Cheap iPhones from AliExpress are original? Should you buy them?

Many people don't know it, but on AliExpress there are not only cases and other cheap stuff. You can also buy very cheap original iPhones, ideal both for personal use and to resell them and earn some money.

But why are they so cheap? What's the catch?

Today we tell you everything you need to know about AliExpress iPhones.

How to find: you can find the best iPhones here.

Are they original?

Years ago there were some iPhone replica sellers on AliExpress, but almost all of them have disappeared. Most of the iPhones you will find today are 100% original.

The secret of their low price is that they are not brand new, but refurbished which means:

  • Phones bought and returned to the factory because the buyer changed his mind.
  • Devices with a problem that has already been fixed.
  • Phones that have been used as samples.
  • Second hand phones that have been factory overhauled and refurbished.

It is important not to confuse a refurbished phone with a secondhand one: while the secondhand ones are worn out by use, in the refurbished ones the quality is the same as if you were buying a new iPhone.

Advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone

From the moment you buy an iPhone, the phone starts to lose value because of the speed at which Apple releases new models.

Is it really worth spending so much money on a phone just for the satisfaction of it being new?

In our opinion it's a better idea to buy them on AliExpress, where they are discounted by up to 40% and work just as well.

Best AliExpress stores

Let's analyze the best Chinese AliExpress stores to buy iPhones.

These stores are totally reliable, we have selected them based on how long they've been around, buyer reviews and number of sales.

1. Comwingo

Official store: Go to the store

More than 6 years old, Comwingo is one of the best stores where to buy iPhones on AliExpress.

All phones come with a six-month warranty (if you have any problems, contact the seller first).

Note that the accessories for these iPhones are not original, but their prices are very good and you can even find older model iPhones for very little money.

This store has thousands of sales and many followers and you can also directly search their store offers here (you have several seller coupons available).


Official store: Go to the store

This store also has a great seniority, many sales and good ratings.

The prices are similar to Comwingo, with many different models and the warranty of the mobiles is four months.

By clicking here, you can see directly the offers of the store (you can also find other brands such as Samsung, LG or Sony).


Official store: Go to the store

Check out this trusted AliExpress store with many iPhone models.

4. SUMMER Technologies

Official store: Go to the store

SUMMER Technologies also has extensive experience in selling iPhones.

You can find several models and although they do not have as much variety as Comwingo and Cingo, all phones have 12 months warranty and very tight prices. So be sure to take a look at their featured offers here.

5. Genuine Mobile

Official store: Go to the store

At Genuine Mobile you can find both new and refurbished iPhones, although the new ones are not very competitively priced.

6. Sunshine

Official store: Go to the store

Sunshine also has many refurbished models with very good reviews.

Phones come with a six-month warranty.

7. Mobile City

Official store: Go to the store

Mobile City offers a six-month warranty.

8. Hsenivo

Official store: Go to the store

With 12 months warranty, you also have the possibility to return it up to 7 days after receiving it.

9. Trendy Fun

Official store: Go to the store

10. Authentic Mobile Phone

Official store: Go to the store

Are there any problems with customs if shipped from China?

Customs behave differently depending on the country. In most of the countries AliExpress reaches, you don't have to worry about your package getting stopped at customs. However, in the European Union things have changed thanks to their VAT reform, so you should keep that in mind when shopping.

If you live in an EU country and you buy an iPhone worth less than € 150, you will pay the VAT when you confirm your purchase and you will no longer have to worry about customs. In addition, AliExpress is giving out more coupons and discount codes than ever before.

If you want to know more about how AliExpress customs work, click here.

Items over € 150

On the other hand, items over € 150 will follow the customs process as before, so surely with the large number of packages that are received daily, you will not have problems and customs will not stop it.

You can ask the seller what would happen if your order is stopped at customs, as some offer to cover the customs costs, or part of them.

If the seller makes it clear to you that they do not want to cover possible customs charges, be sure that you will not be able to open a dispute for this.

Do iPhones shipped from China have a warranty?

The warranty on an iPhone shipped from China depends entirely on the seller but is usually a maximum of one year, so we recommend that you ask the seller the conditions before buying.

Stores like Conwingo offer 6 months warranty on all their terminals.

You will rarely have problems

It is clear that these phones come fully checked and with a new battery (which is what usually brings the most problems).

The stores we have mentioned above are totally reliable, and most likely you will not need to use this warranty.

However, if you have any problem you can also take it to any official Apple service center.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a replica?

You may have found an iPhone at a very good price but you are not sure if it is original or not.

If you have doubts, the first thing to do is to ask the seller directly, although we already tell you that if the price is below normal (compared to other iPhones on AliExpress), it is likely that what you get is a replica.

If you are still thinking about buying it or you have bought an iPhone as original and you think it is not, let's see what differences you can find between a replica iPhone and an original one:

  • They mimic the iOS interface. The operating system of all iPhones replicas are Android, although the appearance when you use it is that of iOS, you will not be able to update it to the new versions that appear.
  • Poor phone performance and fluidity. They are slow phones, of medium-low quality.
  • Chassis of the phone with low quality materials. Although the appearance of the smartphone is the best they can imitate, the materials with which they are assembled are of poorer quality (mostly plastic) and this affects their durability.
  • Lower screen brightness.
  • Low quality camera.
  • Lower internal memory. The storage capacity is much lower than that of the original phone.
  • They have weights inside to mimic the weight of the original.

In any case, if the seller has said that the phone was original and sends you a replica, have no doubt that if you open a dispute you will receive a full refund.

Don't waste your money on replicas

In short, although the external appearance may be very successful, replica iPhones are similar to medium-low quality mobiles, so we do not recommend you spend your money on such a phone.

For a little more money, you can buy a refurbished iPhone like the ones we have shown you above.

Also, if you have any problems with your phone, you can always turn to Apple's official service to repair it.

Use the coupons

Finally, remember that AliExpress launches more and more often campaigns with many discounts, so almost every week you can find very good promotional codes. In addition, the codes with the best discounts usually do not run out so quickly as they are valid for orders of higher value.

Most sellers also have coupons on their store pages that will make your purchase even better value for money.

We have a very interesting post about the types of coupons and promotional codes and how to get them, you can read it here.

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