Cheap Nike sneakers in AliExpress: How to find the best deals

Sneakers, trousers, leggings, sweaters, soccer or basketball t-shirts… You can find all these things and more in the AliExpress Nike section. Unlike other brands you find in AliExpress, most Nike products on the platform are original and you can find them at much better prices than other shops.

They have Nike models for men, women and children. Nike Roshe, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Janoski, Nike Air Max, Air Force 1 or Nike Huarache… If you are looking for any of these specifically, try clicking on the links to our guides 😉 .

Cheap Nike sneakers in AliExpress: are they replicas or originals?

Until recently, if you tried looking for cheap Nike sneakers in AliExpress, the only thing you’d find are replicas. Nowadays there are tons of shops selling original Nike products, offering an interesting alternative for those of us unwilling to spend a fortune on sneakers. Now then: how do I know the difference between a replica and an original?

How to find original Nike clothes and sneakers

Say you are looking for a pair of Nike to run, the best thing to do is to type in the model + the word “original” on the search tab: “Nike Running Original” (click on the link to go directly to the search).

You’ll see something like this:

Nike original

My advice is to always sort results by number of sales and, if the product has way to many results (like Nike), try selecting “seller rating”:

Seller rating nike original

By doing this you’ll filter the search to only see well rated products, sorted from most to least sales, a very good indicative of their quality.

As for the seller’s reputation, I try to always purchase from sellers with at least one diamond, especially if you are looking for an original product. However, if you are looking for a replica, aim for a lower ratings. Their shops tend to disappear fast, so they don’t always have the best ratings.

Advice: take a look at our ranking of AliExpress best sellers

It used to be that when a seller on AliExpress said in their product was original in the description, they were agreeing to refund you if it wasn’t. However, AliExpress recently introduced this icon:

Autenticidad garantizada

This icon is used by sellers participating in the “Guaranteed Authenticity” program. By participating in it, they guarantee the 100% originality of the product and agree to give you up to double the price you paid originally if the product turns out not to be authentic.

Some Sports shops:

Best Sports Stores: Here you can find loads of Nike products (clothes, sneakers, etc…). They also have other brands such as Puma, Adidas, Converse and the Chinese brand li Ning.

Olympic: another shop offering tons of original sports brands.

Relee Sport: This shop has been around AliExpress for a while and has tons of products.

How to tell the difference between Nike replicas and a white label?

If you are looking for Nike products in AliExpress you are definitely going to run into some replicas and white label ones. White label brands are very easy to identify: they’re models inspired by Nike with completely different logos. Here you can see an example of sneakers inspired by the Nike Roshe Run:

Nike senza il logo giusto

Then you have the replicas, these can be slightly harder to tell apart from originals. Let’s stay with the example of Nike Roshe Run. Not only does the picture look original, the description also states they are.

Truth is, this seller can get into a lot of trouble with AliExpress for using false advertising (and for selling replicas).

replicas nike roshe run en aliexpress barats

The best indication of it being a replica is the price. However, be aware that you can also find incredibly cheap original products. That’s why, the best way to make sure you aren’t buying a replicas is to contact the seller directly ;).

What about the quality of Nike products in AliExpress?

It usually depends on the seller, but we’ve bough plenty of cheap Nike sneakers and clothes in AliExpress (white label and original) and we can assure you in most cases, the Nike products offered by AliExpress are great quality.

However, do make sure you look for sellers with good product ratings and read customer reviews (try looking up different countries as well…) in the “Ratings” section. Also, remember to check in anyone posted pictures of the real product. 

Shopping for Nike products in Amazon, an alternative to AliExpress

AliExpress has a lot of advantages, but shipping is not one of them, nor is their stock. If you need sneakers as soon as possible try looking for Nike on Amazon, they have great prices and a wide catalogue of products.

Furthermore, in some cases, shopping on Amazon can be cheaper than getting them in AliExpress. So try taking a look at both, and take into consideration shipping, while it may not always be free on Amazon, it almost always is in AliExpress.

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