How to get an invoice on AliExpress

If you are trying to get an invoice from AliExpress and there is no way to get an answer from the seller, we recommend you to go directly to the AliExpress customer service by clicking on this link. You can also get more information about VAT on AliExpress by clicking here.

You may need to get your AliExpress invoice for customs purposes or to justify an expense to your company or to the tax authorities.

Today, we'll explain step by step how to do it.

VAT on AliExpress: What is it, and who pays for it?

Before talking about how to get the invoice, you have to understand that AliExpress sometimes charges VAT and sometimes not, and only in the first case you can download the invoice directly from your order panel.

Exports, from China and any other country, are always declared without VAT, and it is the buyer who must assume the VAT of the product they buy abroad if the regulations of their country so require.

In Europe, for example, it is mandatory that the marketplace located abroad pays the VAT directly before shipping the product.

In that case, as you can see below, AliExpress calculates the VAT and charges it to you before placing the order.

This is what is known as IOSS (“Import One Stop ShopEU”): large online trading platforms such as AliExpress charge VAT to European buyers when the purchase costs less than €150, so the package will pass through customs faster.

In these cases, we will be provided with an invoice for possible problems with customs in our country. To download it, you will only have to access the list of orders and look for the option “Download Order Details”.

You will see an invoice with the address where it has been sent, the invoice number, Alibaba data, store name, and other details. The VAT will vary depending on the country of destination.

For orders over €150, AliExpress will not be able to pay the VAT for you thus, it will not provide you with the invoice. You will have to manage the package with customs by presenting the necessary documentation, and contact the seller to give you an invoice (more info about this below).

You have more information in our article Customs in AliExpress.

How to ask for an invoice if I can't download it

If you're reading this article from outside Europe or if you have bought something over  €150, there is only one alternative you can follow to get the invoice: contacting the seller, as you can see here.

Remember that AliExpress will not be able to provide you with the invoice, as it is only in charge of protecting the data and managing the platform.

The seller is responsible for managing the purchase, and that is why they're the only ones who can provide you with the invoice for your purchase. In our tutorial on how to contact Aliexpress sellers, you have more help to know how you can easily contact the seller.

If it is for customs, many times you will not need an invoice, a screenshot, or a document that justifies what you have bought and the value of the items will do. Therefore, we are going to explain some alternatives.

Is it possible to download an AliExpress invoice?

The person responsible for the transaction is the seller, so AliExpress cannot provide you with the invoice. It can only be downloaded directly from AliExpress in those cases where you are paying the VAT along with the amount of your order. If you have already contacted the seller, and they do not provide you with the invoice, here is another alternative.

What can I do to get the customs invoice?

As we have already said, if you need it for customs, in many countries a screenshot of the purchase and proof of payment of your purchase on AliExpress is enough. In our article how to avoid customs when buying on AliExpress, you have more information.

In case you still need an invoice, there are applications on the internet that allow you to make an invoice by entering the purchase data. In this case, we recommend you check the reviews of the application because some of them can get private data from your account. If it is not strictly necessary, do not use them.

What should the invoice contain?

If you have managed to get the seller to send you the invoice, or you plan to use one of those applications that make the invoice for you, it is important to check that the information on the invoice is correct. An AliExpress invoice should contain the following information:

  • Invoice number.
  • Invoice issue date.
  • Seller's information.
  • Description of the purchase.
  • The total cost of the purchase, including shipping.
  • VAT or taxes, which must be equal to 0 (except when paid when ordering).
  • Tracking number.

Is the seller obliged to provide me with the invoice?

The invoice serves to justify the sale of a product for accounting purposes, but just as when you go to a store, you are given a purchase receipt and not an invoice, it is possible that the seller does not provide you with a complete invoice. Especially in countries like China, which may have different regulations with thousands of sellers exporting very cheap products all over the world.

That is why sellers are not obliged to provide you with the invoice, although more and more sellers are providing it because they know that it is an important document for customs clearance.

Is it possible to request an invoice for professional purposes?

AliExpress is an excellent platform to buy goods for resale or even professional machinery. In fact, there are more and more businesses using the drop-shipping system through AliExpress. But if you want to pass on invoices for accounting purposes, it is something to keep in mind.

If you are going to buy goods on AliExpress for your business, it is best to contact the seller before buying to determine if you can get an invoice. As we have already said, the seller will not charge you VAT. Even so, keep in mind that AliExpress is focused on sales to individuals, you may be interested in knowing the Alibaba platform to buy wholesale, ideal for businesses.

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