What is Xiaomi Youpin and how to buy its products outside China

Summary: You can buy Youpin products from anywhere in the world by clicking here.

If you have ever been on AliExpress you will have seen the word Youpin in the names of Xiaomi products, but what exactly does Youpin mean?

Youpin is a Chinese store (if you have a lot of patience, you can visit it at www.xiaomiyoupin.com) owned by Xiaomi and dedicated to selling its own and third-party products.

In addition to being a normal store, it also works as crowdfunding for new products that, if they get the green light, become part of the Xiaomi catalog, the so-called Xiaomi Ecosystem.

So, answering the question at the beginning, when you see the Youpin name on a product, it means that it was originally sold on this Xiaomi platform.

How does Youpin crowdfunding work?

This platform is tremendously popular among brands and consumers in China, especially for its crowdfunding aspect.

If you are not familiar with this term, it means that brands propose a product design and collect money from users to manufacture it.

In this way, they make themselves known and, above all, “validate” the idea. This means that they make sure that the product is appealing to potential customers and that they are not going to invest in something that will not sell.

In return, the users who participate in this crowdfunding get the product at a much lower price than the one that will be marketed once the crowdfunding is over.

And normally, crowdfunding on Youpin is synonymous with success in fundraising: they usually exceed by several thousand percent the minimum amount needed to carry out the project.

It should be noted that crowdfunding tends to be mostly from third parties, and not so much from the Xiaomi brand itself, whose style is more about checking which products from other brands sell well on its platform and then distributing them under its own brand.

It also has physical stores

In case you are still not clear about the difference between Xiaomi and Youpin, suffice it to say that Youpin has a physical store in the Chinese town of Nanjing and that in it, there are not only Mi products (as in the Mi stores) but a mix of third-party brands.

In addition, Youpin also sells its products to more than 30,000 offline merchants in China.

How to buy Youpin products from outside China

There is no direct way to buy Youpin products from foreign countries, but you can take advantage of intermediaries who buy these products on Youpin and resell them on AliExpress.

You can't participate in this crowdfunding, either. You can only buy products that have already passed the process and are being manufactured, so they are more reliable. Additionally, the description is fully or partially translated, so you can see all the details.

These are the best AliExpress sellers that offer Youpin products:

Store Expertise
Xiao.Mi Youpin Online Store Stationery: pens, notebooks…
Russian Global Store Home, health, cleaning
Xiao_Mi Youpin Store Tools and electronic products
Mijia-Xiaomi Store Kitchen appliances and cleaning
Xiao_Mi Online Store Tools, home
Xiaomi Global Store Home, health, beauty
Xiao-mi Ecological Chain Store Electronics, home appliances, clothing
Mi Homes Store Home, beauty
Xiao Mi 3C Digital Store Security and IT
Mi-Fans Store Small household appliances, health, household
Xiao-Mi Youpin Store Electronics, IT, health, beauty
E-source factory Tools, electronics, household
Mijia Smarthome Store Home, tools, beauty
Shop113665 Store Home, tools, beauty
Mi smarthome Store Home, tools, beauty
Xiao-mi Mijia Youpin Store Home, tools, beauty

The best Youpin products

If you like innovation and technology, many Youpin products will be irresistible to you: they are very functional and aesthetically appealing, to the point that several Youpin products have ended up winning Red Dot Awards or IDEA Design Awards for their originality, design, and performance.

Remember that in addition to visiting the recommended stores, another way to find their products is by using keywords like Youpin. In this filtered search, you can see Youpin products from all categories, but we are going to explain what is the highlight of each one.

Electronic products

Undoubtedly, the strong point of Youpin is its electronic products.

We can highlight their smartwatches and activity bracelets that you can see here, with prominent brands such as Haylou.

Youpin's headphones are also of great quality at a very affordable price, as you can see in this link.

Small household appliances

Appliances help us in our daily lives, and Youpin's also stand out for being functional and inexpensive. In this case, we will find shavers, electric toothbrushes, handheld vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners…

All these products with the quality Youpin guarantees can be found here.


In this section, we can find products as useful as the Wowstick work base, ideal for repairing small parts without losing the screws. But we can also find other interesting products such as measuring tools, kitchen tools…

Take a look at this link to all products.

Household products

If household chores are a chore, or you're looking for maximum efficiency, we recommend you check out these Youpin gadgets for the home, such as slipper dryers, sensor garbage cans, odor elimination devices, etc.

Find them all here.

Computer accessories

Not only can you find wireless mice or keyboards, but also a wide variety of accessories with innovative features, such as this mouse pad that also allows you to charge your cell phone.

Everything is at this link.

Sports products

From running shoes to microfiber towels for sports: Youpin sells everything to improve your sports performance. And they are really popular, often among the best-selling products, as you can see here.

Beauty and health products

We all like to take care of ourselves and thanks to Youpin we can do it for less money. They have electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, neck massagers and much more. You can see the entire catalog through this link.

Youpin brands

Another way to find Youpin products is to look for the brands that make up the Xiaomi ecosystem, among which we can find:

  • 90fun: Practical and quality accessories, such as backpacks, umbrellas, suitcases… You can find them here.
  • Dr. Bei: Improve your oral cleaning routine with their manual and electric toothbrushes. In this link you can find their products.
  • Yeelight: Smart lights for your home: LED strips, lamps, bulbs… See their products here.
  • Zhimi: Appliances for your home such as humidifiers or smart toilets. You can find more at this link.
  • Viomi: Accessories and appliances related to water such as bottles, filters, dispensers, dishwashers… Here you have all their products.
  • Yunmai: Their best-selling product is the massage gun, but they also have other accessories for your health. In this filtered search, you can find everything.
  • 1MORE: This brand is becoming more and more popular for its cheap and quality wireless headphones. Click here to find their products
  • Aqara: If you want to create your smart home you need the accessories of this brand, such as mobility sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors… Check out their products on this link.
  • 8H: Brand specialized in products to help you sleep 8 hours at a stretch, such as pillows or sleep masks. Find their products here.
  • Turok: You can find high-quality polarized sunglasses and also glasses to avoid your computer's blue light. You have it all at this link.

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