What does it mean when your AliExpress order changes to “Frozen Order”?

Sometimes you might find that the status of your order has changed to “Frozen Order”. There are three reasons for this, all of them the result of an effort to protect you as a buyer.

  1. The seller is under investigation by AliExpress for undertaking unsafe activities.
  2. The payment you made is being verified by AliExpress because of an anomaly.
  3. There is a problem with the order after “opening a dispute”. If you write an email to AliExpress, they will freeze the order and won’t pay the seller till they find a solution to your problem.

This happens most often when AliExpress closes a shop (temporarily or definitely) and paralyzes their activity. If they close the shop definitely they will reimburse you in a few days time.

In any case, if you are still having doubts contact customer service, here.

Go to AliExpress.

  1. Hi,

    Same here. Frozen, never got back the money. Careful with the store ” Big Show Store”, they will steal your money.

  2. What if all my orders are frozen but three of them were okay?

  3. How will l unfrozen my order

  4. I purchased a number of items on AliExpress at the same time not realizing that they put all the orders under one order number. One of the items arrived but it was missing something, I contacted the seller to let them know asking them to send the item, they either didnt understand or were being purposefully awkward.

    I opened a dispute, which after a week of sending messages back and fourth with videos, pictures Aliexpress didnt seem to care, so I contacted paypal regarding the matter, they said they would look into it.

    The Next day all my items on the order where frozen and Aliexpress closed the original dispute. I also received a message from seller saying they had made a mistake and that they would contact the manufacture to get it to me, however I have no way of contacting AliExpress to let them know even though the message is on their system, and they have all my items from other sellers frozen.

    This is the first time I have used AliExpress and there seems very little consumer support or protection to the consumer, it appears if you dont get anywhere and then raise the issue with paypal Aliexpress bullies you into closing the request with paypal, I dont negotiate with bullies… unless they realize its their fault, and work in my interest to look at the facts and the messages from the seller. How do I contact Aliexpress to resolve the issue?

  5. Hallo Aliexpress I pay the seller but he didnt send the product now it is on frozen orders when i will get my money back – because i cant click on Dispute

  6. Hello Team
    my order does not received yet its showing order is delivered but i didn’t received , the main problem is the tracking id which is provided to me is same tracking id is provided to another customer too i.e RU820071921NL this is same one provided to both so he got his order but how can i track my order which tracking id should i use please tell me it is very unsatisfied service from u am so disappointed , please help me to get new Tracking id for my mobile phone am waiting for my order

  7. I open disapute for items not as described
    After I open for a day I check again show me frozen order . Doesn’t show a disapute that I open . What that mean ? Will I get my refund back ? Please help
    Order ID: 8118804014734644

  8. How to open dispute?? After status become frozen only mesagge just enable… order no : 30618939149098

  9. My orden No.81169772862720 is frozen can I know why. Will I get money back or I am getting order.

  10. How would I unfreeze the order?

  11. My order is frozen can i know why? and if am not getting my order when will i get money back?


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