Why does my AliExpress package say delivered when it’s not

Sometimes, when checking the status of our order through the app or the AliExpress website, we may be surprised to find that it appears as “delivered”, but we have not received anything. It can also happen with the tracking number of the carrier we're using, where the package appears as “delivered”, but no letter carrier has arrived at home.

Why does AliExpress or carrier say “delivered” if I have not received anything?

This can happen for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Wrong tracking number: sometimes the tracking number provided by the seller to AliExpress may be wrong or fake.
  • The delivery person has marked the package as delivered. This may be due to human error and the package is still in delivery.
  • The order has indeed been delivered by the delivery person, but not to you (perhaps a family member who lives with you has picked it up for you).
  • The protection period for your order has expired and AliExpress has automatically confirmed receipt of the order.

What should I do?

Next up, we'll explain in detail how you should proceed without, above all, losing your calm.

First of all, you should consult an international shipping tracking website such as Postal Ninja or Parcelapp, to track your package, since sometimes the application or the AliExpress website don't work properly.

Once your have tracked the order and verified that it appears as delivered, you will contact the seller to let them know what happened. Sometimes the tracking number that appears is wrong and they can provide us with the correct one. If this happens and the order is not updated with the new tracking number, you will need to pay attention to how the shipment of the package evolves so that the protection of 15 days that you have to open a dispute does not pass.

If the seller replies that the package has been delivered to the address you provided and that there is no error in the tracking number, you will have to contact your carrier.

If it is a registered shipment, you can ask the carrier to inform you to whom it has been delivered.

On the other hand, with ordinary shipments that the courier leaves in the mailbox without asking for your signature, you may not be so lucky and someone may have stolen it.

Last option: open a dispute

Finally, if the seller does not answer you or the explanations they gives you are not convincing, you can open a dispute. We explain how to do it step by step in our article about disputes in AliExpress.

If the tracking number you have shows the package delivered in a different city than yours, you will take a screenshot and include it in your dispute as proof that you have not received the package. AliExpress almost always accepts it as valid with no further questions asked, and will soon refund your money.

Another possible problem: order confirmed but not received

It can also happen that you have not received anything, the protection time is over and AliExpress has automatically marked the order as confirmed.

In that case, you will have to open a dispute directly, without wasting time contacting the seller or anything like that.

The international tracking websites we have mentioned above, such as Postal Ninja or Parcelapp, are very practical to know where your order is from the very first moment, whatever courier company is used, and they are very reliable.

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  1. My parcels from different sellers was combined to one “upgraded delivery package”, but this package was damaged in the transportation, and some parcels are missing. I discovered it only when I’ve arrived home and opened it. What can I do or with whom I should contact, since all the parcels marked as delivered?

    • Hi Diana,

      You can open a dispute even if it’s a combined delivery. Just take as photos of the packages as you can and attach them to the dispute.



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