What does the AliExpress payment error csc_7200052 mean?

When paying on AliExpress, several errors may appear. Most of them are accompanied by an explanation that helps you figure out what the problem is. But this isn’t the case with error CSC_7200052.

Most of the AliExpress payment errors are explained in more detail here. However, there are many that don’t appear, so we also recommend you read our article about error codes on AliExpress.

Below, we’ll explain in detail why the error CSC_7200052 appears and what you can do to solve it.

What is AliExpress error CSC_7200052?

The error CSC_7200052 is accompanied by a rather worrying message: “we have to close this order for account security reasons”. The most common reason AliExpress shows this code is that it has detected that you have more than one account.

It usually appears when you make a new user account and try to use “New User” coupons. Even if you use a different card, the platform will have detected that you already have another account and will close all orders.

Error when using coupons

Although most users confirm that the error CSC_7200052 appears when they duplicate accounts, there are some cases where the problem has been solved by deleting a coupon.

Especially if the coupon has been obtained in a way that AliExpress may consider fraudulent. For example, sending invitations from another account with the same IP (even from a family member).

How can I solve it?

If you already have another account, we recommend you close this new account and buy with the one you already have. There are some tricks that can help you if you don't want to be honest, and they are explained on the internet:

  • Use a VPN to use a different IP
  • Don’t use the same cards in different accounts
  • Don’t use different accounts on the same mobile device
  • Enter AliExpress from your browser in incognito mode

In short, do everything you can so that AliExpress doesn’t link both accounts. However, it’s always possible to get caught and have your account closed. Our advice is to not engage in these practices and try to save money through other methods.

What if I don't have two accounts?

In case you’re not using two different accounts, the first thing we recommend is not to use coupons to pay. As we’ve mentioned, sometimes the system may think that it’s fraudulent to use several accounts with the same IP.

If you weren’t using any coupons, delete all the items you have in the cart, then delete the cards you have saved and clear AliExpress’ application memory from the “Settings” tab.

After doing this, log out of the application and then log back in. Try placing an order and see if it works. Another quick option is to delete the AliExpress app and re-download it.

Will I get my money back?

This message appears just when you’re paying for an order. Therefore, the purchase hasn’t been completed and you haven’t been charged anything. In case the money is withheld from your bank account, the order will be canceled in a few days.

Other tips to solve this error

Main article: Contacting AliExpress

If none of the above tips have worked for you, the next best option is to try another payment method that is available in your region, such as PayPal.

In the strangest cases, contacting AliExpress can be helpful. There are several ways to contact the site: through social networks such as Facebook, by message, or by chat. Access the AliExpress customer service center from this link.

Our favorite contact methods are chat and message. However, through chat, it’s difficult to reach an agent, or sometimes they just can't help you. If you write a message, it’s easier to get your problem solved. However, it will take longer to get a response.

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