🔝 List of TOP official and specialized stores in AliExpress

This online sales platform called AliExpress is characterized by having thousands of sellers where we can find Chinese products and brands. Some brands are little known but there are Chinese brands that are increasingly sought. In our article best AliExpress sellers, we leave a very interesting list with a compilation of sellers by category.

But right now, we are going to talk about brands. Not only the official stores (managed by the brand itself) but also other authorized stores. As we explained in our guide to differentiating original products from replicas in AliExpress, you can no longer find fakes, so the lists may include these types of stores:

Electronics and cell phones

In AliExpress you can find the best Chinese electronics and mobile brands. They are one of the best-selling products thanks to their excellent value for money, offer the best features on the market at a very affordable price.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Xiaomi Official StoreXiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain
Xiaomi Spain Store Xiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Mi Global StoreXiaomi, Pocophone, Mijia, Inface...Phones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain
Hong Kong GoldwayXiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain
Fantacy TecnololgyXiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, HonorPhones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain, Poland, France
Xiaomi Dreami Xiaomi, Pocophone, Black SharkPhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Xiaomi Mi StoreXiaomiPhones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain, Poland, France
Xiaomi-Global StoreXiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsChina
Xiaomi Ebuy Store Xiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Xiaomi ShopmeeeXiaomi, PocophonePhones, headsets, electronic productsChina, Spain, Poland, Germany, France
Redmi Spain Store Xiaomi, Black Shark, OnePlusPhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Xiaomi EU Store XiaomiPhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Mi Techno Store Xiaomi, AmazfitPhones, smartphones, consumer electronicsSpain
Museo Digital Store Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, Asus&LenovoPhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
My Tech Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, ApplePhones, headsets, electronic productsSpain
Black Shark Official StoreBlack SharkPhones, headsets, accessoriesChina, Spain, France, Poland
Poco StorePocophonephonesChina, Spain, France, Poland
Realme Official StoreRealmePhones, headsets, bracelets activityChina
Cubot Official StoreCubotphonesChina, Spain, Poland, Italy
Honor mobile official storeHonorPhones, headsets, smartwatchChina, Spain, France, Poland
Umdigi Official StoreUmdigiPhones, headsets, smartwatchChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Germany, Australia, France
OnePlus Official StoreOnePlusPhones, headsets, accessoriesChina, Spain, France, Poland
Meizu Official StoreMeizuPhones, headsets, accessoriesChina
HW VWILL StoreHuawei, HonorPhones, headsets, smartwatchChina
DOOGEE Official StoreDOOGEEphonesChina
Blackview Official StoreBlackviewphonesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia, France, Italy
Ulefone Official StoreUlefoneMobile, smartwatch, accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Lenovo Official StoreLenovoPhones, headsets, accessoriesChina, Spain, France
Asus Authorised StoreAsusPhones, electronic productsChina

The most popular brands are Xiaomi, OnePlus, or Realme, but more and more brands are succeeding all over the world. Learn more about these brands in our guide to the best phone brands in AliExpress.

Tablets and computers

You can also find some great tablet and computer sellers at AliExpress. These are Chinese brands that offer us a good alternative to the most popular brands at a very reasonable price and that is why they have become a great purchase option. Among the most popular brands, we find Chuwi or Teclast.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Teclast Global Official StoreTeclastTablets, laptops, accessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
CHUWI Official StoreChuwiTablets, laptops, mini pcChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
ALLDOCUBE Official StoreAlldocubeTablets, laptops, accessoriesChina, Spain, France, Belgica, Poland
HUION Official StoreHuiongraphics tabletsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Russia, France
GAOMON Official StoreGaomongraphics tabletsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia, Poland, Russia
XP-PEN Official StoreXp-Pengraphics tabletsChina, Estados Unidos, France, Australia, Russia
MACHENIKE Official StoreMachenikeportable gamingChina, Spain, Russia
IPASON Official StoreIpasonComputers and portable gamingChina, Spain, Russia
Hasee Official StoreHaseeportable gamingChina, Russia
GMOLO Official StoreGmoloportable gamingChina
GPD Official StoreGPDPalmtops and laptopsChina, Spain
GameSir Official StoreGameSirAccessories game consoles, computersChina, Estados Unidos
Kingston Official StoreKingstoncomputer accessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
HP Spain Store HPcomputer accessoriesSpain

To find more information about these famous brands we recommend reading our articles best cheap Chinese tablets in AliExpress, ultrabooks and tablets pc in AliExpress, cheap Chinese laptops in AliExpress, or alternative graphics tablets to Wacom in AliExpress.


Electronics and sound

If you are looking for headphones, speakers, and other electronic products, in AliExpress there are many specialized brands, in our blog we have talked about them because they offer great sound quality, autonomy, and a low price. Brands such as Bluedio, Teclast, or Tronsmart are some of the best known. But in this category, you can also find speakers, smartwatches, projectors, and much more.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Tronsmart Official StoreTronsmartHeadphones, speakersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia, Russia
MPOW Official StoreMpowHeadphones, speakers, accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia, Russia
Bluedio Official StoreBluedioHeadphones, speakers, accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia, Germany, Brazil
Edifier Official storeEdifierHeadphones, speakers, accessoriesChina, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Poland
QCY Official StoreQCYHeadphones, speakers, accessoriesChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Anker Official StoreAnkerHeadphones, speakers, projectors, accessoriesChina, Poland, Russia
Haylou Official StoreHaylouWireless headphonesChina, Spain, Russia, Bélgica
Mifa Official StoreMiFaHeadphones, speakersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
FiiO Official StoreFiiOHeadphones, amplifiers, DACChina
Amazfit Official StoreAmazfitSmart WatchesChina, Spain, Poland, Russia
Lemfo Official StoreLemfoSmart WatchesChina, Spain, Russia
Makibes Official StoreMakibesSmart WatchesChina, Spain, Poland, Russia
Colmi Official StoreColmiSmart WatchesChina, Spain, Russia
Crenova Global StoreCrenovaprojectorsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
AUN Official StoreAunprojectorsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
Thundeal Official StoreThundealprojectorsChina, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Poland
Byintek Official StoreByintekProjectors, screens, accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia, Australia
Crealty 3D Official StoreCrealty 3D3d printersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Flying Bear Official StoreFlying bear3d printersChina, Spain, France, Poland
Artillery Global StoreArtillery3d printersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
Anycubic Official StoreAnycubic3d printersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Australia
Ender Official StoreEnder3d printersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia, Poland
Two Trees Official StoreTwo Trees3d printersChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia, Australia

To learn more about these brands we recommend reading our articles best brands of headphones in AliExpress. AliExpress cheap speaker guide, best smartwatches in AliExpress, and how to find cheap projectors in AliExpress.


Cameras and photography

If you are passionate about photography, you are in luck because in AliExpress you can find cameras, drones, stabilizers, flashes, lenses, and a wide variety of photo accessories. Chinese brands are increasingly known as alternatives to brands like DJI or GoPro. They do not disappoint, as these products are not replicas but totally thought by and for photographers.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
FeiyutechFeiyutechCameras, stabilizers, photography accessoriesChina, Europa, Estados Unidos, Russia
FIMIFIMICameras, dronesChina, Spain, Russia
ZHIYUNZHIYUNstabilizersChina, Europa, Russia
YI XiaomiYI XiaomiAction cameras, stabilizersChina, Europa, Estados Unidos, Russia
SJCAMSJCAMAction camerasChina, Russia
DriftDriftAction camerasChina, Spain
KEELEADKEELEADAction cameras, drones, accessories picturesChina
EkenEkenCameras, stabilizers, photography accessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
HubsanHubsandronesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
EachineEachinedronesChina, Spain, Russia
NeewerNeewerphotography AccessoriesChina, Spain
AndoerAndoerphotography AccessoriesChina
SHSHphotography AccessoriesChina
NagnahzNagnahzphotography AccessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
7artisans7artisansphotography AccessoriesChina
FunsnapFunsnapphotography AccessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
TravorTravorphotography AccessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
FeelwordFeelwordphotography AccessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia

In the table you will find all brands but do not forget to read our articles best photo accessories in AliExpress, cameras with stabilizer type DJI Osmo, analysis of the action cameras GoPro style in AliExpress, best stabilizers for cameras in AliExpress, cheap flashes of Chinese brands and cheap professional drones in AliExpress.


Fashion and footwear

More and more brands are betting on AliExpress to sell their clothes. So not only can you find very cheap clothes, but there are also brands with a lot of styles and this is one of their best-selling products. There are clothes for the whole family: women, men, children, and babies. And for all occasions and styles.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Pioneer CampPioneer CampMens clothingChina
SimwoodSimwoodMens clothingChina
InflationInflationMens clothingChina
DrizzteDrizzteMens clothingChina
MarklessMarklessMens clothingChina
LBLLBLMens clothingChina
VOLGINSVOLGINSMens clothingChina
Jacket CordeeJacket CordeeMens clothingChina
Tiny SparkTiny SparkMens clothingChina
Brother WangBrother WangMens clothingChina
BolubaoBolubaoMens clothingChina
CovrlgeCovrlgeMen's Clothing / WomenChina
TACVASENTACVASENMen's Clothing / WomenChina
ICEBearICEBearMen's Clothing / WomenChina, Russia
Unit (El Corte Inglés)Unit (El Corte Inglés)Men's Clothing / WomenSpain
Simplee ApparelSimplee ApparelWomenswearChina
Ever PrettyEver PrettyWomenswearChina
Bear leaderBear leaderClothes Children / BabiesChina
DAVE & BELLADAVE & BELLAClothes Children / BabiesChina
KIDSALONKIDSALONClothes Children / BabiesChina
SanlutozSanlutozClothes Children / BabiesChina
Top and topTop and topClothes Children / BabiesChina
LZHLZHClothes Children / BabiesChina
Orange MomOrange MomClothes Children / BabiesChina
Dear RabbitDear RabbitClothes Children / BabiesChina
WutongshuWutongshuClothes Children / BabiesChina
Humor BearHumor BearClothes Children / BabiesChina
HoneyzoneHoneyzoneClothes Children / BabiesChina
KiddiezoomKiddiezoomClothes Children / BabiesChina
FetchmousFetchmousClothes Children / BabiesChina
FacejoyusFacejoyusClothes Children / BabiesChina
EGHUNOOYEGHUNOOYClothes Children / BabiesChina
BASSIRIANABASSIRIANAShoes for men and womenChina
AokangAokangShoes for men and womenChina
XPERXPERMen's shoesChina
STQSTQWomen shoesChina
Donna-inDonna-inWomen shoesChina
GdgydhGdgydhWomen shoesChina
Beau TodayBeau TodayWomen shoesChina
ZHRZHRWomen shoesChina
SocofySocofyWomen shoesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Smile CircleSmile CircleWomen shoesChina
UOVOUOVOChildren's shoesChina

If you want to know more tips about these brands keep reading our guide to cheap men's, women's, and children's clothing at AliExpress and the analysis of the best baby clothing brands at AliExpress.


Health and Beauty

Beauty products are succeeding among AliExpress buyers. There are brands that specialize in all types of beauty appliances: hairdryers, irons, shavers, facial treatment appliances… There are also very good brands of body and facial creams or manicure products. And of course, makeup brands and accessories such as brushes or sponges are also popular.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Focallure Official StoreFocallureMakeupChina
IMAGIC Official StoreIMAGICMakeupChina
O.TWO.O Official StoreO.TWO.OMakeupChina, Russia
Maange Official StoreMaangeMakeup brushesChina, Europa, Estados Unidos, Russia
Rosalind Official StoreRosalindNail CareChina
Born Pretty Official StoreBorn PrettyNail CareChina
SUNUV Official StoreSUNUVNail CareChina
Art lalic Official StoreArt LaicNail CareChina, Russia
Elite99Elite99Nail CareChina
ALI GRACE Official StoreAli GraceHairChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Unice HairUniceHairChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Noble Official StoreNobleHairChina
SARLA Official StoreSarlaHairChina, Europa
Durex Official StoreDurexhealth careChina
Hailicare Official StoreHailicarehealth careChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Europa
Beurha Official StoreBeurhahealth careChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
ELERA Official StoreElerahealth careChina, Russia
SINOCARE Official StoreSinocarehealth careChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
Aneercare Official StoreAneercarehealth careChina
cofomat Official Storecofomathealth careChina, Russia
LANBENA Official StoreLanbenafacial careChina, Russia
LAIKOU SkinCare StoreLaikoufacial careChina
foreverlily Official StoreForever Lilyfacial careChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Anlan Official StoreAnlanfacial careChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
Yosyo Official StoreYosyoMassage and body careChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Rlaxyoo Official StoreRlaxyooMassage and body careChina, Spain, Russia
jinkairui Official StorejinkairuiMassage and body careChina, Spain, Russia

To learn more about these brands in our blog you can read our guide to the best brands of cheap makeup AliExpress, how to find cheap and quality brushes in AliExpress, perform the semi-permanent manicure at home with AliExpress, and the best radio frequency body appliances.


Footwear and sportswear

Doing sports does not have to be expensive. There are AliExpress brands that specialize in sports equipment of all kinds: fishing, cycling, yoga, and more. With them, you can buy cheap and quality products for your sports training. In addition, we are going to link you to some authorized stores of the most popular sports brands such as Converse, Nike, or Adidas. These stores sell original products at a lower price than other stores.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Onemix Official StoreOnemixOnemixChina, Europa
Li-ning Official StoreLi-ningLi-ningChina
VEQKING Official StoreVEQKINGWomen's SportswearChina
NEPOAGYM Official StoreNEPOAGYMPants, shirts for the gymChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
SHEDAO Official StoreSHEDAOBags and gym clothesChina
sporlike Official StoreSporlikemodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...China
CUPSHE Official StoreCupshemodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...China
Aolikes Official StoreAolikesFitness equipment and accessoriesChina
Telaura Beachwear StoreTelauramodern bathing suits, swimsuits sports, bikinis ...China
MEGE KNIGHT Official StoreMege KnightClothing and footwear for hikingChina
Naturehike Official StoreNaturehikeClothing, camping accessories, bags, backpacks
Bona Official StoreBonaSports shoesChina
Camel Official StoreCamelSports shoesChina
Vancat Official StoreVancatMountain bootsChina
Copozz Official StoreCopozzCycling, snow sports, swimming ...China
Detector SportsDetectorClothing for gymnastics, skiing, hiking ...China
Rockbros Official StoreRockbrossHelmets, clothing, tools CyclingChina
CoolChange Official StoreCoolChangeHelmets, goggles, toolsChina
INBIKE Official StoreInbikeGloves, helmets, toolsChina
Santic Official StoreSanticClothing, footwear, helmetsChina
ICAN Official StoreIcanWheels, frames and partsChina
Seaknight Official StoreSeaknightSpools, toolsChina, Spain, Russia
Kastking Official StoreKastkingSpools, toolsChina, Spain, Russia


Bags, jewelry, watches, and sunglasses

We all like to have a good image, and luckily thanks to sites like AliExpress you don't have to invest a lot of money anymore. There are very good brands that specialize in accessories and complements like Bamoer, Naviforce or Kingseven that offer jewelry, watches or sunglasses of great quality, with a fashionable style and of course very cheap, so much so that it is difficult to resist and buy a single accessory.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Tronsmart Official StoreBamoerJewelryChina
Wostu Official StoreWostuJewelryChina, Spain
Umode Official StoreUmodeJewelryChina
Lamoon Official StoreLamoonJewelryChina
JewelryPalace Official StoreJewelry PalaceJewelryChina, Spain
JewelOra StoreJewelOraJewelryChina, Estados Unidos
Vnox Official StoreVnoxJewelryChina
e-Manco Official Storee-MancoJewelryChina
17KM Official Store17KMJewelryChina
Veithdia Official StoreVeithdiaSunglassesChina, Poland, Russia
Merry's Official StoreMerry'sSunglassesChina
Aofly Official StoreAoflySunglassesChina
Beidao Glasses StoreKingsevenSunglassesChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Bobo BirdBobo BirdWooden watches and sunglassesChina, Spain
Naviforce Official StoreNaviforceWristwatchesChina, Spain, Russia
Curren Official StoreCurrenWristwatchesChina, Spain, Russia
Benyar Factory StoreBenyarWristwatchesChina, Spain
Megir Official StoreMegirWristwatchesChina, Spain, Russia
Guanqin Official StoreGuanqinWristwatchesChina, Spain
Casima Official StoreCasimaWristwatchesChina
Weide Official StoreWeideWristwatchesChina
Hannah Martin official StoreHannah MartinWristwatchesChina
WWOOR Official StoreWWOORWristwatchesChina
PAGANI DESIGN Official StorePagani DesignWristwatchesChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Realer Official StoreRealerBags for womenChina, Russia
FH HERALD FASHION Official StoreHerald FashionBags for womenChina
Yogodlns Outlet StoreYogodlnsBags for womenChina
LEFTSIDE Official StoreLeftsideBags for womenChina
Bison Denim Official StoreBison DenimBags and purses MenChina, Russia
Cobbler Legend Official StoreCobbler LegendHandbags and wallets for men and womenChina
ContactS Official StoreContactSHandbags and wallets for men and womenChina, Russia
Tinyat Official StoreTinyatHandbags and wallets for men and womenChina, Russia
FOXER official storeFoxerBags and purses WomensChina
Aliwood Official StoreAliwoodBags and purses WomensChina
Tigernu Official StoreTigernuBackpacksChina, Spain, Russia
Kingsons official storeKingsonsBackpacksChina, Spain, Russia
KAKA Official StoreKAKABackpacksChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia

Find out more about these products and brands in our guide to buying the best pandora-like jewelry at AliExpress, buying good and beautiful earrings at AliExpress, analyzing the best AliExpress watches, or finding cheap and quality sunglasses at AliExpress.


Home appliances

You may not think AliExpress is a good place to buy appliances, but thanks to the Chinese brands with national stores, we can find cooking appliances, personal care, and a variety of brands of cheap vacuum cleaners that succeed among buyers for their great value. Brands like BioloMix, iLife, Roborock, Dreame… They will surprise you with their products.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
iLife Official StoreiLifeRobots vacuums, hand vacuumsChina, Spain, Russia, Brazil
Neatsvor Official StoreNeatsvoraspirators robotsChina, Spain, Australia, Russia
Roborock Global StoreRoborockRobots vacuums, hand vacuumsChina, Spain
Proscenic Official StoreProscenicRobots vacuums, hand vacuumsChina, Spain, Australia, Russia
Dreame Official StoreDreameRobots vacuums, hand vacuumsChina, Spain, Russia, France
Ecovacs Official Store Ecovacsaspirators robotsSpain
Philips PhilipsHome appliancesSpain
Cecotec Official Store CecotecHome appliancesSpain
Ikohs Official StoreIkohsHome appliancesSpain
Tinton Life Official StoreTinton LifeHome appliancesChina, Spain, Poland
KBAYBO Official StoreKBAYBOHumidifiers, Aroma DiffuserChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Biolomix Official StoreBiolomixKitchen appliancesChina, Spain, Russia
Sonifer Official StoreSoniferKitchen appliancesChina, Europa, Australia, Russia
Miui Official StoreMiuiKitchen appliancesChina, Spain, Russia
Just Buy Official StoreJust BuyKitchen appliancesChina, Europa, Russia
Riwa Official StoreRiwa XiaomiPersonal care appliancesChina
Inface Official StoreInface XiaomiPersonal care appliancesChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Braun Official StoreBraunPersonal care appliancesSpain
Beauty Star Official StoreBeauty StarPersonal care appliancesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
BabyAnnne StoreBabyannneIPL epilatorChina
Kyliebeauty Official StoreKyliebeautyIPL epilatorChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Soocas Official StoreSoocasBrush Electric ToothbrushChina, Spain, Russia
Oclean Official StsoreOclean XBrush Electric ToothbrushChina, Spain, Russia
Oral B Official Store Oral BBrush Electric ToothbrushSpain
AZDENT Official StoreAZDENTDental careChina
Melitta Official Store Melittacoffee makersSpain
Hibrew Official StoreHibrewcoffee makersChina, Spain, Russia, Arabia
Monix Official Store MonixPans and potsSpain
LG Spain Store LGMonitors and TVsSpain

If you want to know more about these brands we recommend reading our guides to the best kneaders in AliExpress, analysis of cheap glass mixers in AliExpress, sous vide appliances in AliExpress, cheap clothes irons in AliExpress, best cheap hair straighteners in AliExpress, best hair clippers, analysis of cheap vacuum cleaners robots in AliExpress or what are the best electric toothbrushes in AliExpress.



More and more people are buying car products and accessories from AliExpress. There are some interesting brands such as 70mai, which belongs to the Xiaomi group, that offer electronic products for your car such as security cameras, but we can also find lights, garage controls, diagnostic devices, and much more.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Junsun Official StoreJunsunScreens, GPS, Radio, DVRChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
70mai Official Store70mai XiaomiCameras, car accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos
Azdome Official StoreAzdomeCameras, mirrors, car accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Russia
cnsunnylight Official StorecnsunnylightLights, bulbs carChina
hlxg VIP StorehlxgLights, bulbs carChina, Spain, Russia
Launch Official StoreLaunchDiagnostic toolsChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Autel Official StoreAutelDiagnostic toolsChina, Europa, Estados Unidos
Auto Care Official StoreAuto CareCleaning products and tools CarChina, Spain, Russia, Korea
MinoTaur RideMinotaurMotorcycle clothing and accessoriesChina, Spain, Russia
Lexin Official StoreLexinMotorcycle clothing and accessoriesChina, Spain, Estados Unidos

Don't miss it, keep reading our cheap car radio guide, what are the best Junsun cameras and GPS, cheap car light bulbs in AliExpress, cheap car surveillance cameras, and android car mirror guide.


Do-it-yourself and tools

Finally, you can't miss the best brands of DIY and cheap tools that are in AliExpress. There are both Chinese and international brands, we can find very cheap tools. If you like crafts or you are the handyman (or woman) of your home, we recommend you look at their products.

Store NameBrandsProductsWarehouse
Deko Official StoreDekoTools and DIYChina, Spain, Brazil, France
Prostormer Official StorePro StormerTools and DIYChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Workx Official StoreWorkxTools and DIYChina
Workpro Official StoreWorkproTools and DIYChina, Spain, Russia
Wosai Official StoreWosaiTools and DIYChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Hilda Official StoreHildaTools and DIYChina, Spain, Russia, Poland
Karcher Official Store KarcherTools and lawnmowerSpain
Frap Official StoreFrapfaucetsChina, Russia
Gappo Official StoreGappofaucetsChina, Spain, Brazil, Russia
DQOK Official StoreDQOKfaucetsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, Brazil
Quyanre Sanitary StoreQuyanrefaucetsChina, Spain, Estados Unidos, France
Livolo Official StoreLivoloplugsChina, Spain, Russia
MoesHouse Official StoreMoesHouseplugsChina, Spain, Russia
Yeelight Online StoreYeelight, XiaomiLights, smart bulbsChina
Offdarks Official StoreOffdarksLights, smart bulbsChina, Spain, Russia
Shustar Official StoreShustarHeadlights and frontChina, Spain, Russia
Mavesan Official StoreMavesanIndoor lampsChina
Naierdi Official StoreNaierdiHandles, hinges and accessoriesChina

If you want to know more don't miss our cheap tool guide on AliExpress, how to find mowers, analysis of Deko brand tools, best workrpo brand tools from AliExpress and prostormer brand tool guide.

Frequent questions about the specialized brands of AliExpress

Through the comments section, you can send us your questions. But we know that you have some questions about these brands or specialized stores that we have already talked about, so we have decided to gather the most frequently asked questions below.

Why is it better to buy from a specialized brand of AliExpress?

What we like so much about these specialty brands is that, just like an international brand of clothing, appliances, or tools, Chinese specialty brands are much more professional than stores that sell various private label products. They know their products well and know the characteristics of their products, so they can also advise you more easily. They also know what characteristics the shipment of their products should have: if it is better to have several stores outside China if the shipment has to be registered… And best of all, in times of sales like 11.11, these stores usually offer great discounts and promotions.

How do I know if a store is official and sells original products?

There are many stores that sell the best known and popular brands such as Xiaomi. But not all of them are official stores, as the brand has two official stores, one international and the other for particular countries. To identify the official store you have to look for it to be included in the name of the store, you can also see it in the header banner of the store, where normally the store indicates that it is an official store. In addition, the “Top Brand” stamp identifies these stores and others of high quality.

And if I can't find the official store, how do I know if it's reliable to buy from that store?

There are authorized stores that are also reliable, and some offer good discounts so it is sometimes worth buying from an authorized store instead of the official one. But before you buy, we recommend you check the store's comments and rating to confirm if the seller is reliable. To get more information we recommend you keep reading our article Best Sellers of AliExpress and how to detect if a store is reliable. If you have doubts about whether a branded product is original or replica, in our guide to differentiate original and replica products in AliExpress you also have more tips.

I have a problem with an official store, what can I do?

Buying from an official store gives us some security when buying quality branded products. However, there can always be some inconvenience: that the order does not arrive on time, that what is bought is not as it was described… We always recommend reading the specifications of the product and remember that in case you have any problem it is advisable to contact the seller and if it does not solve our problem or they have to return money to us, we will have to claim our money by opening a dispute. In our guide about refunds, disputes, and returns you have more information.

More tips and tricks for safe shopping at AliExpress

By the way, in our blog besides analyzing the best products and news, we also have a section of tutorials, where you will find articles as interesting as the one you just read. We give you our best tips and tricks to become an expert in shopping at AliExpress. If you don't know where to start, in our Ultimate Guide to AliExpress you'll find everything you need to know: how to buy, what payment methods to use, how to track your orders…

If you want even more shopping tips we recommend our article on the best cheap gifts you can find at AliExpress.

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