What are AliExpress coins and how to get them

Did you know that with AliExpress coins you can get extra savings?

As many of you have asked what they are and how you can get them, in today's post, we are going to explain in detail everything there is to know.

How do AliExpress coins work?

AliExpress coins are virtual coins that each of us (the buyers) can collect and store in our account and then redeem them for AliExpress discount coupons. After that, we can use those coupons to save money on our purchases.

We can get these coins by completing a series of daily tasks, participating in games or by making other purchases. (We will tell you more about this later).

How can I know how many coins I have?

In order to check how many coins you have, go to the home page on the app and, in the top bar, click on “Coins”.

When you enter, you will be able to see the coins you have accumulated so far on the top left hand side. Also, if you click on them, you will see the history of coins you've earned and spent in the last 30 days.

How can I get more coins?

AliExpress offers us the possibility to get more coins in the following ways:

  • Doing a daily check-in.
  • Through AliExpress games.
  • With daily tasks proposed by AliExpress.

As you can see, the way to get coins is always by being more active in the app, so let's see what the three previous sections consist of.

Daily check-in

One way to easily get coins is to check-in daily on the AliExpress app.

Each day you do it will increase the number of coins earned compared to the previous one, as long as you don't forget to do it (otherwise you will have to start all over again).

Checking in is very simple: go to the Coins section, click on the chest icon at the top right and confirm.

AliExpress Games

Keep in mind that even if a round in any of these games costs you AliExpress coins, what usually happens is that even if you are not very lucky, you will recover what the coins it cost you to play. So don't be afraid to try your luck.

Most games can be found in the app, under “My Account” in the “Games” section. Although you can't earn coins in all of them, we'll tell you the ones that will earn you some.

Surprise Cards

With the “Surprise Cards” you can pick up two cards at random to discover the coins hidden under each of them.

It costs 5 coins, but in our experience, you never lose anything (most times you keep the same coin amount) and you usually win coins quickly.

You can flip up to 10 times a day.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a more special game that has its own section on the front page of the application (in the top bar you can see it next to “Coins”).

We love this game because, apart from getting coins, it is very easy to get AliExpress discount coupons in your first rolls.

But here, the game is a bit different, as you will need the help of your friends (the more runs you want to do in a day, the more friends you will have to invite to “help” you).

You just have to invite your friends to click on a link that you will send them (the fastest way is to do it via Whatsapp) and, once they do, you can make a spin on the roulette. You can also win bigger prizes such as AirPods, mobiles, vacuum cleaners,…

Flip ‘n' Win

Playing is very simple: go to the “Coins” section and click on “Play” in Flip ‘n' Win (each game will cost you 10 coins).

The wheel will automatically stop on your prize (you can win coins, coupons or prizes).

Lucky Forest

This game is not one of our favorites because it is quite slow to win prizes like coins or coupons.

However, if you have time and want to fill your “Purse”, you can try your luck. In this game you will have to grow a plant and take care of it by watering or fertilizing it (depending on what it needs).

Every three hours you have free water to do it (although you can also buy it directly).

As the plant grows, you will get different prizes, but if you forget about it, it will die and you will have to start again.

AliExpress' Daily Tasks

These missions can be found in the “Coins” section and by clicking on “Tasks”.

This way you can easily get coins just by completing the tasks that AliExpress sends you, such as adding items to your cart, adding a product or a store to your favorites list…

How can I redeem my coins for coupons?

Main article: Redeem AliExpress coins

You can only redeem coins on the AliExpress app by clicking here.

If when you enter this page to redeem your coins you see that the coupon you want is out of stock, don't worry: AliExpress renews them every hour with a new batch of coupons, so you just have to wait and watch out for the new round.

If you want to know more about this, we recommend the AliExpress Promo Codes article, where we explain how they work and how to get them.

Do AliExpress coins expire?

No. AliExpress coins used to expire at first but they don't anymore, so you can accumulate them without worrying about that.

However, once you redeem them for coupons, these do have an expiration date that will be specified in each coupon.

So if you already have a discount coupon, don't get distracted and use it as soon as possible.

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