Everything you need to know about finding Beats by Dre on AliExpress, Amazon and eBay

Here is an article for all you music buffs! Today we are going to talk about how to find headphones and earphones by Dr. Dre in various online stores. As you may already known, it’s basically impossible to find Dr. Dre Beats on AliExpress, so we’ve updated this guide to show you some cheap good quality alternatives.

DON’T WORRY! If you aren’t convinced by the Chinese brands on AliExpress, at the end of the article we’ll talk a bit about other online stores that do have these headphones for cheaper than usual. If you don’t want to read all the article, just go ahead and try looking for Dr Dre Beats on eBay: you’ll find thousands of products on sale. At the end of this article we will also be showing you how to tell replicas apart from originals, so you can be sure you are making a great purchase :).

Cheap dr dre beats in ebay best place to buy instead of aliexpress

The strange case of the disappearing Dr Dre Beats headphones in AliExpress

When we wrote the first version of this article, at the end of 2014, it was very pretty easy to find models such as the Beats Studio, Beats Solo, Beats Dj Pro, Beats Ear Buds, Beats Monster, etc… However, for some strange reason, it seems like Beats headphones have practically vanished from AliExpress. We say it’s strange, but truly the explanation is clear: AliExpress is trying to get rid of replicas, so it’s becoming increasingly hard to find them.

Therefore, if you want to shop in AliExpress, you are going to have to look for alternatives or, if you have your mind set on getting originals, try looking at the end of the article, we’ll show you a few stores to get good deals on them.

Alternatives to Beats headphones in AliExpress

In AliExpress you can find loads of great quality headphone and earphone brands with very positive ratings. These are the most popular ones:

Chinese headphone brands on AliExpress are cheap alternatives to dr dre beats

  • Bluedio – this is probably the most popular brand for headphones in AliExpress. Not only do they offer cheap headphones and earphones, they also have portable speakers like Bose or Beats Pill. It’s also the shop with the best quality Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Cheap and good quality xiaomi headphones in AliExpress

  • Awei – This Chinese company is slowly becoming very well known for its sports earphones. Their star product are some wireless earphones with bluetooth. They don’t have a cable connected to the device, so they’re a lot more comfortable for jogging or going to the gym. They are also great for listening to music outside home, I have a pair and can assure you they are super comfortable and practical. As you can see, they have tons of sales and great reviews. I personally recommend the Awei a920bl (the ones I have): they’re discreet and offer great sound quality, no wonder they have some many sales and such high ratings.

Good quality wireless headphones with bluethooth in AliExpress

  • Xiaomi – You probably known this brand as one of the best Chinese technology companies. As to be expected, Xiaomi also has a hand in the sound sector offering a variety of products. However, unlike Bluedio, Xiaomi only focuses on the making and development of the earphones. They’re also pretty good quality.

Cheap and good quality xiaomi headphones in AliExpress

If you aren’t convinced by these brands, don’t worry, here’s how to find cheap original Dr Dre Beats on other platforms :).

Finding Beats by Dr Dre on eBay and Amazon (careful with replicas)

Since there aren’t any originals in AliExpress, we’ve been looking at some alternatives to find them at a good price. After looking around, we can say with all certainty that the best shop to purchase branded headphones is eBay. This being said, do be careful: There’s a lot of fakes, identical replicas hard to tell apart from originals.


On Amazon it’s very easy to find Beats Studio, Beats Solo, Beats Dj Pro, Beats Ear Buds, Beats Monster or Beats Pill. The biggest advantage to Amazon is that you’ll get the headphones fast, the down side being that although you can find some offers, their products are still more expensive than on eBay.


Like Amazon, eBay also it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to buy Beats in this shop, you will get them so much cheaper but they might take longer to get to you.

Before talking about how to tell a replica apart from an original, remember to filter the results for your Dr Dre Beats search on eBay to avoid second hand ones. If you click on the link above you can go directly to a filtered search showing only new products.

Best store to buy cheap dr beats online ebay

Like we mentioned above, when it comes to eBay, you have to be careful with replicas. That’s why we recommend you look closely at the sellers before making a purchase.

Check the seller’s reputation, you don’t want to end up buying expensive Beats replicas thinking they are original

Unlike AliExpress, where sellers offering Dr Dre Beats replicas will have a low reputation, on eBay they may have very high ones. This makes it hard to tell them apart from originals. Our advice is to check ratings left by other customers or contact the seller directly to ask any questions you might have.


Seller information and reputation on ebay be a mart shopper

Keep in mind that some headphones you see on pictures won’t feature the Beats logo. They do this to avoid legal problems because they are selling replicas. This being said, it’s not as common on eBay as it is on AliExpress.

So, where can I get some high quality headphones?

The quality of original Dr Dre Beats is exceptional, if you purchase a replica the quality and the durability will not be as good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be shabby either.

We recommend you choose eBay or AliExpress. The headphones in AliExpress may not be Beats, but the alternatives are pretty good quality. That’s it for today’s guide, if you still have any questions, just leave us a comment!

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