What does the status “Arrived at the Local Facility” mean in Shein?

When your order is on its way, several statuses appear in the tracking. Most statuses are easily understood, but there are others that are difficult to understand. Such is the case of the “Arrival at the Local Facility” message. It doesn't give much clue as to how long it will be before it arrives.

What does it mean? Has it already arrived in your country or is it still in China? We explain it all below.

What does “Arrived at the Local Facility” mean?

This status usually appears in Shein's tracking after it leaves the warehouse in China, or after it has been shipped. So it’s normal to have doubts when you get this message.

The “Arrived at the Local Facility” message also includes the country where it has arrived and is often accompanied by other messages such as “In transit”, and “On its way”. All these clues are key to knowing where your order is.

In short, your package has arrived at the local postal facility in the country indicated in the message, and it will be a few days before your order arrives to your country.

Has the package cleared customs?

No, your package hasn’t cleared customs yet, it has simply arrived in the country and is awaiting customs clearance. It’s in the central distribution center along with other packages. The next step is to have it sent to your local post office for delivery.

If you have doubts about this topic, we recommend you to read our article about how customs work at Shein.

Where is the local facility?

Most packages usually arrive by air and enter through a particular city in your country. From there they are sent to the different delivery offices around the country quickly. But before this, you will have to clear customs.

In any case, the package is already in the country indicated in the message, which is usually a country close to yours.

Why did it arrive in a different country?

In some cases, this message appears when the package arrives in a different country, usually close to yours. Don't worry, your order will leave for your country in the next few days. It depends on the courier you have used as sometimes they go through other countries to get to yours faster.

Even so, if you have doubts you can contact Shein. The agents of the platform will be able to give you more details about the shipment and solve any of your doubts. Contact them through this link.

How long will it take to arrive since the status “Arrived at the Local Facility”?

As mentioned above, after it arrives at the local facility it still has to go through customs and be sent to the office where it’ll be delivered to you. So there is no standard time for the order to arrive, and it also depends on the region you live in and the company delivering the package.

Normally, it only takes a few days for the order to leave the local facility for your post office. However, if there’s a large volume of packages, customs will take longer to release your order. From the time it arrives at the local facility it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered, but as mentioned above the time depends on many factors.

In case it has arrived in a different country, it will take a little longer to get to you because it has to be sent to your country first. This usually takes a few days. Still, nowadays, it’s quite fast.

If your order is stopped by customs and you have to pay taxes, it’ll take a long time; but you will be notified. However, Shein packages don’t usually pay customs and arrive very quickly at your preferred address.

How to contact Shein?

If you think your order is taking too long, customs have stopped your order, or simply what you have received doesn’t match what you ordered, the best thing to do is to contact Shein.

To do this you have to access the Shein customer service center through this link. You’ll enter an automatic system, and then it’ll give you the option to speak to an agent. They will give you more information and explain what the next steps are.

Their customer service is one of the strengths of the platform. Shein is very professional and attentive and always tries to give satisfactory responses to customers. So, if you’re feeling doubtful about your order’s process, contact them if you have problems with your order.

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