Cheap Bicycles in AliExpress – Complete guide

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of emails asking us about cheap bicycles in AliExpress, so we’ve finally taken the time to write this complete guide for you. We are going to tell you everything we know about finding the perfect fit for you on AliExpress, whether it’s a mountain bicycle, electric, cube or foldable.

Bike AliExpress

We’re also going to give you our opinion on the most sold bicycles in AliExpress, along with some advice on acronyms and sellers:

Finding the best deals on bicycles

First of all, take a minute to look at the link below, it will take you directly to an incredible list of completely new bicycles: fat bikes, street bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, foldable bicycles, downhill bikes, vintage / retro bicycles, you name it. Best of all? THEY ARE INCREDIBLY CHEAP, most of them going from 190 to 250 Euros, believe me it’s a real miracle to find these kinds of prices for bicycles with these kinds of features (disk brakes, adjustable suspensions, alloy rims…)

Melhores ofertas bicicleta ALiExpress

The best bicycle deals and sellers

Important: AliExpress has the best offers and discounts on bicycles in internet. That’s why it’s the best option if what you are looking for is good quality cheap bicycles.

Cheap Electric Bicycles in AliExpress

Top rated shop: Sunishine

If you like electric bicycles, you might have already heard names like Monty, Tucano, Noratu, Audi, Bmw, Cannondale, Cube… All these bicycles are great, but they also can be a bit pricey. If this is the kind of thing you are looking for but you can’t really afford it, AliExpress is the cheap alternative! Click on the following link to find results for electrical bicycles in AliExpress. Once you are there, the best thing to do is to look up the different sellers and contact the ones you are interested in.

Don’t want to buy a completely new bicycle? You can also buy conversion kits to turn your regular bicycle into an electric one. It’s a fun and cheap alternative to buying a new one!

Cheap Street Bicycles in AliExpress

Top rated shop: RockBros

Carbon bicycles are quickly becoming the ultimate thing to buy in AliExpress. And it’s no surprise, because you can get them for much cheaper than in known shops such as Orbe, Aero, Decathlon, Btwin, Bianchi, Berria etc…Truth is, there is a pretty good market for carbon fiber bicycles in AliExpress with bikes going from 350 up to 3000 Euros. Just click on the following links to find out all the types of street bicycles you can get.

Road Bike – Click on the link to go to AliExpress, then select the category bicycles (at the left of the page). Sit back and look at the results.

Carbon Bike – Follow the same procedure as before.

Cheap Foldable Bicycles in AliExpress

Top rated shop: Hk Realpower

Boomerang, Dahon, Brompton, Monty,… are some of the most recognized brands dealing in aluminum foldable bicycles. The best choice to move around a busy city, they can be somewhat expensive, but in AliExpress you can find them for incredible prices. Here’s the most used acronyms for foldable bikes in AliExpress:

Foldable Bike – Click on the link to go to AliExpress and then on the bicycle category (at the left of the page). This will filter your search even more.

Warning: It’s essential that you do some research before you start shopping for foldable bicycles in AliExpress, prices being somewhat inflated. If you have doubts or think the price is too steep, try to negotiate with the seller or just move on to another one offering a better price.

Cheap Mountain Bicycles in AliExpress

Top rated shop: RockBros

Not only will you find thousands of cheap mountain bicycles in AliExpress, you’ll also find loads of accessories for them. You can find anything, from suspensions, brake discs, KTM / Fox decals up to kits to convert your mountain bike into an electric one. Needless to say, everything is very cheap!

Mountain bike brands like Scot, Trek, bh, Orbea, bc, Btwin etc… can be hard to find in AliExpress because they are very well known. Instead, in AliExpress you are going to find cheap mountain bicycles (or at least more affordable than branded ones). This does not mean you can’t find the brands mentioned above, you are just going to have to use acronyms used by sellers to look for them.

Mountain Bike – Click on the link to go to AliExpress, then select the category bicycles (found on the left side of the page). Go ahead and take a look at how many good deals they have to offer.

Cheap Vintage Bicycles in AliExpress

Leading shop: Sunshine

Vintage bicycles are very fashionable nowadays, and as such can be very expensive. People spend thousands on old vintage bicycles and accessories to modify them. However, not all of us can afford to spend that much money on a bike, if this is your case, don’t worry! AliExpress has plenty of vintage bicycles for both women and men! True, you could always just get a second hand one, but before you do that take a look at the fairly cheap completely new bicycles you can get in the platform, it’s really worth it.

Cheap Fat Bikes in AliExpress

High reputation shop: Fat Bikes Shop

Fat Bikes are the “it” bicycles, a mix between mountain and vintage bikes, they are as beautiful as they are expensive! Sound good? Just take a look at the Fat Bikes shop, they have a wide range of bicycles including some pretty cheap electric Fat Bikes.

How do I identify a good bicycle seller in AliExpress?

In AliExpress you’ll be able to find cheap and good quality bicycles. However, do make sure you choose a seller carefully, you don’t want to be stuck with a bad quality bike, no matter how cheap it was. That’s why it’s essential for you to contact sellers before you make any purchase. Ask them all the questions you need to make sure the bicycle is good quality, even if you are purchasing a more expensive model, and don’t forget to ask them for real pictures of the product, it’s the best way to determine the condition of the bike.

In short, no matter what kind of bicycle you are buying… Contact the seller!

Shipping expenses for bicycles:

Shipping expenses for bicycles can be steep, considering it’s quite a bulky item. The up side is that delivery will usually take in between 3 to 13 days, so you’ll have your mountain / electric / street / foldable… bike in no time! However, with such a big package, there is a chance it might get held up in customs, so make sure you always ask the seller the following questions:

  1. How long does delivery take?
  2. Do they usually stop your packages in customs / is there any way to avoid paying customs?
  3. Return policies

So, again, no matter where you are from or where you are getting the bicycle shipped, talk to the seller!

Accessories for your bicycle

If what you are looking for are bicycle accessories in AliExpress, take a look at our article by clicking directly on the link.

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  1. Have just recently ordered an e bike on aliexpress about 850.00 euros.
    But cant remember which company as it’s only some kind of numerical code. payed by my Visa debt account. most companies say it’s about 2 weeks paid for 06/04/20 I just hope I have not been duped.


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