How does AliExpress’ return policy work for the United States?

Although it's not ideal, and we would hate for it to happen, sometimes our AliExpress orders aren't quite right upon arrival. Whether the item we've gotten is missing parts, doesn't work properly, or is defective in some way, we get the wrong item, or worse, we don't receive our order at all, there are some steps we can follow to resolve this issue.

Luckily, AliExpress is aware that mistakes are bound to happen at times, and they've built a system that helps the buyer work with the seller in order to reach a reasonable arrangement when it comes to returning, replacing, or refunding items.

In this article, we explain how AliExpress' return policy works and how to use it.

What is AliExpress' return policy?

Usually, AliExpress sellers set their own return policies. Meaning you will have to work out your situation directly with them to determine the appropriate solution for your case, whether that is a return, a replacement, or a refund.

If an agreement can't be reached with the seller, you can ask AliExpress to intervene, and they will make a judgment based on the evidence you provide, so make sure to document the ordering process as much as you can.

If you want to return the items without giving any explanations, AliExpress indicates that you have a timeframe of 15 days upon receiving the order to return it as long as:

  • All items are in perfect condition and in their original packaging.
  • Any safety seals aren't damaged, and all labels are retained.

AliExpress Free Return Service

AliExpress' return service, also known as the “Free Return” service, allows buyers to return the item for any reason, totally free of charge, as long as they send it back within the 15 established days.

Some sellers offer the Free Return option, and it will be clearly marked on the item details page of the product you want to purchase.

You can search for these products on AliExpress by ticking the option that filters all the Free Return products available.

How to use the “Free Return” Service

Returning a product to AliExpress is a process quite easy to follow. You just have to open a dispute within 15 days of receiving the order (make sure you add all the evidence you can, which is why we recommend you document the entire process of your purchase).

Then, print a Free Return label. Once you have it, go to the designated return point and once you've sent the product back to the seller, all you have to do is wait for your return.

How to contact a seller on AliExpress?

  1. Log in to AliExpress and find the option “My Orders”.
  2. Find the order you're having issues with and then look for the “Contact Now” button on the seller's page.
  3. Click the box labeled “Message” and write what you want to say to the seller. Please be respectful throughout this process. You can also upload a photo, and we recommend you to do so, as this may help the seller see what the problem with your order is. Once you're ready to send your message, click “Send”.
  4. You can check your unread messages by clicking on “My Orders” and then “Unread Order Messages”.

How to open a dispute with a seller?

  1. Sign in to your AliExpress account.
  2. Go to the order information page and find the option “Open dispute”. Click on it.
  3. Pick the nature of the problem and provide all the evidence for safety seals and refunds.
  4. Wait for the seller to respond to your dispute and then for AliExpress' verdict.

Remember to prepare the evidence of your issue through photos or videos of the entire process: from ordering the items, to receiving the order and unpacking it. Also, make sure to keep everything intact, so you will get fully refunded when you return the items.

Frequently Asked Questions about Returns

What is the deadline to apply for a return on AliExpress?

You must return the product within the first 15 days of receiving the items you ordered. To return them, you must keep everything in perfect condition (that includes the labels and the original packaging).

Do I have to pay the shipping costs of the return?

If the items you're returning come from the same seller, return them together in the same package to enjoy Free Returns on all of them. However, if you return the products one by one, you may need to pay additional shipping fees.

If I return the goods will I get a full refund?

If there's no evident reason why you opened the dispute, you must keep the items in perfect condition and in their original packaging, so it doesn't affect secondary sales of those products. You will get refunded for the number of items you return, depending on what you ordered and the state they arrive back at the seller.

How long do I have to wait to get my refund?

Your refund will be given once your package is received and the seller has confirmed that the conditions for reimbursement have been met. So, as quickly as you return the items will be as quickly as you get the refund.

I actually want to exchange an item for another one, can I do that?

AliExpress doesn't currently support exchanges. Nonetheless, they advise buyers to place a new order before or after receiving their refund, since the refund and new orders are independent processes.

I returned the items, but my order was closed as 0 refund. What happened?

You may have forgotten to confirm the return on the dispute page, but in AliExpress' free return process, there's no need for you to confirm the return. They will update the status of the dispute once you confirm the return after receiving a code word the marketplace will send you.

Now, if you've returned a product locally and if you forget to confirm the return at the dispute page, AliExpress recommends contacting their Customer Service Team. Have the return tracking number and the return label at hand. Once they've confirmed that the parcel was delivered to the correct address, they will refund you.

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