AliExpress celebrates its 12th Anniversary with a huge sale

So it's finally here, AliExpress' 12th anniversary Sale and to celebrate this milestone, AliExpress has prepared one of the biggest promotions of the year. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know to save as much money as possible.

If you have products saved in your wishlist this is an excellent time to purchase them with a juicy discount.

AliExpress 12th Anniversary Coupons



€4 discount on purchases +29€


€8 discount on purchases +59€


€14 discount on purchases +99€


€19 discount on purchases +129€


€30 discount on purchases +199€


€45 discount on purchases +299€

If the following coupons have runout, make sure to try out our exclusive AlixBlog promo codes provided by AliExpress.

AlixBlog Exclusive coupons:

  • ALIXBLOG6M – $6 off on purchases + $60
  • ALIXBLOG6M – $13 off on purchases + $120
  • ALIXBLOG6M – $22 off on purchases + $180
  • ALIXBLOG6M – $30 off on purchases + $250

Note: restrictions may apply depending on your country. If these don't work for you, try the global coupons listed further on.

Along with these promo codes, you can also get selection coupons and seller coupons from the AliExpress Coupon Center, which you can access by clicking here.

When does the 12th anniversary sale start?

The sale will start on March 28th, at 12:00 AM PT, and finish on April 2nd, at 11:59 AM PT. However offers can be found from March 22nd at 12:00 AM, so we recommend you start adding products to your cart as soon as possible, from this link.

You can see a preview of the offers you may find during this promotion: discounts on technology, mobile accessories, products from famous brands… You'll find the trendiest products, at the best prices.

These are the best bargains

During the 12th anniversary, we can find products with up to a 70% discount. To make sure you don't run out of your favorites, it's best to start adding products to your cart as soon as possible. Visit the following links to find the best AliExpress anniversary bargains:

  • Home page here you have all the exclusive discounts and general information about the event.
  • Bestsellers bestselling products that will run out quickly with these discounts.

Also, if you're reading us from Europe, we recommend you to take a look at this section with exclusive discounts:

  • Shipping from Europe here you can find products with faster delivery from European warehouses.

And remember that although we have the advantage of being able to receive our products from closer warehouses (in the case of Europe and other countries), you must remember that all products coming from outside the European Union also have the VAT included when they cost less than €150, so don't worry about customs!

Don't miss these sales

During the days leading up to the anniversary, AliExpress will be releasing coupons, games, and other ways to save money.

We know it can be a lot of information to process, so AliExpress has prepared a Guide for its 12th-anniversary that you can see here. It serves as a summary of everything.

We recommend you to keep your eyes peeled for this:

  • Buy and save: if you buy products that are within this selection, you can get an extra saving of €2 (on purchases +€25), €4 (on purchases +€50) or €6 (on purchases +€75).
  • Products at €1: AliExpress will launch rounds of selected products at an exclusive price, and they will only cost €1. You can try your luck by clicking here.
  • Featured brands: if you want to buy products from the best brands, in this link you can find which brands are participating in the promotion as well as exclusive coupons for their stores.

A rundown of AliExpress' anniversaries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India…)

We must say that this is a very special occasion, considering the sales volume AliExpress has achieved in Europe. This platform started as an online sales page from China, at a time when not many people shopped online.

Today this platform ships to almost every country in the world and has become one of the most popular stores online. The way they achieved this much success was by offering a place where different sellers could offer products at a very competitive price with a low shipping cost.

Buyers from Europe have always been a priority because of how much they buy on AliExpress. That's why slowly, the platform has been offering these buyers better advantages: agreements with carriers to reduce delivery times, national warehouses and many more!

The best brands you can find on AliExpress (and the best discounts!)

As you probably know, AliExpress has in its catalog great Chinese brands that have become very popular because they offer quality products at a cheaper price. During this anniversary in addition to having many products on sale, thanks to discount codes you can get better prices.

These are some of our recommended stores and brands:

  • Xiaomi – One of the best known Chinese brands. Has a wide variety of products: from smartphones to scooters. This is their official store.
  • Poco – This brand, which was born from Xiaomi, offers very cheap smartphones. Click here to access their store.
  • Realme – Xiaomi's direct contender when it comes to smartphones, it has competitive prices and the latest technology on the market. To see their official store, click on this link.
  • Teclast – If you're looking for a tablet, this brand is not only one of the most popular ones in this sector, but it also offers quality products at a great price. Click here to see their products.
  • Chuwi – This brand offers very cheap tablets and laptops. Their official store is here.
  • Roborock – If you're looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, this brand is one of the best when it comes to quality cleaning robots. Find their products here.
  • Dreame – We recommend you to look at the offers of this brand: they offer robot vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. You can check out their official store from this link.
  • Amazfit – This brand offers smartwatches of very good quality at a very cheap price. Here you will find all their products.
  • Inface – For those who want to take care of their skin, this brand offers facial beauty devices. This is their official store.
  • Anlan – It has different personal beauty devices: massagers, cleansers, hair care, epilators… Click here to access their official store.
  • Anker – This brand offers earphones, headphones and speakers with great sound quality. To see their official store click on this link.
  • Deko – The best known brand when it comes to cheap and quality DIY tools. You can buy their products from here.

Promotions and discounts

During AliExpress' 12th anniversary, you will be able to find many discounted products. However, thanks to their discount coupons, you can save even more money. In order to get the biggest savings possible, we recommend you to follow these tips.

It's best to buy products from the official stores recommended on the main event page which you can access here, since not all sellers will participate in the anniversary.

Discount coupons

It's important to note that there are three types of coupons and discounts:

  • AliExpress coupons – These are generic and can be used on all products in your cart. Usually, there's a minimum amount of money your order should reach so you can use them.
  • Seller coupons – There are sellers that offer coupons for products in their store, with a minimum amount. They may be limited to certain products.
  • Selection coupons – These coupons are easy to get and can give you a small extra discount on your purchases.

These three coupons can be used at the same time to get the best discounts. What you can't do is use two AliExpress coupons on the same purchase.

Keep in mind that some AliExpress coupons may be limited by location or may only apply to certain products. Look carefully at the conditions and choose the one that suits your purchase best.

Games and coins

Coins help you get more discounts. If you have many coins accumulated, they can be added as a direct discount in your cart: you do not need to do anything, the discount appears automatically when you process the order.

But during this promotion, coins can also be used to buy discount coupons. Therefore, we recommend you to start using the games that appear in the AliExpress mobile application on a daily basis and also keep an eye on the main page of the promotion, in case new games appear.

Social media

In addition to the previous tips, we also recommend that you check out AliExpress' social media, as they sometimes run sweepstakes and contests related to their promotions. However, these are very sudden so we suggest that you follow their official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to keep up to date with their news.

Tips to make the most of these discounts

During these discount promotions, it's very easy to miss the best deals since the discount coupons are usually sold out very quickly. That's why we advice you to start adding the products you are interested in to your cart as soon as possible, and buy first thing in the morning.

We also recommend you to enter AliExpress before the discounts start and look at the main page of the promotion. That way, you will be able to get discount coupons.

Finally, although AliExpress always has good prices, in these promotions, sellers offer better prices than usual. So if you have something that has been in your cart for a long time, now's the time to get it at an incredible price!

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