These are Xiaomi’s best Mijia products as of today


Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2

The most sold. Precise hygrometer and thermometer, with high sensitivity sensor. CR2032 battery for one year of use. Data visible from the Mi Home App, and the possibility of creating scenes with other devices.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush T100

Guaranteed hit. Sonic toothbrush with 16500rpm. 360º cleaning. With a full charge it has autonomy for 30 days. IPX7 body. Two speeds, zone reminder every 30 seconds.


Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover

Portable device for removing lint from clothes. In its minimalist design it hides a blade with 5 blades, covered by a protective mesh, 0.35mm holes. 1300 mAh battery and autonomy of 90 minutes.


Xiaomi Mijia Portable Air Compressor 1S

Inflator for wheels and tires. With an inflation pressure range: 02-103bar/3-150ps. Air flow of 15L/min. Possibility of establishing a certain pressure, so the pump will stop working when it reaches it. Five different modes: balls, bicycles, motorcycles, car and manual. 2000mAh battery, can fill up to 8 car tires.


Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator

Deep cleaning. Dental irrigator of small dimensions and high performance. 140 PSI pressure, 4 different nozzles, 4 spray modes, automatic stop in 2 minutes, 200 ml water tank, 2200 mAh battery with autonomy for 45 days. IPX7.


Xiaomi Mijia WiHa Precision Screwdriver

Manual screwdriver set with 24 tips made of S2 steel with a hardness of 60HRC. Aluminum alloy body and storage box,


Xiaomi Mijia Gel Pen

Simple and elegant design ballpoint pen. Mikuni ink.


Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500

3-blade 360 degree floating system shaver. Dicyclic blade design. Japanese Mabuchi 260 engine with 2 modes. LED display with 4 functions: battery status, charging reminder, travel lock, cleaning reminder. IPX7 waterproof. Autonomy of 60 minutes.

Mijia is a brand that's part of Xiaomi and specializes in products for the household. It offers products with a very minimalist design, good features, and a very appropriate price.

The success of their products has crossed borders and now many of them are best sellers and top-rated in their categories on AliExpress and Amazon.

However, there are hundreds of products in this range, so let's see which ones are the best.

What exactly is Mijia?

Mijia's name literally means Xiaomi Smart Home in Chinese. It started offering smart home products in 2016. Its logo is different from Xiaomi's and consists of an M and a J.

Although the company announced a few years ago that they were going to change the name of this sub-brand to “Xiaomi Smart Life”, the Mijia logo is still used. Additionally, most sellers still use the old name because of its popularity.

Within Mijia you’ll find products of the Mi Xiaomi ecosystem, meaning products of brands that, despite not necessarily being Xiaomi, do have some kind of relationship with this brand. Besides, they’re often compatible with Xiaomi's mobile applications, especially IoT devices (with sensors, software, and processing capacity…).

What stands out the most about this company is that they reinvent everyday products, improving them and introducing new functions, and better materials… Always maintaining a reasonable price.

Aesthetically, Mijia products are known for their minimalist design that implements neutral colors that go unnoticed.

Best Mijia products

These are the most successful products of the famous Xiaomi brand.

Home smart sensors

Undoubtedly, as time passes, we have more technology at our fingertips. Thanks to brands like Mijia, we can also use it at home. One of their best-selling products is their Bluetooth thermometer which can be controlled from their app.

This is very useful when turning on the air conditioner, humidifier, and other appliances when we see that the room isn’t at the recommended levels.

The company also has other products for your home such as sensors for doors and windows or lights with presence sensors.

Dental care

Until now, the dental care appliance sector was almost monopolized by Oral-B. However, more people are choosing alternative brands that offer similar quality at a significantly lower price.

That's why Mijia electric toothbrushes are so popular. As you can see here, they’re extremely inexpensive and offer everything you need: a long battery life, water resistance, and, most importantly, deep tooth cleaning.

To complete your cleaning routine, we also recommend buying a dental irrigator. These devices are usually very expensive, but Mijia's is very cheap. With it, you’ll be able to reach every corner of your mouth, ensuring a thorough cleaning with little effort.

Clothing care

If you want your clothes to always look like new, Mijia has some devices that can help you.

Its electric lint remover is an essential product to make your clothes perfect. With a few passes all the lint disappears. As you’ll see in this search, its price is very low.

There are other interesting products such as Mijia’s steam iron. It eliminates wrinkles immediately, and it’s perfect for quick ironing or carrying in the suitcase since it takes up little space.

Scooters and car accessories

No matter how you move around the city, Mijia has very useful products that are worth having on hand. The star product in this category is its portable air pump that you can buy by clicking here.

This product is very useful for your scooter tires, as they deflate quickly and this can cause you to puncture your inner tubes more easily. It’s also very useful for anyone who has a bicycle, motorcycle, or car.

In general, we recommend that you take a look at the products in this category as there are some very interesting ones such as portable vacuum cleaners for cars or a wireless water gun.


Mijia products are always versatile and practical. That's why this electric screwdriver with magnetic tips has so many sales. It takes up little space, so it's ideal to always have it at hand or for precision work.

This screwdriver has more than 24 tips separated into 9 categories. It allows you to repair watches, cameras, phones, toys, and eyeglasses… And it also has two speeds that allow you to work with precision.

Its design is very intuitive and ergonomic. The finishes are very good, as both the storage box and the body of the screwdriver are made of high-quality aluminum that is resistant to sweat thanks to its anodized treatment.


Although it may seem unbelievable to you, Mijia is also very popular for its pens. No wonder, as other brands such as Muji also have pens among their best-selling products.

Mijia's are very cheap, and you can buy additional refills, a way to be sustainable and not leave a paragraph half-finished anymore. You can see all their pens by clicking here.

It also has high-precision pens made of the finest materials and Japanese ink that dries quickly, doesn’t bleed through, and is viscous, which makes for easy writing.

Personal care devices

Mijia also has other small appliances that will make your everyday life easier. Their personal care devices are a great alternative to more popular brands that offer exorbitant prices.

Within this category, the Mijia electric shaver is one of the best sellers, thanks to its 360-degree floating system. It’s waterproof, has great autonomy and its Japanese engine makes it an ideal shaver for everyday use. If you’re interested, in this search you’ll find several Mijia shavers.

We also encourage you to take a look at other products of the brand within this category such as its electric facial cleansers, compact hair dryers, and manicure kits. In short, any kind of small device that improves your appearance.

Frequently asked questions about Mijia

Mijia products are great value for money. And while buyer reviews prove this, we’re still going to answer some frequently asked questions.

How many Mijia products are there?

The company has an infinite number of products within this sub-brand. However, we can only buy the ones we find through platforms with shipping to our countries, such as Amazon or AliExpress.

Many times articles appear with Mijia's new products, which are usually innovative and very interesting, but not all of them reach the international market. In the case of electronic devices that work through the application, this is very important.

Will they work in my country?

Yes, Mijia products that reach international sales pages are intended for the global market. Even so, if the product has Bluetooth and connects through an app, it’s always advisable to see if the seller indicates in the description if it works outside of China. You can also ask the seller directly.

What happens with the warranty?

The warranty for Mijia products is the same as for any other product you buy online. As indicated by the different consumer regulations, the platform where you make the purchase is the one that must offer you the warranty based on the current regulations.

However, for electronic products, it’s always better to buy from sellers with warehouses closer to your country.

Where to buy Mijia products?

After reading this article and keeping in mind the information we’ve offered you if you’re thinking of buying Mijia products, our suggestion is that you buy them from trusted online stores. That's why we recommend AliExpress and Amazon. On these pages, you can find many Mijia sellers, and if you have a problem, the platform will help you solve the issue.

On AliExpress, we’ll always find more variety and in general, better prices, since we can buy directly from China. However, there are also sellers who have warehouses in other parts of the world without this entailing a large price increase, significantly reducing the time of receipt.

If you prefer to buy on Amazon, the variety is more limited. Nonetheless, this site has other advantages such as a 1-day delivery service for certain products with the Amazon Prime subscription. Besides, sometimes there are offers that make the price of the products even lower than in any other store.

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