Which one is the official Xiaomi store on AliExpress?

No one can argue that the evolution of the Xiaomi brand has been incredible in recent years. Just a few people do not have any of its devices at home: cellphones, vacuum cleaners, speakers, scooters, smart tvs, devices to automate your home…

But this huge increase in popularity has a downside: the emergence of Xiaomi counterfeits.

To avoid complications, in this article we are going to talk about the official Xiaomi store on AliExpress and other official distributors you can find.

This is the only official Xiaomi store on AliExpress

Official store: Go to the store 

On AliExpress you can find many stores that sell Xiaomi devices, but only this one is the official store of the brand.

By buying from the official store, you make sure you buy directly from the Xiaomi brand.

Shipping from China

Note that shipments from the official Xiaomi store are directly from China, so items of 150€ or less already have VAT included and you don't have to worry about anything.

On the other hand, for devices over 150€ VAT is not included, so (although it is not usual), if customs holds your order you will have to pay the corresponding taxes (VAT and duties).

Specializing in smartphones

In the official store you can find both Xiaomi Mi mobiles, from its main brand and also two of its more affordable, but equally high quality and performance sub-brands: Redmi and Poco.

Although they also have other smart devices (see here), the variety is not very large (of smartphones either), and we are surprised that they do not have many of their most famous devices such as vacuum cleaners, scooters, speakers…

Therefore, we'll leave you with other stores where you can buy Xiaomi items in an equally safe way without being their official store.

Authorized retailers

Although there is only one official Xiaomi store in all of AliExpress, that does not mean that it is unsafe to buy products of this brand in other stores: there are many stores that are authorized distributors of the brand and also, where you can find a wider catalog of Xiaomi items.

1. Hong Kong Goldway

Shipping from China. Mi, Redmi, Poco smartphones…

Go to store

2. Xiaomi Mi Store

Shipping from China of Mi, Redmi, Poco smartphones, smartwatches, TV Box…

Go to the store

3. Mi Global Store

Shipping from China of Mi, Redmi, Poco smartphones, smartwatches, earphones, toothbrushes…

Go to the store

4. Xiaomi Dreami Authorised Store

Shipping from Spain and China of Black Shark, Redmi, Poco smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, scales, speakers, Mi Smart Home products…

Go to the store

5. MC MART Store

Shipping from Spain, the European Union and China of robot vacuum cleaners, smartwatches, TV sticks, speakers…

Go to the store

6. Tookfun Appliance Store

Shipping from China of robot vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, air purifiers, toothbrushes and dental irrigators…

Go to the store

7. Shopmeeee Authorized Store

Shipping from China included for Redmi smartphones, Poco…

Go to the store

8. Fantacy Technology

Shipping from China of Mi, Redmi and Poco smartphones.

Go to the store

9. Youpin Tech Store

Shipping from Spain and the European Union.

Robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, electric kettles…

Go to the store

10. Xiaomi Smart-Home Store

Shipping from China of robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers,…

Go to the store

Which store should I choose?

As we have already told you, either of these stores are totally reliable. Choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of price or the hurry you are in to receive the product (you can filter products with local shipping).

If you live in Europe, for items over 150€ you may want to choose stores that ship from European warehouses, as VAT is included and you will not have to worry about paying duties.

Remember that if you decide to buy an item over 150€ with shipping from China and your package is held by customs, you will have to pay VAT and duties in case it is held by customs (it is not usual, but it can happen).

If your order from China costs 150€ or less and is stopped by customs, don't worry: you will only have to present your invoice or a screenshot of your purchase to be released.

If you want to know more about how AliExpress customs works, you can read this post.

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