How to buy wholesale from Shein

The quality of Shein's clothes is very good, especially if we take into account its price: clothes of similar quality cost twice or three times as much in stores like Zara or Mango.

In addition, Shein's variety is immense, you could go through the catalog and never finish.

That's why more people are starting a business thanks to Shein's merchandise. Today we explain how to buy wholesale at Shein and the mistakes to avoid.

Is it possible to buy wholesale on Shein?

Shein is a site dedicated to the sale of retail products. Even so, we can buy up to 99 garments of each product, as long as there is stock. This quantity is for each garment and size, i.e., we can buy 99 garments of a product in size M and 99 more in size L.

However, Shein will not give you a special discount for buying in large quantities, as it does in AliExpress. They can give you discounts thanks to Shein cashbacks like this one and points and discount coupons, so in the end, every time we buy in bulk we will recover part of our investment thanks to the points we earn from the previous order.

Can I use the Shein name in my business?

Shein states in their terms and conditions that they do not allow third-parties to sell, reproduce or modify their garments without authorization. You can see this in the “Disclaimers” and “Limitations of Use” section of their terms and conditions by clicking here.

This is not a problem in a small business, but if you set up a physical store, buy from Shein and modify the labels it could become a problem. Also, if you advertise yourself as an “official Shein store” or something like that.

But most Shein-based businesses are small, with a local clientele, and therefore there is no risk: it is a regulation made to prevent Shein from unfair competition appearing on a global scale.

Why use Shein to buy stock for your store?

The best thing about buying clothes in bulk for your business on Shein is the price and the quality of the product. When people get their clothes from Shein they are surprised at how good they are for the low price, and that's why many people use their products to do business. There are other benefits as well:

  • They have a very extensive product catalog, with thousands of different styles. No matter what kind of clothing you want to sell, it's certain to be on Shein.
  • The sizes are almost identical to European sizes.
  • It is a very reliable store, they have been selling online for several years and with very good comments from their customers.
  • They have excellent customer service, if any problem arises you know you have someone on the other side with whom you can talk via chat.
  • The shipping price is economical and arrives very fast. You also have the option of hiring an express shipping method, so it arrives faster.

How to buy wholesale at Shein

To shop at Shein you just need to be registered on the site. To make purchases, just add the products you want to your cart.

On the product page, you will not be able to indicate the quantity you want for each one. So go add each item with the size and color you want, then we will help you solve this.

When you have selected all the products, go to the shopping cart. Now change the number of products: we can buy a maximum of 99 items (stock permitting).

Then we pay with the method that is most convenient for us: PayPal, credit card, payment in installments with Clearpay or Klarna… Although if we select the option to pay in installments, we can only buy with a limit of $800 per order.

Are there no agents or promoters to buy in bulk on Shein?

We do not recommend you to buy wholesale through an intermediary. Buying in Shein through the application is very easy, otherwise, you run some risks by giving your personal and bank details. You will also lose the points and discounts you can earn by placing your own orders.

Tips and tricks for buying in bulk at Shein

If you are already adding products to your cart to buy wholesale at Shein, we want to help you with some tips to create your business with this supplier.

Check out the offers and discounts

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The best way to do business with Shein products is to always try to get the best price on your garments, this translates into more profit: a garment can cost $10, with a discount it stays at $8 and if you enter a discount code it stays at $6. Imagine selling this garment now at $16.

Many people use flash sales products, which are cheaper. But do not forget the coupons, points, and other discounts that can be found in the application. Using the Shein Coupon Finder extension can save you a lot of money.

Constant stock rotation at Shein

Many Shein products have limited production to avoid having too many clothes in stock. On the one hand, this is important to keep in mind, as sometimes they can run out of stock of a product you already have stocked up on.

But on the other hand, it's a good opportunity to save money, as Shein often discounts heavily on products they want to get rid of to avoid overstock, through discounts and “Flash Sales”.

Returns and refunds

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Shein's return and refund conditions may vary by country. In most countries, a free first return is offered within 45 days of purchase, so we recommend that you check your orders carefully when they arrive.

Customs and additional costs

Each country has its own customs regulations and Shein tries to adapt to them. Keep in mind that the platform is prepared for purchases from individuals, so it is possible that in large orders they may decide to split the orders into different packages to avoid customs costs.

Still, check the customs regulations of your country to take into account possible additional costs in your orders. It is important to know all this before setting a final price of the product and thus not lose profits in your sales.

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