Are there any imitation perfumes in AliExpress?

This is one of those question that keeps popping up in our mailbox, so in today’s article we are going to try and answer all your questions about perfumes and colognes in AliExpress.

Are there any imitation perfumes in AliExpress? Is it advisable to purchase cheap imitation perfumes on the platform? The answer to the first questions is yes. If you look for them, you probably will find some replica perfumes…but to answer the second question: NO, we don’t recommend purchasing perfumes online here.

Why? Well, first of all because there are other online shops with a lot more experience in the area that offer a lot more guarantees and, to be honest, AliExpress is pretty new to it. Unlike a lot of other products, when it comes to perfumes, AliExpress is not your best option.

Alternatives to purchase imitation perfumes

Once you see that AliExpress may not be the best option for perfumes, even if they do have some available, the nest step is to find out what other platforms offer good cheap imitation and original perfumes:

  • One of the best alternatives we’ve found to purchase perfumes is a platform well known by most online shoppers: Amazon, one of the biggest companies online, with thousands of sales each day. Its safe and quick, and to make matters better their Perfume section is one their most popular ones, as can be seen by the comments left on the platform by previous customers.
  • Another place we recommend is Equivalenza, a Spanish brand specialized in perfumes and aroma offering great quality and affordable prices. Furthermore, in only two years, Equivalenza has opened more than 500 shops all over the world. They have a wide range of perfumes and aroma products that will surprise with how long they last and how good they are.
  • Caravan Fragancias is yet another company that specializes in the development and commercialization of perfume products. Each of their fragrances is unique and follows the latests tendencies. They have quality products at super affordable prices.
  • And needless to say, El Corte Ingles, one of the better known places for cosmetics, perfumes, colognes… In fact, their Perfume section is one of the best on the market. Plus, it may be one of the best alternatives if you would like to make your purchase online, they are both quick and reliable. There is no doubt this is one of the best options both for imitation perfumes and brand names.

Our opinion

Considering the perfumes in AliExpress aren’t original and their imitation perfumes aren’t really good, we don’t recommend using the platform for this kind of product. So we gave you some alternatives: Amazon, Equivalenza, Caravan, El Corte Ingles…and we are sure there are plenty more, but these are the ones, according to customer comments, reviews, and our personal opinion, we consider the best.

If you are thinking about purchasing a perfume online, please consider these ones before looking on AliExpress. Having said this, we must always consider the strong possibility that in the near future AliExpress becomes a referent in the area, but as of now, they are plenty of other options that will give you a much better results.

On the other hand, if you know a good seller or a great imitation perfume, please let us know, we’d be glad to hear from you and would be delighted if you leave us a comment. I’m sure in between all of, we can make the best guide for online perfume shopping 🙂

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  1. I would like to buy copy of parfume clinique aromatic, not to be expensive. Can you help me?


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