What is the best cashback platform for AliExpress?

There is no doubt that shopping at AliExpress is always synonymous with low prices, but did you know that there is a very simple way to save even more on your purchases?

By using cashback platforms, you can get back part of what you spend on AliExpress. But there are many and each one has very different conditions.

That's why, in today's article, we are going to analyze which is the best cashback platform for regular AliExpress shoppers.

What is cashback?

Cashback platforms advertise some stores so that we, their users, buy through the links they provide.

Then, those stores pay a commission to the cashback platforms, which in turn they share with us. So in the end, we all benefit from this exchange.

The more you use these cashback platforms, the more money you accumulate, which you can then transfer to your bank account to spend on whatever you want.

So if you are consistent, some of your purchases on AliExpress can be free.

Do they really work?

All the platforms we are going to mention are completely reliable and safe, but it is very important to be clear that each store has certain rules that you must follow strictly for the cashback to be confirmed and for you to receive the refund correctly.

It may seem very complicated at first, but when you become familiar with its use and include it in your routine, it will not cost you anything and you will accumulate money without realizing it.

Cashback platforms working with AliExpress

First let's see which are the main cashback platforms that collaborate with AliExpress.


Letyshops is possibly the most fashionable cashback platform, so you've probably already heard of it.

It includes almost 4,000 stores, including AliExpress with a cashback rate of up to 5%.

It also has extended cashback, selected and limited offers where the percentage can be multiplied by five times or even more.

Usually once a week, you can find this extended cashback, for which you get up to 25% back. Please note that not all items accept cashback. In the table below you can see which items are included.

To go directly to the AliExpress page on Letyshops click here.


Beruby is one of the most used cashback sites and possibly the oldest, having been in operation since 2007.

On AliExpress it offers cashback of up to 5.40% on many of its items.

Here you can go directly to the AliExpress page on Beruby and check the selected stores that only have 0.60% cashback and those that do not.


Widilo‘s cashback platform has a fixed 5.45% cashback, but also provides sometimes so-called “Extended Cashback”.

This offer is for a limited time and obviously not available all the time, although on popular stores like Aliexpress it is not hard to find it from time to time.

Widilo also does not provide a list of sellers that do not accept their cashback and this can lead to confusion when shopping, as cashback may not be accepted.

To visit the AliExpress store front page on Widilo click here.


On Megabonus, the maximum cashback is slightly lower than on the other platforms: 4.91%.

This platform does provide a list of stores that do not accept cashback or have reduced cashback on AliExpress.

Check out the AliExpress store front page on Megabonus here.


On the myWorld cashback platform you only get 2% cashback on AliExpress and although it has extended cashback, it does not multiply the percentage like Letyshops, but raises it very little.

In short, it is not very attractive if you shop often in the Asian giant.

Visit directly the AliExpress store front page on myWorld here.

Conclusion: what is the best cashback for AliExpress?


Platform Fixed Cashback Percentage Extended cashback offers Valid on all of AliExpress Purchasing Conditions Maximum Cashback Amount per Order Use of Coupons Allowed Reward for inviting friends Welcome coupon
Letyshops 5% Yes No. You can check if the store accepts cashback here. 5% Accesorios móviles, ropa, artículos de interior, accesorios de jardín
1% en todos los demás productos incluso no afiliados de las secciones accesorios móviles, ropa, artículos de interior, accesorios de jardín
0% en tiendas que no ofrecen cashback (consulta el listado aquí)
$40 No $3 per friend $3 if you refer through a friend
Beruby 5,40% No No. You can check the stores that do not accept cashback here. 0.60% in selected stores
0% at stores that do not accept cashback (see both listings here)
5.40% on everything else
$22.40 Yes For each friend you will always receive 50% of their accumulated cashback $1 when you sign up
Widilo 5,45% Yes, plus you extend your cashback at your favorite stores the more you buy. No. In addition, claims for rejected cashback are not accepted. 5.45% Mobile accessories, apparel, interior items, garden accessories
3.64% Other categories and other accessories
2.78% Non-category products
0.9% Selected stores and dedicated stores (Xiaomi, Huawei, Cecotec, Biolomix, etc.)
$20 Only coupons provided by Widilo $3 per friend $5
Megabonus 4,91% Yes No. You can check the stores that do not accept cashback here and the stores with reduced percentage here. 2.41% on products in the category of cell phones, laptops, tablets, desktop, external and internal drives, home audio or video equipment, computer peripherals.
0.5% on specialty store electronics.
4.91% on everything else
$33.5 No For each friend you will always receive 50% of their accumulated cashback. No
myWorld 2% Yes It is not specified, but we understand that it is not valid throughout the web. Not specified No Yes No No

At Letyshops, the fixed cashback percentage is 5%, but in many occasions you can find it raised up to 25%, as they usually multiply the cashback once a week for a limited time. The maximum cashback amount is $40.

In comparison with other platforms, you are likely to save more money by using the Letyshops platform.

Letyshops, the most complete cashback platform

Letyshops has a browser extension that makes it much easier to use, warning us when cashback is not properly activated and preventing us from losing money on our purchases.

In addition, you can check the cashback rate of an item by pasting the link here.

Go to Letyshops

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