Top 100 must haves: the best things to buy in AliExpress

After many years shopping for cheap gadgets we decided to put together a list with the best and cheapest things to buy in AliExpress:


1. Magic Eraser

This white sponge erases dirty stains of surfaces. Just wet it a little, pass it over and… goodbye stain! The package includes 10 sponges to make your house look shiny new.

borrador magico

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2. Key holder

Are you sick of carrying a bunch of keys? This handy key holder tidies up and minimizes the space they take up by positioning the keys like a Swiss army knife.

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3. Dusting slippers

With these dusting slippers, no one will be able to say no helping out with cleaning. Just put them on your shoe, and walk around the house.
zapatillas limpia polvo

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4. Emoticon magnets

If you like to leave notes in the fridge, now you can add these funny emoticon magnets, banish your old advertising magnets and add a fun touch to your fridge!

imanes emoji

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5. Birdhouse key holder

Never know where you left the keys? These birdhouses are not only a nice decoration but also perfect place to store your keys. You can find them in individual format or as a couple.

llaveros pajaritos

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6. Chair covers

Don't you like the chairs in your dining room? Do they look old, or don't fit in with the design of the rest of your house? Give them a second chance with these beautiful covers. Available in 15 colors.

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7. Cactus cushion

Add a fun touch to your sofa with this original cactus-shaped cushion. Don't worry, you won't get pricked!

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8. Kitchen/gallery organizer

With this practical organizer you will have organize a lot of useful and necessary home utensils such as brooms, mops…

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9. Artificial flowers

Are all your plants and flowers dying? Don't worry, these flowers are the solution. They will brighten up any corner of your home, they are of very good quality and, best of all, they do not need extra care.

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10. Supermarket cart bag

Organize all the products in your supermarket cart with this handy large-capacity bag. It also includes a small section for frozen products.

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11. Egg dividers

Are you having trouble separating the yolks? With this gadget, the problem is over. As well as being able to separate them easily, you will add a food safety bonus to your food, since not using the shell reduces the risk of salmonellosis.

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12. Steam cooking case

This silicone container allows you to steam all kinds of food. All you have to do is put in the ingredients, put it in the microwave or oven and watch the cooking time. Your meals will be juicier and healthier.

estuche cocinar al vapor

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13. Egg timer

Do you find it hard to get eggs cooked the way you want them? This product lets you know if they are ready. All you have to do is put it in with the eggs and wait for the hardness indicator to reach the desired point – you’ll always make perfect eggs!


temporizador huevos

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14. Microwaved Potato Chip Maker

If you love crisps but don't want to give up a healthy diet, this product is your solution. Cut the potatoes into slices, add a splash of oil and microwave for 5-10 minutes until you reach the desired cooking point.

patatas fritas microondas

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15. Silicone waffle mold

This silicone waffle iron allows you to make your own homemade waffles. Just use your favorite recipe and… enjoy! It is both oven and microwave safe.

gofrera silicona

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16. Electric pepper grinder

Nothing better than seasoning your meals with freshly ground pepper. With this utensil you can do it, you'll see, you'll be able to tell the difference! Works with two AA batteries.

pimentero electrico

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17. Garlic press

Tired of the bad smell that's left in your hands when you press garlic? Forget it! This stainless steel utensil will save you taking on this unpleasant task. Quick and comfortable.

Picador ajo

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18. Wavy potato cutters

Give your boring french fries a fun shape. With this cutter you'll get wavy shaped potatoes (and other vegetables).

cortador patatas

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19. Vegetable chopper

Are you in a hurry to make food? Don't worry, this chopper makes it easy for you. 1, 2, 3… vegetables chopped!

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20. Cherry pitter

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fruits, especially when it comes to delicious cherries. But… doesn’t it bother you that they have pits? Here's the perfect solution. This practical pitter can be taken anywhere and attached to cherries, without fear. Don't let the pits be in the way!

quita huesos cereza

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21. Face foam cloth

This foam cloth almost magically converts a little cleansing cream into foam. All you have to do is moisten the cloth a little, apply the product and rub. You'll see it become foam, so you'll use a lot less product.


trapo para hacer espuma

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22. Brush cleaner

If you like to have your brushes clean, with this small cleaner you will achieve it in record time. All you have to do is rub the brush over it with soap.

limpiador brochas

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23. Permanent matte lipstick

This lipstick is quickly becoming an AliExpress bestseller, and it doesn't surprise us. Its matte finish and permanent effect, as well as the wide range of colors is what makes it so successful. And it's very cheap!

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24. Oval brush

Oval (or “toothbrush”) brushes are the latest fashion in makeup, and in AliExpress we can find very cheap ones. They are known for having a dense and flexible head, which allows you to apply makeup uniformly. It can be used with cream or powder makeup.

brocha ovalada

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25. Andrea

If you're an AliExpress addict, you're probably familiar with this famous hair treatment. Mixing it with your usual shampoo (3 ml per 100 ml of shampoo) will make your hair stronger, reducing hair loss and improving growth.

andrea locion capilar

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26. Exfoliating socks

With these socks you will have great feet. Just put them on, leave them on for about 30 minutes, and in a few days the dead skin will start to fall off. When all the skin has fallen off, you'll have ultra-thin feet (we can tell, we've tried them!). The product has almost 10,000 ratings – it's definitely worth it!

calcetines exfoliantes

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27. Make-up primer

The make-up primers help to fix our make-up foundation, but they also help minimize pores and wrinkles. They are also good allies to regulate the production of grease, moisturize, soften and minimize expression lines. That is why… every woman needs this product in her life!  We show you this top seller of AliExpress, with very good reputation, more than 3,000 women can’t be wrong! You will also be able to find other shades according to the needs of your skin.

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28. Towel for removing make-up

We find this towel super useful and practical. It is suitable for the whole face, including eyes, and all you have to do is moisten it and apply, or use your usual make-up remover, rub… and voilà! Clean face.

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29. Moisturizing Eye Mask

In addition to feeling like a panda bear for a while, this fun mask will leave your eye contour felling fresh and hydrated.

mascara contorno ojos panda

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30. Nail polish protector

Do you always end up with fingers full of nail polish? This is the product for you! Just apply a good amount around the entire nail and paint without fear. When the product is dry all you have to do is remove it and you are done! Perfect nails always 😉

protector esmalte uñas

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Electronics and telephone accessories

31. Phone support ring

This simple ring is the perfect complement for mobile addicts. It allows you to grab the phone and avoid falls (perfect for selfies) or, by simply turning it, it becomes a support for your mobile. It costs less than 1€ and you can find it in 6 colors.

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32. Mobile tripod

This mobile tripod is among the best sellers of its category on AliExpress, and honestly we aren’t surprised. In addition to being inexpensive, its flexibility makes it adaptable to any surface. It fits any phone model, as well as digital cameras and sports cameras.

tripode movil

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33. USB bracelet

This bracelet is actually a USB cable, which allows you to charge your phone wherever you go (and there is a USB port).

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34. Power Bank

In addition to being cute, these external chargers have an excellent value for money. With a capacity of 10000 Mah, they're perfect for traveling and charging your mobile anywhere.

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35. Selfie light

If you're a selfie lover, you're gonna like this one. This gadget is a luminous ring with LED light, which allows you to increase the light of your selfies.

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36. Shower speaker

This product is another AliExpress bestseller. It's a waterproof speaker, which you can place in your shower thanks to its rear suction cup. It connects via Bluetooth to any mobile device. Its quality-price ratio is fantastic.

altavoz ducha

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37. Wireless headphones

These wireless headphones are not only practical, allowing you to listen to your favorite music without wires, but the sound quality is excellent, and they are very cheap.

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38. Virtual reality glasses

AliExpress is a great way to buy these products. These glasses are the example, because besides being cheap, it is clear that they are a high quality product.

gafas realidad virtual

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39. 32gb memory card

Although you can find cheaper memory cards, this original Samsung 32gb microSDHC card is worthy of appearing in our ranking, not only because of its price, but also for its quality. It is perfect for smarthphones, tablets, cameras and all kinds of digital devices since its class 10 makes it have a high transfer speed. More than 9000 satisfied users confirm that it is a product is worth it.

tarjeta memoria samsung

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40. WiFi repeater

Today a good WiFi connection at home is essential, and in AliExpress we can find good repeaters at a good price. Thanks to this repeater wifi signal, you will get a good connection even in the most difficult points of your home. Just plug it in at a midpoint between the router and the weakest point, and configure it following the instructions.

repetidor wifi

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Complements and accessories

41. Heart watch

Elegant (and very cheap) watch with heart motifs. You can choose from 6 colors, each prettier than the next! Perfect as a gift to yourself or anybody else.

reloj corazones

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42. Natural stone bangles

Jewels with natural stones are more fashionable than ever. We chose this beautiful bracelet available in several shades. And the best part? When it comes to natural stones, every single one is unique!

brazaletes piedras naturales

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43. Deer ring

And when it comes to fashion, we can't ignore jewelry with animal motifs. This deer ring will make all your friends jealous. You don't have to worry about the size, it can be adjusted. It's cute, isn't it? or rather…  “endeering” 😉

anillos ciervo

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44. Boot decoration

Boho-style lover? This is your product – give your boring boots a chic touch and combine your boots with your best boho outfits.

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45. Headband turban

We love these headbands! The seller has a lot of colors and which allows you to combine them with any garment of your wardrobe. They are an ideal alternative to the boring headbands of yesteryear and are an elegant accessory.

turbante diadema

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46. Tassel earrings

Look at these beautiful earrings at a scandalous price. For less than 1 dollar you can get these elegant earrings that will make all your friends jealous.

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47. Tree branch earrings

Haven't you ever heard that less is more? These branch-shaped earrings are a clear example: simple yet elegant. And very affordable!

pendientes rama

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48. Colored tassels scarf

Wrap your neck with this beautiful and colorful scarf. You'll brighten up any look!

pañuelo borlas

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49. Men's imitation wood watch

We couldn't forget you guys, we know you also like accessories. So check out this nice watch with some very peculiar straps. Treat yourself to something nice!

reloj hombre madera

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50. Men’s leather bracelet

And here's a more masculine-focused accessory. What do you think of this beautiful leather bracelet? For less than $4 it can be yours.

pulsera hombre

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51. Slow-down bowls

If your dog eats way too fast, this is the product for you. Its design will make it difficult to catch food, so your pet will eat more slowly.

bol antiansiedad

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52. LED collar

This collar is among the best sellers of AliExpress, not that surprising considering it is perfect for controlling where your pet is while you walk with him.

collar led

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53. Identification tag

Having your pet identified is essential, and in AliExpress you can find cheap custom tags. This one comes in three different sizes. To customize it, simply send a message to the seller when placing the order, telling them the text to engrave.

placas perro

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54. Cat toy

If your cat is tired of all her toys, AliExpress offers a wide variety of them. Among feline favorites is this rotating butterfly which, according to the comments of buyers, entertains their pets wonderfully.

juguete gato

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55. Toothbrush

If you're concerned about your pet's oral hygiene, AliExpress has this practical tool for less than €1. With this small brush, you can remove plaque and food from your best friend's teeth.

cepillo dientes perro

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56. Pikachu Costume

We all know that ever since you play Pokemon Go your dog is happier than ever… Now you can make him live the game too! Go out and hunt pokemons with your pet in disguise 😉

disfraz pokemon

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57. Pet hammock

Your pet will love you if you buy him this practical and warm (fleece fabric) hammock adaptable to his cage. Make sure they are always comfortable!

cama gato hamaca

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58. Double leash

Are you lucky enough to have two furry hairballs? Don't worry, this double leash make your walks way more comfortable.

correa doble perro

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59. Raincoat

We know your pet comes first, that's why we show you this perfect product so you can go out for a walk even if it rains. A raincoat! In 3 colors and 6 different sizes, find the one that best suits to your fur-ball!

chubasquero perro

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60. Drying towel

A practical towel for when we have to shower our pets at home. Made in micro fiber so it is ultra absorbent. Also, the side pockets make it easier to dry them. Very useful!

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Geek products

61. Dog piggy bank

Saving up isn't fun, but I'm sure this robotic piggy bank will make you smile. All you have to do is leave a coin in the fountain, and the funny dog will pick it up.

hucha perro

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62. Thermal Star Wars mug

If you like Star Wars, you'll love this magic cup. Just pour hot liquid in it, and you'll see the lightsabers light up.

taza star wars

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63. Claw slippers

If you like The Simpsons, you may have seen Homer's famous claw slippers. Now you can find them in AliExpress in 11 different colors. Remember to look at the measurement table within the product description to choose the one that best suits your foot.

zapatillas garras

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64. Marvel T-shirts

In AliExpress you can find a wide range of t-shirts of your favorite characters. Among the best sellers we have found these Marvel t-shirts, wear them to feel like a real superhero! Its breathable finish makes it perfect for wearing to the gym or for outdoor activities.

camisetas marvel

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65. Thermal Son Goku mug

A Son Goku is great and all. But if you also see flames when you pour in hot drinks, and it's worth less than 10€, it's irresistible!

taza goku

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66. Unicorn slippers

Tired of this crazy world? Now you can run away with these beautiful, fluffy slippers. Giddy up unicorn!

Zapatillas unicornio

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67. Egg plant

The only thing this egg plant needs is water, sunlight and, of course, lots of love. Don’t be that person that always lets plants die!

huevo planta

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68. Bathroom golf set

Tired of reading the shampoo bottles? Afraid you'll drop your phone in the bathroom? Don't worry, we'll show you a new fun game for those moments when we're as busy as we are bored, it even includes a “Do not bother sign”!

juego golf popo baño

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69. Superhero socks

Feel like a superhero in these bold, colorful socks. Available in 6 different sizes: 40 to 46.

calcetines super heroes

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70. Pokemon stuffed animals

Again, we are showing you a product from the successful (and booming) Pokemon series. This time it is fun collectible Pikachu stuffed animals.

Peluches pokemon

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71. Yoga socks

Thanks to their design and non-slip sole, these socks are perfect for yoga, pilates, or any other activity in which you need to go barefoot. Their design, keeping the toes apart, allows the foot to move naturally.

calcetines yoga

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72. Sports headphones

These headphones are perfect for sports practice, not only because they are wireless, but also because of their shape, which guarantees greater support while doing sports.

auriculares deportivos

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73. Sports fanny pack

This fanny pack is the perfect accessory for running. It has enough space to carry everything you need to take with you comfortably and safely.

riñonera deportiva

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74. Compression socks

These compression socks are the perfect complement for any sport: running, football, basketball… Their compressive material improves circulation, accelerating the venous return, thus improving the oxygenation of muscles. Its price is unbeatable, less than 10€ a pair.

medias compresion

Find it here

75. Knee brace

If you suffer from knee injuries, or simply want to protect them, in AliExpress you can find these practical knee braces, they are very cheap and high quality. They come in 3 different colors. To get the right size, measure the contour of your knee and compare with the table in the description of the article.


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76. Skate cover

It’s back to school season and we know that skating is one of the most practiced sports after class. What do you think about these covers to protect skates? An infinity of colors and many sizes available ranging from children's to adult sizes.

funda patines

Find it here

77. Motocross gloves

Do you practice this passionate sport? Then pay attention to this product that we found in AliExpress! Good reviews and a very good price. Plus 3 different sizes and a lot of colors to choose from.

guantes motocross

Find it here

78. Women's sport top

We love these tops both for their good reviews and for their great price. They also absorb sweat and are quick-dry. Now you have no excuse not to go to the gym!

Tops deporte mujer

Find it here

79. Women's sport pants

And since we've shown you the tops, we’ll also show you these super cheap matching pants, again with very good reviews and infinite colors so you can be trendy even at the gym.

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80. Men’s breathable t-shirt

Take a look at these breathable t-shirts perfect for running! They are men's and have very good reviews (5.0 out of 5!)

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Leisure and free time

81. Coloring books

Coloring books are very fashionable. It's a perfect hobby to disconnect and improve your creativity. In AliExpress you can find a variety of very cheap models, among the most popular the ones are the ones shown below.

libros colorear

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82. Planner

This product, which is among the best-selling in AliExpress, is a customizable planner that has no dates nor days, but its format allows you to customize it and write the days you need. It includes an annual, monthly and weekly planner and space to write notes.

agenda anual

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83. Pens

These colored pens, besides being very cheap, are so pretty that you will want to use them all the time. The pack of 10 pens costs less than 5€.


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84. Wooden pencils

Since we have already showed you the coloring books, we have to show you these pencils to  color them with. You can choose from 12 to 36 units. In the comments they value them very positively and we also tried them, so we can vouch for them too 😉

colores de madera

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85. Patchwork fabric

Love patchwork? Well, AliExpress is your great ally! There are so many fabrics it is very hard to choose… We decided we like these in blue tones both for their good reviews and for their great price (the price includes 5 pieces of fabric).

telas patchwork

Find it here

86. Washi Tape

But if scrapbooking is your thing, we must also tell you that AliExpress is paradise. We chose these given their wide range and the fact that they have almost 2000 positive reviews. Pineapple motifs, leaves, confetti… the hard part is going to be choosing just one!


Find it here

87. Craft paper

We have fallen in love with this beautiful paper for ScrapBooking. It is printed on both sides and the package contains no less than 12 beautiful sheets of high quality paper.

Find it here

88. Photo albums

Now that the holidays are behind you, it's time to collect all the wonderful photos from your trip and save them in this beautiful album. Don't let printed photos die!

album de fotos

Find it here

89. Crochet needles

But if knitting is your thing, you can't ignore this product. For less than 3 euros you will have 12 great needles, in different colors and sizes, to start sewing whatever you want. Hurry up, winter is just around the corner!

agujas crochet

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90. Portable console

Are you bored in your free time? With this console that will be unthinkable! It has more than 288 games. Including: Mario Bross, Transformers, Zombie Plants, Ninja, Popeye… and all of them for less than 10 euros. You'll never get bored again!

Consola portatil

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91. Puppets

Puppets are a great tool to teach children, as well as being fun. In AliExpress you can find them very cheap, like this set of 10 puppets, which costs less than 5€.


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92. Kinetic sand

If your child loves play dough and sand, you will like this product. It is a kind of granular play dough, with a sand texture, which can be easily molded thanks to its composition, does not stain or smell.

arena cinetica

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93. No-spill cup

This cup is perfect for children who are still learning to eat. Its anti-spill system allows you to give them the cup and let them start eating on their own without having to worry about stains.

taza antiderrames

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94. Funny bibs

These bibs are top selling products on AliExpress, it’s only natural given they are the best way to avoid drool all over you. You will find all kind of ones.


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95. Baby towel

These beautiful children's towels are perfect for the little ones. Their fun designs will make your kids want to go visit “Mr. Panda” before going to eat.

toalla infantil

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96. Ice cream cone lamp

If you need to decorate a children's room, this lamp is perfect. As well as being fun, it lights up at the touch of a button, making it perfect for the youngest members of the household.

lampara helado

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97. Paper craft bags

This product is more fashionable than ever and we have found it for you at AliExpress cheaper than ever! They can be used to decorate your child's room, store toys, blankets… anything you can think of!

blue and white retro interior

Find it here

98. Wooden camera

We know, it's just a toy… But you're not going to deny that it's a beautiful camera! A perfect toy to play symbolic games with the youngsters.

camara de fotos juguete nordico

Find it here

99. Children's backpack

Back to school. We know what those three words mean: a lot of expenses. But AliExpress, once again, makes it a little easier for us. Don't miss out on this funny backpack that we think is perfect for Pre-school.

mochilas infantiles

Find it here

100. Baby outfit

Look at this beautiful little outfit! (and cheap…) including a set of trousers, T-shirt and hat. There is no excuse for your baby to be fashionable. In the reviews you can see real photos and we assure you they are really cute.

Find it here

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