AliExpress’ “Cainiao Super Economy Global” shipping reviews

You may have already noticed the number of shipping methods offered by the Chinese logistics company Cainiao.

Today we are going to analyze Cainiao Super Economy Global, a shipping method that is increasingly used on AliExpress and of which we get quite a few questions from you.

We are also going to compare it with some popular AliExpress shipments that usually appear as an alternative to this shipping method. So you will know how to choose the best shipping method for you.

What is the Cainiao Super Economy Global?

Cainiao Super Economy Global is a cheap shipping method (usually it is free or costs little money), which is used for low value items (less than $5).

It is an ordinary shipment without tracking, but its main advantage that it is compatible with combined deliveries. We will tell you more about this later.


It is important to note that this is an ordinary shipment, so you will not be able to track it once it arrives in your country.

You will see that when the order arrives to your country the tracking will stop and it will only move forward again when the letter carrier delivers the package.

Remember that you can track your order directly on AliExpress by clicking here.

How long does this shipment take?

The estimated delivery time is 30-60 days, although this is an indicative date offered by AliExpress to give you an idea. With how much they have improved shipping, it is normal that your purchase will arrive much earlier.

Also, if you choose “Combined Delivery”, your order will arrive even sooner.

Still don't know what AliExpress combined delivery is? Here we explain what it is:

What is the combined delivery that they offer me in this shipment?

If your shipment is through Cainiao Super Economy Global and is also marked with “Combined delivery offered by AliExpress”, you have the possibility to group several orders (as long as the other items are marked with combined delivery and the total order exceeds $5).

The advantage of combined delivery is that your order will ship faster and the time it takes to reach you at home will be considerably reduced.

Advantages of using combined delivery

Choosing Cainiao Super Economy Global with a combined delivery is a good option if you are planning to buy several low-cost items and don't want to wait so long to receive them, because as soon as you choose “Combined Delivery” your order becomes a priority.

In addition, you will receive everything in one package and you will only have to worry about one package.

If you want to see a selection of items with combined delivery, you can click directly here.

We also have an article where we explain everything related to AliExpress' Combined Delivery in more detail.

Opinions about Cainiao Super Economy Global

As we have already told you, the seller usually offers this shipping method as a free or very cheap one, so we recommend that you choose it before you consider paying more for another shipment and make a cheap item more expensive.

The negative point of Cainiao Super Economy Global is that because it's so cheap, the routes it follows to your country are longer, so it is generally not a fast shipment.

Anyway, keep in mind that if you have any problem, you will always have the support of AliExpress to claim your money.

Cainiao Super Economy Global vs other shipping methods.

What if the seller has two shipping methods and both are free?

Now, let's compare Cainiao Super Economy Global with other popular shipping methods on AliExpress:

Cainiao Super Economy Global vs AliExpress Standard Shipping

We can say that AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most reliable and fastest methods on AliExpress.

The reason?

AliExpress directly manages AliExpress Standard Shipping through the agreements it has between different Chinese courier companies and couriers in your country.

This shipping is certified, so you will be able to control your purchase at all times and you will have to sign for the courier to deliver it to you.

Which one is better?

In short, AliExpress Standard Shipping is a very secure method, it works very well and has few competitors to overshadow it.

Cainiao Super Economy Global vs AliExpress Saver Shipping

Both shipping methods are ordinary, so you will not need to sign anything for the courier to deliver your order (most often it will be left directly in your mailbox).

The most outstanding advantage of AliExpress Saver Shipping is that it has tracking available (although it is not certified and you don't have to sign for it to be delivered), so you will be able to know where your purchase is at all times.

Which one is better?

Although the estimated delivery time is very similar, knowing where your order is going and when it will be delivered, makes AliExpress Saver Shipping the best option.

Cainiao Super Economy Global vs Cainiao Standard for Special Goods

Cainiao Standard for Special Goods is a certified shipment also handled by the Cainiao company.

Which one is better?

Just the fact that it is certified already makes Cainiao Standard for Special Goods a safer shipment compared to Cainiao Super Economy Global (as well as a faster method).

In our article Cainiao Standard for Special Goods you can learn more about this shipment.

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