How and where to buy cameras in AliExpress

They say when it comes to a good picture, it’s all about the photographer’s talent, the camera being only the instrument of his art; but it's also true that a good camera can make a hell of a difference when taking good pictures.


Lucky for us, you no longer have to be a millionaire to get a camera that takes good pictures, but… which is the best cheap compact digital camera? or, for professionals, which is the cheapest reflex camera? In AliExpress we’ve found thousands of offers and models at incredibly low prices: you can find both compact and reflex cameras and all sorts of brands: Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Lumix, Fujifilm…etc. Go ahead and take a look!

Where to find cheap reflex cameras in AliExpress

One of the main advantages of reflex digital cameras, also called dslr, is that you can use different lenses depending on the kind of photograph you want to take. Another advantage of a profesional camera is that you have more control over the image as you can choose and manipulate the focus, depth of field, light, diaphragm aperture, etc.

Before getting into more details, here are some shops that offer both digital cameras and lenses.

UCOLOR – This shop has two diamonds and offers both compact and reflex digital cameras as well as other photography accessories at incredible prices.

Photofans – You can find reflex and compact cameras in this shop, but its speciality are camera lenses. They have a wide variety of brands, such as Nikon, Cannon, Tamron, Sigma, Sony…

Online Store – This shop has loads of accessories and covers for your camera.

Most camera forums online, are full of discussions over the best camera brand, Canon or Nikon (in fact, you might have already heard about the famous “canonist against nikonist” discussion). The answer, in short, is that no brand is better than the other, it all depends on the kind of photographs you take, the lens you use and the model. In AliExpress you can find a wide range of original models for incredible prices: Canon EOS 5D, Canon 70D, Canon 700D, Canon 600D, Nikon D5100, Nikon Coolpix p900, Nikon D5200, Nikon D3300… As well as other brand models such as Lumix z70, Lumix tz60, Lumixfx1000…etc.

On the other hand, in AliExpress you can also find good quality cheap professional lenses, be it fisheye, wide-angle, full frame, tele lens, etc. This will give you more power over the image and a much more professional result.

How to find a good digital camera in AliExpress

For those of you looking for something simpler and cheaper but still good quality, in AliExpress you can also find an incredible amount of compact digital cameras capable of taking very good quality pictures. One of the biggest advantages of these kinds of cameras is that they are small and weigh very little. Thanks to this, you can take your camera comfortably wherever you go and not miss a moment!

The biggest difference between compact cameras and reflex ones is that the compact ones use smaller sensors in the camera, making the depth of field very high (so everything in the picture is in focus), and therefore offering less option to manipulate and modify the image.

Like always, our advice is that you always read the comments and ratings given by other customers and if you still have any doubts, contact the seller directly for more information.

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