How to find cheap Converse (All Star and others) in AliExpress

Converse Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Heritage, Star Player, tall, low, winter, summer… Fortunatly, Converse is one of the most popular brands in AliExpress and it’s super easy to find any of their models for cheap. You can also find them for women, men, children or even babies.

The best part of this is that we aren’t talking replicas here: Converse is one of the few occidental brands (not Chinese) you can find in AliExpress at a better price than you would usually find.

Just to give you idea, both this shop and this one have high and low All Star Converse for 35€. These shops have been on the platform for a while, so they have tons of sales and excellent ratings. They’re the perfect place to get a pair!

How to find cheap Converse All Star in AliExpress

There’s a lot of sellers offering original All Star Converse at super cheap prices. To find them, just go to AliExpress global homepage and type in “Original Converse” or even easier, just click here.

As you can see, most of the sellers in AliExpress offer original All Stars for much cheaper than they usual. You can even find some personalized ones (a bit pricier), some replicas and “white label” sneakers with a style similar to Converse.

There’s so cheap…. are they really original?

These products should be 100% original, especially when you can see this icon under the picture:

Converse original

AliExpress started featuring this icon about a year ago to guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their platform:

Autenticidad garantizada

Sellers included in the program agree to refund up to double the original cost if their products turns out to be a fake. The program was a measure against sellers using the word “original” freely in the description of their products, like this one:


original converse aliexpress

How to tell the difference between a replica Converse and a white label one?

If you are looking for cheaper sneakers than the original ones sold in AliExpress, the answer might be to get yourself some Chinese white label ones. If you do decide to go for some white label sneakers, you’ll need to keep an eye out for Converse replicas. Although there seems to be less now, it never hurt anyone to be more careful.

One of the best ways to tell the difference is to look at the picture of the product. If the logo on the shoes is inverted or even erased with Photoshop, you can be sure you’re dealing with a replica. Like we mentioned before, each day there are less Converse replicas. AliExpress has gotten very serious about replicas and sellers offering them are being punished by being closed down as soon as they are discovered.

Can I find even better offers?

Another interesting option are white label brands: unlike replicas, they don’t copy the logo or tags, instead their models are only inspired by the original designs and feature their own logos. By doing this, they stay within the limit of what’s legal and aren’t penalized by AliExpress.

Therefore, sellers offering “white label Converse” tend some antiquity on the platform and pretty good reviews. Best part? They are so much cheaper, only 15 to 25 euros.

Canvas shoes converse ENG

We haven’t found any Chinese brand particularly worth highlighting, but if you look for “Classic canvas shoes” you’ll get tons of results for sellers.

How’s the quality of white label style Converse?

As a general rule, reviews for white label Converse in AliExpress are really good. Having said this, they aren’t Converse, so you can’t expect them to be the same although they are quite similar and from what we can see from the reviews, they are pretty comfortable and resistance. They might not have a logo, but they sure look good ;).

Then again, you can get original Converse All Star for only 15 to 20 euros more… Which ones will you get? 15€ white label ones or 35€ originals?

How to find trustworthy sellers in AliExpress and how to find your size

If you read AlixBlog, you probably already know how to identify a good seller. Always remember to check these three things: the seller’s reputation, the sales it generated and reviews left by previous customers. These three things will give you enough information to determine if the seller is good or not.

Reviews are probably the best tool to help you understand the size and quality of the product. If there are any problems with sizes, customers will leave comments warning (or complaining) about it and will advise other customers to buy a smaller or larger size than usual.

However, if after reading this section you are still having any doubts, be sure to leave us a comment, after all, we are here to help.

ALIXBLOGGER ADVICE: As a general rule, sellers use the American size for shoes. If you aren’t sure about your size, the seller always provide a size conversion table in the description of the product. If you don’t know how it works, or need the exact conversion, take a look at our “Guide to find your size in AliExpress”.

Alternatives: Cheap All Star Converse in Amazon and eBay

Out of all these shops, the one with better prices is definitely AliExpress. However the down side of getting a better price is that shipping will take longer (between two and five weeks, usually) because they come from China.

That’s why, if you need your Converse right now, you might want to pay a little bit more and get them sooner. If you are looking for quick shipping, we’ve got to talk about…


You can’t go bad with Amazon: it’s the online shop par excellence and a world wide reference for online stores. Their customer service is great, their prices are very affordable and their delivery time is excellent. Furthermore, they products are always 100% original, unlike AliExpress and eBay (we’ll get to eBay in a minute).

Like AliExpress, Amazon also has external seller, but they have much more control over them and as soon as they get a bad review, they are out (believe me, I know people selling on Amazon’s who’s shops have been closed down for not answering questions during the weekend!).


Trick to get free shipping within 24hours

If you want to get free shipping with 24 hours all you have to do is sign up for the Amazon Prime 30 day trial. With it, you’ll be able to get free next day shipping. Then, if you don’t want to pay the yearly fee, just cancel your subscription before your trial ends.
Converse Amazon ENG


Another good option is to buy a pair of Converse on eBay. You’ll have to be more careful as you might find some replicas at the same price as originals.

Remember to always click on the option “New” on the sidebar, this way you’ll only get results for completely new sneakers, not used ones. Click here to go to the filtered search.

Converse ebay ENG

So, where should I get them?

We’ve already gone through the best shops to buy cheap Converse, now up to you. It’s simple: what do you prefer, paying less and waiting a little bit longer? or paying a bit more and getting your Converse sooner?

That’s it for today, we hope this guide was useful and helped you find the cheap good quality sneakers 🙂

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