller. This is the best way to ask your doubts and questions about products, delivery time, or any other detail of our AliExpress purchase.

If, on the other hand, you are looking at the seller's store, you can contact them directly through their store: look for the red button at the bottom right, press it, and you will see the button is shown below, which will allow you to contact the seller. It works the same as the previous method but you don't need to enter the ad to ask the seller.

And just like on the computer, you can also contact the seller through your purchase. Simply go to your order list, click on the product and you will find the option “Send message to seller”. In this case, the seller will be able to see what order you are talking about, it is the best option to ask about doubts and problems with your order.

To see the seller's response, you only have to go to the AliExpress menu and access the “Messages” section, where you will find all the messages sent and received. It is also possible that some sellers from whom you have already purchased contact you without you sending them a message to offer us discounts, coupons, and other offers. To delete messages just go to the message center, click on the message for a few seconds, and the option to delete the message will appear. And if you've sent a message to the seller before, the entire history will be displayed when you contact the seller, regardless of the method used.

What if the seller doesn't answer me?

Many times you ask us what to do when the salesman doesn't answer you, and you don't know what to do. Let's put the most frequent situations and personal recommendations.

  • If you are asking for more details about the product before buying: Sellers can take several days to answer, especially during holidays such as the Chinese New Year, when most sellers take a few days off. Even so, if you see that they don't answer or don't tell you what you want to know, maybe it's a good time to look for another seller offering the same product.
  • If you want to cancel the order or change something: In case they don't answer you, they will most likely send the order with what you put in at the time of payment. The first 6 hours after paying an order cancellation is made without the seller's approval, after that time you can't do anything unless the seller accepts.
  • If the order doesn't arrive: In this case, and seeing that the seller doesn't answer you, you can open a dispute. If the seller still doesn't answer the dispute, AliExpress will give you your money back. If they answer but we are not convinced by the proposed solution, you can wait and let AliExpress intervene in the dispute.
  • If you have already received the order but there is a problem: You will proceed in the same way as in the previous point, by opening a dispute.

How can I contact AliExpress' customer service?

If you need to contact AliExpress customer service, you have two ways to do so. Through the customer service center, which you can enter by clicking here, you will find the contact of AliExpress, you can talk to them through a live chat or through the contact form.

Through chat, you can talk to an AliExpress agent who will resolve your doubts live. Agents are available at specific times and not in all countries. As in most services, before you go to a real person, a robot called “Eva” will ask us some questions and make suggestions to solve the problem. In the last update, they have incorporated a button to request to speak with an agent directly.

The option to contact by form, although it may seem less fast, is sometimes more effective. By filling out a form, your complaint will be recorded in writing, and if your question cannot be resolved by an agent it can be escalated to a supervisor more easily. If you are unable to contact an agent or the customer service chat is not available, we recommend the option of filling out the form as you will also get an answer to your question.

Other frequently asked questions about contacting an AliExpress seller

Through the comments section, we receive many questions that are repeated. Some have already been answered throughout the article but we are going to go deeper into the most repeated ones so that you will have the answer easily. You can also find more information at the AliExpress customer service center, which you can access from this link and which has answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is it advisable to contact the seller before buying?

If we have doubts, contacting the seller will help us know if the product fits what we are looking for, although we recommend you to look at the product description before asking. It is not necessary to contact every seller before buying unless you have doubts and want to be sure of some product features.

The seller confirms that they will return my money, do I have to do anything else?

If you have contacted the seller about a problem with the product and they confirm that they will refund your money, the next step is to open a dispute, since the money cannot be received by any means other than a dispute at AliExpress. We do not recommend accessing refunds through other systems, although if you have run out of protection you will not be able to open a dispute.

The order has been sent but the store has closed and I can't talk to the seller

It is entirely possible that the seller has sent a product and they close the store or remove the ad, but your purchase will still arrive. The shipment continues the same since a shipment cannot be stopped. But in this case, we recommend that you pay more attention to your order: check the protection time or the tracking number in case you have to open a dispute. If what you receive does not match the product description, don't worry, you can open a dispute and AliExpress will intervene.

Your money is protected because the seller does not receive it until you confirm receipt of the product and the 15-day margin given by the platform to open a dispute after receiving a product passes. However, if you have any doubts about the product, the seller will not be able to help you. But you can also see a screenshot of the product at the time of purchase. This will allow you to check the description of the product.

I have a problem with the delivery of my order and the seller doesn't answer me, what should I do?

In this case, we recommend that you wait while you check the protection time. If there is little time left and the order does not arrive, you will open a dispute. In the dispute the seller will have the obligation to answer or AliExpress will intervene in a few days to give you a solution. So even if the order doesn't arrive, you can still claim your money since, as in the previous case, the money is always in the hands of AliExpress until we confirm that everything is fine.

What do I do if the seller asks me to change the order?

Sometimes you contact us because the seller asks for a change in the order: it is out of stock, does not have the color you requested, asks you for an extra payment to send the order… If you are not interested in changing the conditions of your purchase, we recommend that you cancel the order, as we cannot force the seller to send a product that he does not have or is not willing to send. To comply with your request we will simply have to answer your message.

How can I ask my doubts about the product?

If you have doubts about a product, you can send a message to the seller. But for some time now, at AliExpress we have been able to ask questions about products that interest us through the product page itself. Just look for the “Questions and answers” section. If we have already logged in to the platform, we can write down our doubts. Other buyers or the seller will be able to answer these questions.

And can I contact other buyers of AliExpress?

The only way to contact another AliExpress buyer is through the “social” section of the platform that you can find in the mobile application, by searching for the “wall” section. Here you can see publications and photographs of other buyers of AliExpress, if you click on them you can hit “like” or leave a comment that all users can see. Unfortunately, there is no other way to contact buyers, but we do recommend looking at other buyers' comments and ratings on the product itself.

More tips and tricks for safe shopping at AliExpress

As you can see, contacting the seller is very useful and recommended on certain occasions. Our last advice is to try to send simple and short messages, because if we are using a translator, the more we complicate the message the more translation errors can be made. Attaching images can also be very helpful. For example, you can pass on a screenshot highlighting something from the ad that is related to your question.

Remember that in our tutorial section you can find other useful guides like this one that will help you improve your shopping experience at AliExpress. In our Ultimate Guide to AliExpress, we review everything you need to know to buy safely.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below with your question.

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