These are AliExpress’ best Android TV Boxes

Like many others, you may have invested in a quality TV at the time, but it quickly became outdated and unable to connect to streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ or Twitch.

You're not alone, and that's why Android TV Boxes are so popular. With them, you can turn a not-so-old TV into a fully functional Smart TV.

On AliExpress, you have many cheap options to choose from and in this article, we have selected the best brands for you to tune up your TV spending just a small amount of money.

What is a TV Box?

In case you are a bit lost about what a TV Box is and what you can do with it, let's clarify the basics:

A TV Box is a small device with different connection ports (USB, Ethernet, micro SD, HDMI…) that turns your TV into a Smart TV.

Most of them have an Android operating system, and you can install applications on it just as you would on your Android mobile or tablet.

So… what can I do with it?

Do you know everything you can do with a TV Box? Let's see:

  • Watch channels from all over the world. One of the most interesting uses of a TV Box is that you can watch channels from all over the world through their official applications or IPTV applications.
  • Watch series and movies. Using streaming applications (Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime…) or with other applications such as Megadede or Kodi.
  • Surfing the Internet. Although with your TV Box you can surf the Internet and view any website, the truth is that doing this from your TV is impractical and, therefore, unusual.
  • Play Android video games and emulators. By having access to all Android applications, you can play old consoles such as the Play Station, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64… in addition to the entire catalog offered by Android.
  • Play your PC games. Through applications such as Steam Link, you will enjoy all the games you have in your Steam account directly on your TV. This can be very practical if you don't have a laptop that you can easily connect to your TV.
  • Connect accessories via Bluetooth or USB. This way, you will be able to connect any kind of accessory (such as headphones, keyboard, speaker…) to your TV.
  • Download files. You can download any file as you do from your computer, so we could also say that a TV Box is a kind of mini PC.

Why should I buy my TV Box on AliExpress?

Undoubtedly, AliExpress is the platform where you have the widest range of TV Boxes at the most competitive prices.

Besides, many sellers offer the same models and compete to get the most sales, offering great discounts. This, of course, benefits us, the buyers, who can get whatever device we want for much less money than in other online or physical stores.

How to find them: to find the best TV Box deals, go through this search.

Which TV Box to buy?

1. Xiaomi

Official store: Go to the store

As probably know, Xiaomi is one of the brands with the best features and the best quality/price relationship that you can find in the market.

With the Xiaomi TV Box, you can connect to your TV speakers and headphones via cable or Bluetooth, and incorporates voice commands, since it includes the Google Assistant.

Something very important about this device is that it has a wide variety of apps and supports the main streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+…

If you're looking for a compact and elegant design, Xiaomi has also thought about it: this TV Box will not clash with your TV, at the same time it has a very lightweight, very intuitive interface to navigate, and supports a full 4K resolution.

In short, the Xiaomi TV Box is one of our favorite proposals from AliExpress if you want to buy something of quality at the best price.

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2. Nvidia

Official distributor: Go to the store

Nvidia has a desktop TV Box with an incredible performance that surpasses all other brands, although its price is also higher than Xiaomi's, for example.

This device is the best in terms of connectivity, with two USB 3.0 ports, full support for all types of memories, and Gigabit Ethernet. Something that we find very practical is that it has a remote control that backlights when it detects movement.

Its storage memory is more than adequate, but of course, you can also expand it with external memory.

The Nvidia TV Box has all kinds of apps and is also compatible with almost all cloud gaming platforms such as Stadia or GeForce NOW.

Note that even if you do not play video games, its performance is perceived as much higher and that is very noticeable when opening applications and moving through its interface.

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3. Minix

Official store: Go to the store

Minix also offers a great device that's according to its price: with a compact and rugged design, connectivity via three USB ports, and high-quality Android software. Its interface is not the most modern, although it's enough to navigate without problems.

It's a very functional TV Box for playing movies, music, games, surfing the Internet, online streaming services, and fundamental applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime…

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4. Realme

Official store: Go to the store

Realme's stick offers a very good performance under the Google TV system, with a system based on Android TV, good storage, and compatibility with USB memory with NTFS format.

This device stands out for its high-quality internal and external construction, very resistant. It also has a very complete remote control with an elegant design.

Its system is very well optimized and although it lacks Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, it's acceptable for its price, as it's one of the most affordable on the market.

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5. Mecool

Official store: Go to the store

The Mecool TV Box is also committed to offering good features at a low price.

It meets our expectations with a good note, including good connectivity (two USB ports, micro SD card reader to expand its memory, Ethernet port), and excellent internal manufacturing. It also includes a very complete controller with a compact design.

This device has all the certifications, including Netflix, so you will not have any problem viewing your favorite streaming platforms with the highest quality.

Remember that this TV Box does not have Dolby Vision support, although it does include Dolby Audio.

Considering its very reasonable price, its features are up to par to be considered a very good buy.

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What to consider before buying a TV Box?

As you can see, there are many quality TV Boxes that you can buy on AliExpress, and choosing the one that suits you best will depend on the type of user you are and your needs.

Let's see all the aspects you should consider before choosing your device:

Operating system

There are two types of TV Boxes: those with Android OS and those with Android TV.

Devices with Android TV have an interface to navigate that adapts much better to the TV, so if you want it mainly to watch anything on streaming platforms, you will find this operating system much more pleasant.

On the other hand, if you're going to use it to play games and want to install different applications, it will be a better option to choose a TV Box with the other type of operating system, since they usually come rooted from the factory and include much higher storage.


The hardware situation is the same as the operating system: if you only want your TV Box to watch series and movies, you will not need very powerful hardware. On the other hand, if you need it for demanding games or to use the Kodi application, it's better to opt for a superior model.


An important aspect to consider is which connection ports you will need on your TV Box (USB, Ethernet, HDMI…). For example, the sticks are cheaper and don't usually bring hardly any connections. However, you may not need them either.

Upgrade support

Some brands have this aspect quite forgotten and do not support security patches or the latest updates. But don't worry, because all the brands we have named in this article cover this aspect very well and you won't have any problems with Android updates.


Devices with a more powerful processor should have some kind of ventilation to prevent it from heating up and lowering performance and durability.

In this aspect, Nvidia and Mecool are the brands that best fulfill this aspect.

Value for money

Certainly, all the brands we have selected in this article have an excellent quality-price ratio, so you will be more than satisfied with everything they offer.

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