🥇 Best Seller Guide on AliExpress: Is this store trustworthy?

As we always say, choosing a good seller is the most important thing when it comes to buying safely on AliExpress. Today we are going to give you the definitive list of the best sellers, that is, the sellers with the greatest reputation in the eyes of AliExpress.

Why is it important to buy from a good seller?

As you may know, the functions that an AliExpress seller has when processing an order are many, some of them are:

  • Correctly describing the product in their ad, providing all the necessary information so that you know what you are buying.
  • Provide the information you need to be sure before buying and resolve all your doubts.
  • Comply with the deadlines for preparing the order.
  • Make the shipment correctly (i.e., do not make a mistake in the product sent and send it by the shipping method that you put in the ad).
  • And if there is any problem with the order (it does not arrive, it is not the same as in the advertisement…) that helps you to solve the problem by reaching an agreement with you.

As you can see, a good part of the purchase process is based on what the seller does. Obviously, if you have a problem, AliExpress can mediate to resolve it and the seller will never see your money until you confirm its receipt. That said, if you make sure the seller is good before you buy, you will gain peace of mind, avoid waiting, and receive exactly the product you need.

The best sellers of AliExpress, classified by topic

As we have a great list of recommended sellers, we will separate them by subject matter, brands and products, so you can go directly to what you are interested in.

Just like in our article about brands, we will be updating the table constantly and it is for this reason that we ask for your collaboration with the AlixBlog community. If you have a reliable seller (and if you feel like it) you can suggest it below in the comments, and if you include information such as the link to the store, what products it offers, what brands it has, your experience with the seller… the others will thank you.

Clothing for Men, Women & Children

CategoryClothing styleGlobal ScoreStore
Mens clothingCasual, modern97.2Pioneer Camp
Mens clothingCasual, modern99.2Simwood
Mens clothingtown99.4Inflation
Mens clothingJeans99.3Drizzte
Mens clothingCasual, modern, urban94.4Markless
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban98.2GONTHWID
Mens clothingCasual, sporty, modern96.6LBL Store
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban96.2VOLGINS Official Store
Mens clothingCasual, sporty97.5MEGE KNIGHT
Mens clothingCasual, sporty95.6Jacket Cordee Store
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban96Covrlge Men Store
Mens clothingCasual, Sports97.6TACVASEN Official Store
Mens clothingCasual, sporty100MILUOTA Official Store
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban98.9Tiny Spark Official Store
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban95.5Apparel China
Mens clothingCasual, sporty96.8PRIVATHINKER
Mens clothingModern, urban97.8MANLUODANNI Oversea
Mens clothingModern, casual, blue jeans97.6Brother Wang
Mens clothingModern, casual, urban100BLEASENDY
Mens clothingMilitary, airman98.9EMD Store
Mens clothingCasual, modern96.8AOTORR
Mens clothingSeveral (casual, formal, elegant)95Bolubao Men's Store
Mens clothingCasual, modern, urban97.2NEGIZBER Trend
Men's Clothing / WomenOuterwear99ICEbear
WomenswearModern, European style95.7Vadim
WomenswearModern, European style97.7Shein
WomenswearModern, bold, holidays97.5Adyce
WomenswearPlus size, casual, female98.7Yitonglian
WomenswearBasic, casual97.8Glo-story
WomenswearJeans97.2LEIJIJEANS Store
WomenswearModern, bold, holidays97.7Miss ord fashion
WomenswearModern, European style96.6MSFILIA
WomenswearFeminine, original, modern97.3Mozuleva
WomenswearCasual, elegant, modern97.8toppies Official Store
WomenswearFeminine, party dresses, modern97.1LOVE&LEMONADE Official Store
WomenswearCasual, party dresses, women97.1Ocstrade Official Store
WomenswearElegant, feminine, European style98.4Amii Official Store
WomenswearOriginal, urban, casual99.6imakokoni Official Store
WomenswearOriginal, urban, casual99.4INMAN Official Store
WomenswearCasual, modern, European style97.1Simplee Apparel
WomenswearUnderwear97.6finetoo unite Store
WomenswearSleepwear, pajamas97.7JULY'S SONG WB Store
WomenswearUnderwear98.1TERMEZY Official Store
WomenswearUnderwear98.5BANNIROU Official Store
WomenswearParty clothes, gowns, female96.6SERENE HILL
WomenswearParty clothes, evening dresses, wedding dresses97Ever Pretty official store
WomenswearModern, casual, original96.8TWOTWINSTYLE Official Store
WomenswearCasual, modern, European style98AOSSVIAO Official Store
WomenswearCasual, urban, European style99sherhure Official Store
WomenswearFeminine, elegant, European style97.8DICLOUD Official Store
WomenswearFeminine, elegant, European style97.7Stylish Shero Store
WomenswearElegant, timeless, European style96.7BLSQR Apparels Store
WomenswearCasual, feminine, elegant97.8Colorfaith Official Store
WomenswearUnderwear97.7YOUREGINA Branding Store
WomenswearSportswear97.3Laishiyi GymFashion
WomenswearBall gowns, wedding dresses96.4EMIQIAN
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual97.4Bear Leader
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual98.7Dave & bella
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual and elegant97.1Milan creations
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual and elegant96.7Sanlutoz
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, Urban94.5Didioo
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, day to day95.6Top and top
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, fun, child100Cnum
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual and elegant98Little miss Apparel
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, elegant, party98Vivian Children Clothing
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, fun, child98.8Hi Kawaii Baby Store
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, fun, child95.8Feng Ye
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, classic, timeless96.4LZH Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, fun, original98OrangeMom Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesFunny, children, original99DEAR RABBIT Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesFunny, stylish, original97.2Coconut Tree Store
Clothes Children / BabiesFun, child, elegant97Small lovely world
Clothes Children / BabiesFunny, ecological, original96.7Baby Boutiques Store
Clothes Children / BabiesCasual, timeless, child96.5Wutongshu Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesFunny, original, elegant97.3Humor Bear official store
Clothes Children / BabiesOriginal, casual, child97.7honeyzone Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesOriginal, funny, casual98.6kiddiezoom Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesTimeless, childish, funny98.5Chamie
Clothes Children / BabiesFun, casual, original98.8Fetchmous Officail Store
Clothes Children / BabiesColorful, different, original96.4Facejoyous Official Store
Clothes Children / BabiesOriginal, funny, casual98.4EGHUNOOY Official Store


CategoryBrandGlobal ScoreStore
Speakers, headphones, stereosFiio, Hidizs, Topping98.4GoldenAudio Store
Speakers, headphones, bracelets ...Xiaomi96.7Xiaomi Dreami Store
Android TV Box, Mini PCXiaomi, Tronsmart, Vorke, Minix94.8Shenzhen Mobase Technology
HeadphonesKZ98.2KZ Official Store
Headphones and accessories for mobileMPOW96.5Mpow Flagship Store
Headphones and speakersQCY96QCY Official Store
Headphones and speakersbluedio96.9Bluedio Official Store
Headphones and speakersJBL, Sennheiser, Bose, Beats95.8Global Tops-E Online Store
Headphones and speakersEdifier98.2Edifier Official Store
Headphones and smartwatchHaylou97.5Haylou Official Store
Headphones, set-top boxes, music playersFiio97.3FiiO Official Store
Headphones, remote controls, microphones, chargers ...SOONHUA95.9SOONHUA
Action camerasSJCAM96.5SJCAM Official Store
Action cameras and webcamsXiaomi97Yi authorized Store
consolesGPD Max, P2, Pocket ...99.3GPD Offical Store
3D glasses, projectors, headphones, speakers ...Zealot, Bobovr, Baofeng81.8Droid Plaza
3d printersCrealty98.5CREALITY 3D Official Store
3d printersAnycubic97.9ANYCUBIC Official Store
3d printersFlying Bear99FLYING BEAR Official Store
3d printersArtillery98.3ARTILLERY Global Store
3d printersEnder98.7Ender Official Store
3d printersTwo trees97.6TWO TREES Official Store
Laptops, tablets, smartwatchesManzana97.6Shenzhen Jiefanglu Nework Tech Store
Controls to playGameSir97.7GameSir
computersChuwi96.8CHUWI Official Store
computersteclast97.8Teclast Official Store
computer GamingMachenike98MACHENIKE Official Store
projectorsYET96.1AUN Online Store
projectorsByintek98.5byintek Official Store
projectorsThundeal97.6ThundeaL Official Store
projectorsWZATCO98.1WZATCO Official Store
Smartwatch and bracelets quantizerMakibes, Xiaomi, Teclast ...95.6Makibes Official Store
Smartwatch and bracelets quantizerLemfo96.6Lemfo Official Store
Smartwatch and bracelets quantizerAmazfit98.2amazfit Official Store
Smartwatch and bracelets quantizerZeblaze96.5Zeblaze Official Store
MicroSD cards, external hard drives, RAM ...Samsung99.1Samsung Official Store
MicroSD cards, external hard drives, RAM ...Kingston98.7Kingston Official Store
MicroSD cards, pen drives ...LD100LD Official Store
Photo accessories and recordingLights, flashes, tripods, reflectors96.4CY Photo Accesories Store
Photography and recording accessoriesyongnuo98DHphoto
Accessories for computers, tablets and mobileCables, adapters, USB ports., Microphones ...95.3JETTINGElectronic Store
Accessories for video game consolesXbox, Nintendo WII ...95.8TECTINTER PRO

Cell phones / Mobile

CategorybrandsGlobal ScoreStore
phonesXiaomi97.5Xiaomi MC Store
phonesXiaomi, Leeco,98.5Hong Kong Goldway
phonesBlackview97Blackview Official Store
phonesCubot97.2Cubot Official Store
phonesUmidigi95.3UMIDIGI Official Store
phonesIPhone, Samsung, SONY, LG95.5HongKong CINGO Technology Co., Ltd.
phonesBlackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samgung, Apple94.5Hsenivo World mobile phone Store
phonesBlackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samgung, Apple, Ericsson94.8R-phone - Professional Mobile Phones Store
phonesIPhone, SONY, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia95.5Shenzhen 99100
phonesXiaomi98.3Mi Global Store
phonesHuawei, Xiaomi96.8D-PHONE Online Store
phonesUMI, Leagoo, Doogee, Vernee95.1SmartVisionTechnologies
phonesLeagoo95.9LEAGOO Official Store
phonesVernee97.7Vernee Official Store
phonesOPPO, ZTE, Rom98.7AI LIFE
tabletsAlldocube100ALDOCUBE Factory Store
tabletsChuwi97CHUWI Official Store
phonesHomtom95.2HOMTOM Official Store
phonesZTE, AGM, Leagoo, GOME, Homtom, Bluboo97.8Xblue
phonesAsus96.9Asus Authorised Store
phonesLeagoo, Motorola, Bluboo, Lenovo, ZTE ...97.4X SHOW
phonesLindahl98.8realme Official Store
phonesXiaomi, Pocophone96.6Xiaomi Official Store
phonesDoogee96.7DOOGEE Official Store
phonesHuawei Honor96.9JKTEAM Store
phonesElephone94.3ELEPHONE Official Store
phonesHonor98.2honor Mobile Official Store
phonesOukitel98.1OUKITEL Global Online Store
phonesOnePlus97.3OnePlus Official Store
Phones and other electronic productsXiaomi96.7Xiaomi Dreami Store
tabletsCube100So cube
tabletsteclast96.2Teclast Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)nillkin97.8NILLKIN Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Anker96.8Anker Official store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Rock, Baseus, Cafele ...96.8Five City store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)ESR97.8ESR Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Chotech98.5Chotech Flagship Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Rock97.6Rock Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Qialino97.7Qialino Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Memumi99.3Memumi Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)Orico98.6Orico direct
Mobile accessories (chargers, cables ...)Ugreen98.9Ugreen Official Store
Mobile accessories (powerbanks, boots ...)Vinsinc98.9Vinsinc TopBrand Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)KEYSION97.1KEYSION Online Official Store
Mobile accessories (case, cables ...)INIU96.4INIU Official Store

Shoes & Bags

CategoryStyles you can findGlobal ScoreStore
Shoes for men and womenBoots, oxfords, sandals96.7BASSIRIANA
Shoes for men and womenMoccasins, boots, sports ...96.7Aokang
Men's shoesLoafers, sandals, boots, stylish92.3Xper
Women shoesShoes, sandals, boots98STQ Official Store
Women shoesBoots, slippers, sandals98.1Donna-in Official Store
Women shoesBoots platform urban style97.4Gdgydh Official Store
Women shoesBoots, boots, sandals, ballerinas99.3BeauToday Official Store
Women shoesSlippers, sandals, boots, oxford99MALEMONKEY Official Store
Women shoesBoots, sandals, sneakers99.2ZHR Official Store
Children's shoesSports, boots, casual shoes98.2UOVO
Children's shoesSports, boots, casual shoes98.5FLAMINGO
Bags for womenElegant, casual95.3Realer
Bags for womenElegant, casual97.4Ineela Frenchise Store
Bags for womenElegant, casual98.8Hanhantan Store
Bags for womenElegant, casual97.2Yogodlns Outlet Store
Bags for womenCasual, original, modern97.8LEFTSIDE Official Store
Bags for womenModern, stylish, original98.3Tiancai handbag Store
Bags and purses MenLeather, casual, elegant98.1BISON DENIM
Bags and purses MenLeather, casual, elegant100CROSS OX
Handbags and wallets for men and womenLeather, casual, elegant97.9Cobbler legent
Handbags and wallets for men and womenLeather, modern, stylish98.6ContactS Official Store
Handbags and wallets for men and womenUrban, casual, original98.7baellerry quality Store
Handbags and wallets for menLeather, casual, elegant96Fashionable Discount Shopping Store
Bags and purses WomensFeminine, elegant, original98.6FOXER official store
Bags and purses WomensModern, casual, urban96.1FH HERALD FASHION Official Store
Bags and purses WomensUrban, casual, timeless98.2Aliwood Official Store
Bags and purses WomensFemale, casual, timeless97.81970 Bumblebee Store
Bags and purses WomensOriginal, elegant, modern98.7NICEE Store
Handbags and wallets for men and womenSports, casual, children ...96.5FABLUE Trend Store
Handbags, wallets and backpacks for men and womenElegant, casual, sports97.6Not-only Bag Store
BackpacksUrban, modern99.2Tigernu
BackpacksUrban, modern99.3Kingsons official store
BackpacksUrban, modern97.8KAKA Official Store

Jewelry, Sunglasses, & Other Accessories

CategoryStyles you can findGlobal ScoreStore
WatchesSports, modern89.9SHARK SPORT WATCH
WatchesClassic, modern, elegant92.7CASIMA
WatchesClassic, modern, elegant94.3CURREN
WatchesSports, modern92.7WEIDE
WatchesClassic, modern, elegant98.2SINOBI
WatchesClassic, modern, stylish95.7WatchABC
WatchesSmartwatches, sports, casual93.7Coolsan
Watchesstylish97.1Chinese Watch Factory
WatchesClassic, elegant, modern98.6Hannah Martin Official Store
WatchesClassic, elegant, original99.3NAVIFORCE Dropshipping Store
WatchesClassic, stylish, sports97.1MEGALITH Official Store
WatchesModern, original, classic97.1LIGE Official Store
WatchesElegant, classic, modern99.1WWOOR Official Store
WatchesElegant, classic, original96.9PAGANI DESIGN Official Store
WatchesElegant, modern, classic97.7FEiNiNG Store
Imitation jewelryModern, Casual96.4eManco
Imitation jewelryModern, Casual98KISS ME
Imitation jewelryElegant, modern, casual98.5Viennois
JewelryElegant, silver97.3NEHZY
JewelryStylish, for men and women98.2VQYSKO
JewelryElegant, modern98JewelryPalace
JewelryClassical, modern97.3Vnox
Jewelrypandora type98.9Bamoer
JewelryElegant, modern96.4UMODE
JewelryElegant, modern96.717KM Official Store
JewelryElegant, modern95.5Zhouyang
Jewelrypandora type99.1Cool Jewelry
JewelryCustom jewelry95.9Myfresty Official Store
JewelryElegant, silver, pandora type97.7SILVERHOO Official Store
JewelryElegant, silver, clasico95.2JOY YIFOR JM Silver Store
JewelryElegant, precious stones, silver97.5CZCITY Official Store
JewelryCharms, silver, elegant, pandora type98WOSTU JEWELRY Store
Jewelrynatural, modern, original stones98.1CSJA Jewelry Official Store
Jewelrynatural, modern, original stones98.1LAMOON Official Store
JewelryElegant, modern, trendy98.3Yhpup Official Store
JewelryModern, original, modern style97.3AENSOA Jewellery Store
JewelryModern, trendy, original98.4XP Official Store
JewelryCharms, silver, pandora type98.1JewelryPalace Specific Store
SunglassesModern, stylish98.6Beidao Glasses Store
SunglassesModern, current, original94.5Sen Maries Official Store
SunglassesVintage, modern, original98.2peekaboo Official Store
SunglassesModern, current, original98.4Veithdia Official Store
SunglassesSports, polarized, modern98.4KDEAM STORE
SunglassesElegant, modern, classic99Aoron Official Store
SunglassesRetro, modern, trendy98.4XIU Official Store
SunglassesPolarized, modern, classic99OLEY Official Store
SunglassesClassic, modern, Polarized98.2BARCUR Official Store
SunglassesRetro, trendy, original98.8AEVOGUE Official Store
SunglassesElegant, modern98.2MERRY'S
SunglassesModern, informal89.8VEGOOS
Caps and hats for men and womenClassic, modern98.8ENJOYFUR
Scarves and handkerchiefs for men and womenClassic, modern97.3VIANOSI
Belts for men and womenLeather, classic98.9COWATHER

Home Appliances

CategoryBrandGlobal ScoreStore
personal care and cleaningXiaomi.100SMARTMI MIJIA Store
personal care, cleaning, cooking ...Tinton Life96.6TINTON LIFE Official Store
personal care, cleaning, cooking ...SaengQ97.6SaengQ Official Store
personal care, kitchen, air treatment ...Kemei, CkeyiN95.4Kinfo Timer Store
Personal care, air treatmentFlyco98.3XY Global Store
staff, cleanliness, water treatment and air careXiaomi, Roborock98TookFun Appliance Store
Personal care, cleaning, cooking, air treatmentXiaomi, Deerma96.1Deerm Xiao Store
Personal care, cleaning, cooking, air treatment, treatment of clothesXiaomi, Deerma96.1Robot Vacuum Cleaner Store
personal care, kitchen, laundry treatmentSonifer95.4SONIFER Official Store
KitchenVocory, Onestep96.3Onestep Store
Kitchen, water treatment and airVacuum sealers, water purifiers and air apra cooking devices ...97.7Stars Kitchen Store
Cooking, cleaningKONKA97.1KONKA Authorized Appliances Store
Cooking, cleaning, coffee ...Midea, ACA, Brewista, Grandpro, Jienuo, Onlim ...96.7Good Electrical Store
CleaningI LIFE99.1Ilife Official Store
Dental careOral-B96.3TopHealth Store
Dental carePhilips93.5IGOALHEALTH Store
Dental careOral-B Philips98.2Toocare Personal Care Store
Dental careAZDENT95.9AZDENT Official Store
Dental careCOSOUL99.7COSOUL Official Store
coffee makersHiBrew96.5HiBREW Official Store
Coffee, milk skimmers, chocolate fountains ...DEVISIB97.9DEVISIB Official Store
Smart home accessoriesBaseus97.9BASEUS Smart-Home Store
Electrical devices, personal ciudado, kitchen ...Fans, humidifiers, hair care, electric toothbrushes, food processors ...96.6Comfort-LIFE Store
Humidifiers, aromatherapyKBAYBO94.1KBAYBO Official Store
Parts for appliancesParts for coffee makers, ovens, bread machines ...99.7KitchenMaster Store
Parts for appliancesParts for air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners ...97.6ZXJDZ Store
Parts for appliancesParts for air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners ...97.8Ihomeparts Store

Home & Decoration

CategoryBrand / type of productsGlobal ScoreStore
KitchenDishes, utensils, accessories, food storage97.8WORTHBUY Official Store
KitchenDishes, utensils, accessories, food storage97.5KEMORELA Official Store
KitchenKitchenware, cutters. Products for wine, coffee, tea ...98.3Leeseph Store
KitchenCookware, bakeware, silicone articles ...97.4Walfos Industrial Company Limited
KitchenCookware, accessories, food storage, food cutters97.5ATUCOHO Store
Home furnitureAccessories, storage, cleaning97.2SDARISB Official Store
Home furnitureCleaning supplies, storage, decorating, cooking ...95.1LUOSB Store
Home furnitureTools for home, kitchen, bar items, storage, pet products96.6DIYWORK House Tool Market Store
Home furnitureCleaning supplies, kitchen, bathroom, pet products, tools ...96.5NICEYARD Global Store
Home furnitureBathroom accessories, toilet, hooks, sponges ...97.1LIYIMENG Official Store
Home furnitureStorage items, kitchen, bathroom, decoration96American GoodLife General Merchandise Co., Ltd Store
StorageBags, boxes, bottles, shelves ...97TOPINCN Official Store
StorageStorage and organization products for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom ...96.8Lazyishhouse Official Store
DecorWindow film, wall stickers, wall clocks, wallpaper98.6Funlife Home Decor
DecorTapestries adhesives for floors, walls, furniture ...96.9Yenhome Official Store
DecorPictures and paintings. Frames.97.8huacan official store
DecorDecorative ornaments, figurines, statues ...97.4Ermakova Craftware Store
DecorDecoration for parties, birthdays, Christmas, weddings ...96.3BESTOYARD Whole Store
Home textilesFurniture covers, mattress pads, blankets, blankets97.5Forcheer Official Store
Home textilescurtains95.3ChadMade Store
Home textilesDesigner bedding, rugs, towels ...96.4BeddingOutlet Official Store
Cleaningseveral cleaning cloths98.1Congis Official Store
YardItems, accessories and irrigation systems98.6Aqualin Official Store
YardArticles irrigation, gardening tools, items for beekeeping ...98.5Talk-Satisfied Gardening Store
YardIrrigation accessories, other gardening products. Apiculture products for home97.9Our good times
PetPet accessories, protective furniture covers, pet carriers ...97.9Prodigen Official Store
PetPet accessories, ant farms, aquarium supplies97.4Leewince Official Store
Home furnitureOriginal paintings and photographs98.3Homfun Official Store
Home furnitureArtificial flowers, floral arrangements98IndigoDecoration Store
Home furnitureBalloons and party decoration96.7Partigos Official Store
illuminationFlashlights, portlatil lighting, outdoor lighting97.7Shustar Official Store
illuminationInterior lights, lamps, bulbs96.6Yeelight Official Store
illuminationCeiling lights, bulbs97.8OFFDARKS Official Store
illuminationLed lights98Hunta Official Store
illuminationDecorative lights, ceiling lights, indoor lights97Mavesan Official Store
illuminationIndoor lights, decorative lights, table96Plutus-Quinn Official Store
Bathroom accessories and kitchenShelves, towel holder, hoses, heads97.7Smesiteli Official Store
Power Tool AccessoriesDrill bits, strawberries, stems ...98.8YVS Tool Store
Showers and tapsShower heads, faucets, hand shower ...97.8Gappo Official Store
Showers and tapsShower heads, faucets, hand shower ...98.2FRAP Official Store


CategoryBrand / type of productGlobal ScoreStore
Sports shoesNike96.8Nike
Sports shoesOnemix97.7Onemix
Sports shoesLi-ning99.1Li-ning
Sports shoesMizuno98.7NXNE Gym
SportswearWomen's Sportswear98.6VEQKING
SportswearPants, shirts for the gym98.4NEPOAGYM Official Store
SportswearBags and gym clothes97.4SHEDAO Official Store
SportswearPants, shirts for the gym95.8YD GYM BEAST
Swimwearmodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...97.6sporlike Official Store
Swimwearmodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...99.1CUPSHE Official Store
fitnessFitness equipment and accessories97.6Aolikes Official Store
fitnessFitness or yoga sportswear woman97.1LO LI Sportswear Store
fitnessFitness or yoga sportswear woman98.9WAREBALL Official Store
fitnessFitness equipment96.9JOIN US
fitnessFitness equipment and accessoriesFlylitte
Swimwearmodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...84.5NAKIAEOI
Swimwearmodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...97.4Telaura
outdoor sportsClothes, shoes, tools94.7FREESOLDIER
outdoor sportsSleeping bags, tents, tools97.5Naturehike
Camping and hikingClothing, camping accessories, bags, backpacks ...96.5Ultralight Outdoor Store
Camping and hikingClothing, camping accessories, bags, backpacks98.9Naturehike Factory Authorization Store
sporting goods in generalCycling, snow sports, swimming ...98.8copozz
CyclingHelmets, clothing, tools97.9ROCKBROS
CyclingHelmets, goggles, tools96.9CoolChange
CyclingGloves, helmets, tools97.2INBIKE
CyclingClothing, footwear, helmets98.1Santic
CyclingWheels, frames and parts87ICAN
CyclingCycling accessories96.8Jumping outdoors
FishingSpools, tools98.6seaknight
FishingSpools, tools98.3kastking
FishingReeds, tools98.4MAXIMUMCATCH

Health & Beauty

CategoryBrand / type productsGlobal ScoreStore
MakeupBase makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow ...97.1Focallure Official Store
MakeupMakeup kits, eyeliner, eye shadow ...95.2popfeel Official Store
MakeupBase makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow ...96.3IMAGIC Official Store
MakeupBase makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow ...97.8O.TWO.O Official Store
MakeupPaintbrushes, paintbrushes kits95.7MAANGE Official STore
Eyelashesfalse eyelashes99.1NAGARAKU Official Store
Eyelashesfalse eyelashes97.6yelix Official Store
Eyelashesfalse eyelashes94.2SEXYSHEEP Official Store
Eyelashesfalse eyelashes97.1visofree Official Store
Nail CareEnamels, manicure semipermanent96.4Rosalind Official Store
Nail CareEnamels, semipermanent manicure nail gel95.6Born Pretty Official Store
Nail CareManicure accessories, decorations98Asweina Official Store
Nail CareEnamels, semipermanent manicure nail gel98.1VENALISA Official Store
Nail CareManicure UV LED devices semipermanent98.9SUNUV Official Store
Nail CareDecorations, brushes, stickers96.4Art lalic Official Store
HairExtensions, natural wigs97.3ALI GRACE Official Store
HairExtensions, natural wigs95.2Unice Hair
HairExtensions, natural wigs, colors98.5Noble Official Store
HairExtensions, natural wigs96.2SARLA Official Store
health careProtection, toys98.6Durex Official Store
health caremassage equipment96.8YOSYO Official Store
health careApparatus massage, skin and body care96.5Hailicare Official Store
health careApparatus massage, skin and body care94.6Beurha Official Store
health careApparatus massage, skin and body care96.3DearBeauty Store
health careMassagers99.1jinkairui Official Store
health careHealth measurement devices98yongrow Official Store
health careHealth measurement devices97.7ELERA Official Store
health careHealth measurement devices98.5SINOCARE Official Store
health caremenstrual cup97.7Aneercare Official Store
health careMats massage99.6cofomat Official Store
facial careCreams, serums, masks94.5LANBENA Official Store
facial careCreams, serums, masks95.1LAIKOU SkinCare Store
facial careCreams, serums, masks95.4zwellbe Makeup Store
facial careUltrasound, LED masks, jade roller95.2foreverlily Official Store
facial careUltrasounds, facial massage, blackheads remover97.6Anlan Official Store


CategoryBrand / type productsGlobal ScoreStore
Electric toolsWelding machines, accessories protection97.7ANDELI Official Store
Electric toolsRiveters, sanders, pneumatic shears, tool accessories ...99HIFESON TOOLS
hydraulic toolsManual pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic tools other96.2APRIL TOOL
Manual toolsWrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, drills, knives ...98.9ToolMall Store
Hand Tools / PowerDrills, welding machines, other power tools. Sets of hand tools98.8SiMiao Store
Hand Tools / PowerDrills, electric wrenches, blow molding, sets of hand tools, microscopes, garden tools ...97.9Goxawee Official Store
Hand Tools / PowerWelding machines, drills, other power tools. Measuring instruments, sets of hand tools ...97.6DEKO Official Store
Hand Tools / PowerDrills, other power tools. Accessories tools, screwdrivers, saws, garden tools ...97.6Prostormer Official Store
Hand Tools / PowerMeasuring instruments, optical instruments, welding machines, tools craft ... Other power and hand tools97.8Vinci's Tool Box Store
Hand Tools / PowerWelding machines, measuring instruments, screwdrivers, other hand tools. Tool bags ...98New Acalox Official Store
Hand Tools / PowerSets of hand tools, screwdrivers, hammers. Variety of power tools, garden tools, tool bags.98.6Workpro official store
Hand Tools / PowerWelding machines, drills, rangefinders, screwdrivers, tool accessories ...97.3Hilda Official Store
Hand Tools / PowerSets of hand tools, screwdrivers, hammers. Variety of power tools, garden tools, tool bags.98.9LAOA Official Store
ElectricitySwitches and sockets99Livolo
ElectricitySwitches and sockets97.6MoesHouse Official Store
ElectricityRangefinders, voltage detectors, thermometers. Other measuring instruments98.4UNI-T Official Store
ElectricityRangefinders, voltage detectors, thermometers. Other measuring instruments98.7FNIRSI Away Store
ElectricitySwitches, enchifes, cables, circuit parts98.4TOMZN Official Store
Automotive electricityAVR, ATS generator controller, oil sensor, parts of the generator98.9SHALUO AVR Store
EnergySolar panels, solar controllers, solar inverters97.2EASUN POWER
abrasive materialsSandpaper, polishing pads. Discs for sanders98.2Jiangsu Dongyan Abrasives Store
Industrial suppliesSafety accessories, machinery parts.99.4Cloudray Official Store
Supplies various metallicLocks, locks, hinges, doorknobs ...97.9NAIERDI Official Store


CategoryBrand / type productsGlobal ScoreStore
Car TechnologyCameras and DVD96.7ISUDAR
Car TechnologyCameras and handsfree98Freedconn
Car TechnologyCameras and DVD98SINOSMART
Car Technologyhands-free and GPS97.9Fodsports
Car TechnologyHandsfree, radios, cameras ...96.9ONEVER
Car TechnologyBoard computer screens98.9JOYING
Car TechnologyOrdenadora board, GPS, cameras96.8Junsun
Car TechnologyBoard computer, parking sensor, DVR, cameras96.1Ownice
Car TechnologyBoard computer, DVR, hands-free100Pumpkin
Car TechnologyHandsfree and parking sensors96.2YASOKRO
Car TechnologyBoard computer, hands free, cameras96.9VJOYCAR Official Store
Car TechnologyOrdenadora board, GPS99OBDHUD Store
Car TechnologyBoard computer, DVR, hands-free97.4ShangJiaOBD Store
Car TechnologyOrdenadora board, GPS, cameras97.8Azdome Official Store
Car TechnologyCameras, GPS, car accessories98.870mai Official Store
Tools for carCode reader, diagnostic scanner, cameras HD DVR95.4XTOOL
Tools for carCode reader, diagnostic scanner, cameras HD DVR98LAUNCH
Tools for carCode reader, diagnostic scanner, cameras HD DVR98.2Autel
Tools for carBattery control, auto scanner ...98.4OBDSPACE
Tools for carDiagnostic scanners96.6SuperScan
Tools for carDiagnostic scanners96.8Ancel Direct
Tools for carToolkits, keys, diagnostic tools ...96.2Acartool
Tools for carCode reader, diagnostic scanner, cameras HD DVR98Win-Win Diagnostic Tool
Car PartsTailpipes, suspension, antennas ...98.6EPMAN
Car PartsWindshield replacement windshield98.2REFRESH Official Store
Car PartsHyundai, Nissan, Rav4, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche96.4Car age
Car PartsTailpipes, suspension, antennas ...94.8Car Accessory Online Store
Motorcycle productsHandsfree, battery charger, audio systems98.1LEXIN
Motorcycle productsClothing, shoes, pieces97PRO-BIKER
Motorcycle productsClothing, shoes, pieces97.1HEROBIKER
Car and motorcycle accessoriesIntercoms, gloves and accessories98Lexin Official Store
motorcycle AccessoriesClothing, intercoms, helmets97mama cao 's store
motorcycle AccessoriesClothing, gloves, boots, accessories96.9Top-touch Technology Co.,Ltd
Car AccessoriesCubreasientos, STEERING WHEEL97.1AUTOYOUTH
Car AccessoriesLights, camera DVR, cleaning products94.1HVIERO
Car AccessoriesLights, mirrors, cameras ...97.9Motorcycle&Car Accessories Dropshipping Store
Car AccessoriesStickers, organizers, parasols96.7EAFC
Car AccessoriesCleaning articles98MHS Car Styling
Car AccessoriesLights and turn signals97.9cnsunnylight Official Store
Car AccessoriesCar diagnostics systems96.2KONNWEI Official Store
Car AccessoriesCar diagnostics systems96.4Autel Official Store
Car AccessoriesTools and car cleaning products95.3AUTO CARE Official Store
Lights and toolsXenon, LED, conventional96.7MAXGTRS
LightsXenon, LED, conventional98Cnsunnylight
LightsXenon, LED, conventional96.3RACBOX
LightsXenon, LED, conventional93Oslamp
LightsXenon, LED, conventional96.5TPTOB Light Car
LightsOsram98.9Osram -Oficcial Store


CategorybrandsGlobal ScoreStore
Lego toysLego, Star Wars, Marvel ...97.8AliExpress Building Blocks
dronesSyma, JRC, DJI, Phantom, Cx ...97.5RC Club
Drones and remote control toysSyma92.9SYMA direct-sale Store
Drones and remote control toysSyma, JRC, DJI, Phantom, Cx ...96.1Tomtop RC Store
dollsBlythe99.4Blythe Homes
DollsHello Kitty, Disney, Lilo and Stitch, Totoro, Pokemon98.9Metoo Doll World
various toysMagic cubes, action figures, classic toys95.8Little Radish
various toysPet store, action figures, stuffed animals96Gathering toy store
various toysBaby toys, magic cubes, stuffed animals97.7AMY BABY
various toysCars, action figures, stuffed animals97.3Innocent Childhood Store
Action figuresENLIGHTEN, SLUBAN, BELA, Decool98.4Bricks store
Baby toysBaby / Toys RC96.1RC PRO Shop
Baby toysFunlock100SEMBO Toy Store
remote control toysDJI97.5YDE-TECH
dronesFimi Xiaomi97.5FIMI Official Store
dronesEachine96.7EACHINE Official Store
Drones and remote control toysEachine, MJX, Hubsan, JJRC96.2RC Toy Store
Drones and remote control toysCYMARC, SYMA, MJX96.5CYMARC Official Store
various toysHasbro, Lego, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel95.7MicroPlushToys Store
various toysPokemon, Takura Tomy, Disney95.1Wildest Wonderland Toy Store
various toysDisney, Marvel, Pixar97.1Disny Store
various toysDisney, Super Wings, Peppa Pig97.4Childhood Dreamwork
lego toysLego building blocks, remote control97.3ZE Toys World
lego toysBlock building games96.7ZKZC Official Store
lego toysBuilding blocks, Lego, with light99MTELE Official Store
various toysLearning toys, blocks, figures97.6KACUU ChildrenToy OfficialFlagship Store
various toysBeyblade, Pokemon, Animal Crossing96.7Sugars Ty Store
various toysLol surprise, canine patrol, PJMasks96.8001 Store
various toysLol surprise, Disney, Frozen96.2Wildest Gold-Rush Toy Store
various toysBuilding blocks, Nanoblocks, Lego99.1Apan Sapio Store
various toysMini Loz, building blocks, nanoblocks98.4funny toy Store
various toysMontessori toys, learning, educational95.3Fun bears Store
various toyseducational toys, montessori, accessories97.5Bratyeessi Official Store
various toysWooden toys, montessori, learning98Robot Store
various toysStuffed animals, puzzles, baby toys97.9Kidsbele Official Store
various toysFolding carpets, gyms babies97.7MoShuBe Official Store
various toysWooden toys, ecological, teethers97.7let's make Mother&Baby Store
various toysEducational toys, building blocks97Mini Tudou Official Store
various toysWooden building toys98.9Robotime Online Store
various toysinflatables castles, children's tipis, dolls96Bestwin Amusement Facility CO.,LTD
various toysReborn dolls, real baby97.2NPK manufacturer Store
Action figuresBandai, Gundam, One piece96.2Douyong toy Store
Action figuresDragon Ball, Manga, Anime96.7Kakarotto Saiyan Store
Action figuresNaruto, Dragon Ball, Kimetsu not yaiba96.7Ryan uncle
various toysRubik cubes98.7Shenzhen Hesin Technology Co.,Ltd.
various toysbjd dolls, Japanese dolls99.1oueneifs Official Store
various toysBJD doll, blythe, accessories99.5Blythe Homes
various toysBJD doll, blythe, accessories99.1The show!
various toysDolls, stuffed animals, toys97Metoo Dolls Store
various toysReborn dolls, baby dolls97.9KEIUMI Official Store
various toysBarbie, jurassic park, Cars97Simboo Store

How do I find a store on AliExpress?

Many of you have asked us how to find an AliExpress store that you have been told about. Ideally, you should give us the link directly, but if not, we have two methods to find a seller's store.

Through AliExpress

Go to AliExpress and where you usually look for products, start writing the name of the store. This only works if the name has been given to you well and if it is a well-known store of AliExpress. For example, if we want to find the famous store “Simplee Apparel”, which is in the list we have put above, just start typing its name in the search engine, and it will appear.

Through Google

Google the name of the store by adding the word AliExpress. This method works best for small or lesser-known stores, but if the name has not been given well you may not find it. In this case, you just have to put “Simplee Apparel AliExpress” and it will appear among the first results of the search.

The AliExpress store scoring system

Many times you ask us if a seller is reliable. Well, there are many stores in AliExpress and we don't know all of them, but we are going to explain to you what we do to check if the seller we are going to buy from is reliable.

When accessing the product, a quick way to check if we can trust it is to read the reviews section below the description. Here we can read comments about the article, about the shipment, the seller, or even see real pictures of the product. Another option is to look at the top bar of the store where we will see a scoring system based on the rating of customers who have already bought in that store.

That is, once you receive your order and confirm its receipt, you can rate the store. AliExpress will ask you to assess whether the product is as described, the communication with the seller, and the speed of delivery. We can also find many stores with “Top Brand” stamps that indicate that they sell original brands, have excellent ratings, and great customer service. More information about all AliExpress symbols can be found at the link.

Frequently asked questions about the best AliExpress sellers

In the comment section, we usually find some frequently asked questions. That is why we have decided to gather them and answer them below so that you can easily find help before purchasing something on AliExpress.

If the seller isn't trustworthy, can I lose my money?

Sometimes we take a risk and buy from sellers even if they don't have any comments. In recent years, AliExpress has significantly improved its seller network and it is almost impossible for a seller to open a store to “scam” buyers. Still, know that you are always covered by AliExpress' protection and your money is protected until you confirm receipt of the product.

I have doubts, how can I contact the seller?

The purchase process depends largely on the seller, so you may need to contact them at some point: to ask about product details before you buy, to answer questions about shipping, or in case there is a problem with your order. You can contact them through the order or from the ad itself, we explain better in our article how to contact the AliExpress seller.

Which seller do I choose to have my order arrive faster?

Although the seller is the one who makes the shipment, many times the shipping time does not depend on him. But if you want your order to arrive faster, we recommend you read our Ultimate Guide to Shipping at AliExpress where we explain what you should look for to know when your order will arrive and what shipping methods are best to receive your order sooner.

The seller says he will give me a refund, what do I have to do?

When we have a problem with the order and it has not been sent, it has not arrived or what has arrived is not what we expected, we can use the buyer protection system and recover our money. To do this, we recommend you contact the seller to see what solution they offer you and if you want to recover the money, you will have to open a dispute or claim. You can find more information in our guide to claims, disputes, and returns in AliExpress.

How can I find replica sellers?

A few years ago, AliExpress was known for its high-quality replicas. However, in the last few years, this platform has eliminated all stores with replicas due to multiple complaints from international brands. Even so, it has incorporated authorized sellers of international brands into its platform and there are also Chinese alternatives to international brands. If you have found a seller with cheap branded products we recommend you to read our guide to differentiate original and replica products. Keep in mind that in case the product you receive is a replica, AliExpress protects you.

Chinese brands and official stores in AliExpress

In recent years there are Chinese brands that have become very popular: Xiaomi, Roborock, Shein, OnePlus, Realme, Teclast, Chuwi, Deko… Nowadays almost everything comes from China and in AliExpress we can buy products of great quality-price relation. We have made a ranking with the best Chinese brands of AliExpress and we also have a list with the official and specialized stores of this platform. With all these brands, there is no need to look for replicas.

The seller says his product is refurbished, what does that mean?

There are some sellers who sell popular branded products at very low prices. Most of the time it is because they sell refurbished products, that is, products that have had some problem, are repaired and put on sale on other platforms at a very low price. We explain more in our tutorial what is a refurbished or refurbished product from AliExpress.

Are there wholesalers in AliExpress?

AliExpress' low prices make it an excellent option for buying products and selling them in your country, but we can still save more money if we buy in bulk. In our blog, we have a tutorial on how to buy in bulk at AliExpress and Alibaba where we give you more details and tips.

How to find sellers who offer dropshipping on AliExpress

Another business option is to resell AliExpress products on a more accessible platform for buyers in your country. You don't need to have stock, what you need is a seller that does dropshipping, that is, they can send the products directly to your buyers eliminating any trace that reveals that the product is not from your store. We explain more in our guide to finding sellers with dropshipping in AliExpress.

I want to become an AliExpress seller

AliExpress is a global platform and therefore a great option for selling online since you are sure to find buyers. Unfortunately, selling on AliExpress is not possible yet.

Other tips before buying from AliExpress

With these lists, you can find stores in AliExpress with a high reputation that sell branded products for very cheap and competitive prices. Still, it is important that you always keep in mind:

  1. A seller's reputation can change over time, so make sure to always check it out before you make your purchase. If you see that the reputation of any seller in this table has changed a lot, please let us know in the comments and we will update it.
  2. Just because a seller has a good reputation doesn't mean you have to stop looking at product reviews. As we always say, it is essential to do a little research on the seller before you buy (regardless of the reputation they have and that they are considered in the eyes of AliExpress to be a reliable seller).
  3. If you have any questions about a product, shipping policies, size, etc… contact the seller directly to resolve them. The list that we propose is simply a guide to make your search a little easier :).

Finally, remember that in our blog we have a section with tutorials where you will find very interesting articles that will help you make better purchases.

Go to AliExpress.

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