Esdemarca review: good prices but… counterfeits?

Nowadays, it is really easy to create a professional looking online store.

On one hand, this is good because it removes the entry barriers to selling online. But it also has a downside: fraudsters find it very easy to set up fraudulent and counterfeit stores.

This makes consumers increasingly suspicious: if we find a store with good prices but we have never heard of it before, we think the worst of it and consider it's just another scam.

For this reason, many readers are asking us about Esdemarca, a Spanish store whose good prices attract a lot of attention.

Today we are going to analyze if this store is reliable and give you our honest opinion about it.

What is Esdemarca?

Esdemarca is a Spanish online store that sells clothing, footwear and accessories from top brands such as Levi's, Liu Jo, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas,…

The truth is that you can find a wide variety of women's, men's and children's items at prices so good that they may make you think that they are fakes.

Are the products counterfeit?

But no: all Esdemarca products are 100% original. Esdemarca is an authorized distributor of these brands.

Also they have their own stock, so you should not worry that they are doing dropshipping and make you wait for long shipping times.

So why does it have such cheap prices?

Esdemarca is a 100% online store, so they manage to adjust their prices so much because of the savings that not having a traditional physical store offers (lower staff costs, maintenance costs, they need to store a smaller stock than in physical stores…).

In addition, they have a sales strategy that prioritizes selling more quantity with a tighter profit, instead of other stores where the profit is higher but the number of sales is not so high.

And, also, it seems that they are now adjusting their prices even more to make themselves known.

In the face of all this, the big winners are us, the buyers.

Is it safe to pay with my bank details?

Paying with your bank details is totally safe, moreover, Esdemarca has one of the most important seals for Spanish consumers, the Confianza Online seal (or Online Trust seal), which ensures the protection of our personal data.

So with the payment in this online store, we have the assurance that transactions and payments are made under total confidentiality and that the management of bank data is done exclusively by the bank through the payment gateway.

In addition, Esdemarca offers the possibility of paying with PayPal, which is always a good sign: fraudsters never allow payment by PayPal because it allows the user to recover their money with extreme ease.

It even allows cash on delivery, which is quite unusual nowadays.

Available payment methods

  • Credit or debit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Deferred payment with “Aplázame”.

Buyer protection

With Esdemarca you have the right to return an item as a refund or exchange it for another size.

12 months return period

One of the things we love about this store is that you have up to 12 months to return a product (of course unworn and in the same packaging it came in).

How many clothes that you don't like you've kept because you've missed the 15-30 days you normally have to return something?

We find this aspect very practical to prevent failed purchases from accumulating in your closet.

Returns to your home or any postal service office

Choose what suits you best: if you prefer not to waste time, a courier will pick up your package at any address you indicate, and if not you can take it yourself to the postal service office where you received the package.

However, keep in mind that the price of a return is 3.95 €, unless it is due to defects in the article or an error on the part of Esdemarca.

Paying for the return is the point that we like the least, although the truth is that the price is quite reasonable.

Refunds after 72 hours

When they receive your order in the warehouse and check its condition, they will refund you after 72 hours and within 30 days. Although it never takes that long: normally you will receive your money in a few days by the same method you used to pay for the product you're refunding.

Possibility to request an invoice

In case you need it, you will be able to download an invoice of your purchase from your “My Orders” section.

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (remarkable)

You can see all types of shipping by clicking here.

Esdemarca has a loyalty program that allows you to reduce the cost of shipping if you are a regular buyer.

If you have accumulated 300 € in purchases in the last three months, shipping costs will be free in almost all cases.

If you buy from an European counru, shipment will usually be around 5,95€ and it will arrible between 5 or 6 working days.

Honestly, the shipping seems to us equal or cheaper than the average of stores that sell branded items of this type that usually inflate their shipping costs and you can almost never get them for free.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (remarkable)

If you are also tired of seeing everyone dressed the same, don't even think about it: here you have a lot of exclusive footwear and clothing to make a difference.

As we have already told you, in Esdemarca you can find clothes, shoes and accessories, but what stands out the most is the wide variety of branded footwear (and also, for all budgets).

Not only they have less-known spanish brands as Xti or Mustang, but also more luxurious footwear by Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Liu Jo,…

Dr. Martens, UGG  and Hunter boots are super trendy and a must-have for a good closet (it always pays to invest in good, timeless footwear).

And if you are a fan of Havaianas like us, you can't miss out on all the cheap models they have here.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (excellent)

If we are known for something in this blog is to be always looking for the best bargains and in Esdemarca we have already found a few.

During the new season you can find sales in the “mid season sale”, but during the sales period the discounts reach up to 70%.

You can easily find Adidas, Reebok or Puma sneakers for less than 30 € (so you already have an excuse to change your old gym shoes).


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (remarkable)

As we have said before, Esdemarca is a website well known in Spain, and has all the guarantees a buyer may want to know.

Perhaps its strongest point is the 12-month return period, which clearly distinguishes it from other similar online stores.

If the product you receive is defective or there has been an error in the shipment, they are responsible for exchanging it for another one or refunding you the money (as it is logical).

If you are already used to buying your clothes online, you should not have more worries than in other reliable online stores (there may be some delay in the delivery of your order, but it is not usual and is usually due to the courier company).

Customer service

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (excellent)

I am sure it is also very important for you to have a customer service phone number to contact if you have a problem.

Being able to talk to an operator always gives us peace of mind and speed to solve any problem.

With Esdemarca you can get in touch in two ways:

  1. Through a form in “My Account” (here).
  2. Calling +34 91 769 72 17 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm).

We like this quite a lot, since we are in favor of dealing directly with people to solve incidents in a more agile way. If not, you can always message them through their social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (excellent)

Since in this store there are top brands, we have the guarantee that the quality will be of the highest level.

And, if you buy in promotional periods, the price can be quite cheaper than the prices you can find in regular local stores.

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